Abel Nightroad

Abel Nightroad is a nonhuman from the original Trinity Blood light novels canon

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Trinity Blood.

In the year 2080 A.D., humans were experiencing a population boom, stretching resources thin and causing overcrowding. Because of this, humans decided to try to colonize Mars, dubbing this project "The Red Mars Project". Abel was born in the year 2088, in London. He was one of four genetically modified test-tube babies, created to survive the harsh climates of Mars. He was much stronger than normal humans, and aged 1.5 times slower.

An indeterminate time later, 100,000 people are sent to Mars to prepare the terrain for colonization. At this time, Abel is angry and hateful towards humans, and because of this, several humans plotted to lure him out into the Martian wilderness, leaving him to die. When he was about to run out of oxygen, Lilith Sahl, the oldest of the test-tube babies, came looking for him in a car. Everything seemed fine until the car broke down, leaving both of them stranded. While wandering around, they found a strange ship and decided to explore it. Inside, they found the preserved bodies of aliens and highly-advanced technology. The ship came to be known as the "Ark". While examining the bodies, Seth found the Bacillus nanomachines, and another type of Bacillus that was cross-shaped, which she called "Krusnik".

When a terrible accident fatally wounded Cain and a colony worker, Seth decided to inject both of them with the Krusnik in an attempt to save their lives. Both died, but Cain miracously came back to life. They came to discover that only the genetically modified humans could withstand the Krusnik, so they froze it and mass-produced the Bacillus for the people in the colony.

Down on Earth, every single country wanted the technology contained within the Ark. This began "Armageddon" on Earth, whereas a civil war started for the same reason on Mars. This civil war destroyed their ship and communication with the Earth. It took 80 years to build a new one, which they called The Ark because it was modeled after, well, the "Ark". They returned to Earth, only to find it devastated from nuclear war. The "returners", as they were called, decided to help their fellow humans rebuild, as the war had destroyed most of the technology that had been created up until that point. At this point, the only livable place is Europe and some surrounding areas, since they were affected by biological weapons instead of nuclear ones.

However, at this point, the differences between the conditions on Earth and Mars caused the Bacillus to mutate. This started the symptoms of "vampirism": it consumed the red blood cells of the host, causing the thirst for blood; it became so sensitive to UV light that it consumed its host from the inside out, causing the appearance of "burning"; silver temporarily stopped the activity of the Bacillus.

By this time, Cain had fused with his Krusnik nanomachines 100%, which caused his psyche to degenerate until he wanted to destroy the world. When a human accidentally killed a returner, Abel went berserk and the Nightlord siblings used their powers against humans, killing millions of humans. Lilith became angry at the Nightlords and fused herself with the Krusnik nanomachines. She went against the other three and helped the humans, supplying technology and electricity to them. She commanded an army, which clashed with the Nightlords' army and defeated it. At this point, Abel started to realize that he was wrong. The returners had the initial advantage, until their Bacillus also started to mutate, allowing the humans and the "good returners" to drive them back into Eastern Europe, where the New Human Empire - which comprised of vampires, or "Methuselah" as they called themselves - was later established.

Cain contacted Lilith for peace talks, calling her to The Ark for negotiations. Lilith ascended to The Ark, where she and Cain battled once Lilith realized that she had walked into a trap. Cain won, and killed her by cutting off her head. When Abel found out about this, he went berserk and threw Cain from The Ark, reducing Cain to a pile of ashes. He began to destroy The Ark, but took Lilith's body to the Vatican instead, where she was buried in an underground tomb.

900 years passed, with Abel guarding and never leaving the tomb. In the year 3052 A.D., Caterina Sforza stumbled upon the tomb while trying to escape vampiric assassins. There, Abel awakened his Krusnik nanomachines and killed the vampires. He then made the promise to Lilith to never kill again, and to Caterina to protect all humans. He changed his name from Nightlord to Nightroad, to signify his fall from grace and the journey it will take to repent for the horrible things he did.

Three years later, Pope Gregorio died, and his son, Alessandro, took his place as Pope. Caterina became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and formed the AX agency. The initial members were Abel, Vaclav Havel, Tres Iqus, Kate Scott, William Walter Wordsworth, and Hugue de Watteau. A year later, Noelle Bor joined the agency. Two years after her, Leon Garcia de Asturias joined the AX. However, the next year, Noelle Bor left the AX due to her unresolved feelings for Abel.

