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This is the wiki for Digital Dive, the on-line multi-fandom digimon role-playing game at Livejournal!

The Digital World is undergoing a great crisis.

Beings from across the multi-verse are being drawn to our world. A virus has infected both our people, and these strange new arrivals. And what's more, dark shadows loom that will aim to bring about an end to our fragile peace.

I am MedievalDukemon, and I am the protector of Witchelny. We, the Digimon of Witchelny, are the protectors of the sacred texts, the Akashic Records. Information about everything that goes on in the Digital World is recorded here. It is our responsibility to preserve and record this information, and see that it is used for neither good or evil.

If it is knowledge, and not power that you seek, venture within…

But for those that dare break our laws, will find that the judgement of Witchelny is swift.

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