In January, 3060 A.D., the airship <i>Tristan</i> is hijacked by Alfredo, Duke of Meinz, who was hired by the Rosencruetz Orden to crash the <i>Tristan</i> into Rome. Being on board, Abel saved Jessica Lange, a stewardess studying to be a pilot, and overrode the program Alfredo used to hijack the ship. While Jessica flew the ship, Abel transformed into the Krusnik, scaring Alfredo enough that he climbed to the top of the ship. There, Abel sliced Alfredo in half with his scythe, and found out that he had been hired by the Orden. As soon as Alfredo said the name, pre-hypnotism kicked in and forced him to crush his own heart. However, it was only safe for a little while, for the Duke had contacted the Vatican in an attempt to make them release their vampire prisoners. Because of this, Cardinal Francesco di Medici, the director of the Department of Inquisition, convinced Pope Alessandro to fire missiles at the <i>Tristan</i>. It was a close call, but Abel's creativity and Father Tres Iqus's gun skills, the <i>Tristan</i> landed safely in Rome as planned.

During the investigation of the <i>Tristan</i> incident, Abel and Tres came upon a bar-come-massacre-scene, where some members of the vampire group Fleur du Mal had killed each other for seemingly no reason. In the cellar, however, they found a young witch named Eris Wasmeyer who had survived the massacre. Since she was being hunted by vampires, Cardinal Caterina found her a place to stay so she would be safe. Abel took her to the train station to meet a nun from Saint Rochelle Convent to hand her off, but Eris lured him away from the nun and used her power - "contact telepathy" - and accidentally unlocked the hidden memories of his past. When he awoke, Eris was gone, escaping through an underground tunnel. There, Tres attempted to kill her, then Abel when Abel interfered and saved Eris. Abel used a live wire to short circuit Tres, then hurried Eris onto the train that would take her to the Convent. When Tres caught up, they both learned the train was heading in for maintenance, and that the nun was a fake. Using Kate Scott's airship <i>Iron Maiden</i>, they jumped onto the train and saved Eris from the vampires that had kidnapped her. Abel even revealed his Krusnik form to Eris, who surprisingly was not repelled by it.

Soon after, Abel went to Vienna to meet up with a contact from the New Human Empire, Astaroshe Asran, who came to investigate a series of brutal murders obviously committed by a vampire. Asta, as Abel called her, had a low opinion of humans, and felt burdened by Abel's presence on her investigation into the murders. They went to investigate a casino called INRI, where Endre Kourza, an exiled human slaughterer from the Empire, had set up business. In an attempt to get information, Asta caused a huge scene by beating up several men, leaving Abel to fend for himself while she found Endre. She blew up his office with the Sword of Gae Bolg, then chased him across the city, causing huge amounts of damage. After Endre took a girl hostage then subsequently killed her, Asta fired a blast from her sword at him, which he deflected with his Aegis Shield and shattered the blast, causing it to destroy a nearby bridge and kill many people. Abel was one of the causalities, and Cardinal Caterina withdrew her support of Asta. When the AX agents Tres and Kate tried to force her to return to the Empire, Abel faked being kidnapped by Asta to stop Endre's plot, which they had figured out. At a midnight Mass that the pope himself would be leading, Asta impersonated the pope, since he was the one Endre was going to attack. She chased Endre into the underground tunnels when he kidnapped a choir boy, distracting him into letting down his Aegis Shield so Abel could shoot and incapacitate Endre so he could be arrested. On his way to the Vatican, a contact of Endre's from the Rosenkreuz Orden, Isaac Fernand von Kaempfer, appeared and freed him from his cell, then subsequently killed him.

Two or more months later, Abel offered a mission to Leon Garcia de Asturias in return for cutting 20 years off of Leon's 1000 year prison sentence. They were to investigate ships being attacked by "fairy" vampires. After Leon accepted and managed to rent a run-down plane from a contact, they crash-landed on an island inhabited by children. One of the children, Peter, attacked the two men by throwing rocks at them. He managed to knock Abel in the head, but Leon caught the rock and threw it back. Another child, Wendy, took Abel back to their house for tea, where she drugged and interrogated him, then tied him down in a lab. At the same time, Leon attempted to fix their plane, but was attacked by other children, who he easily took care of. Inside, Peter freed Abel and led him towards the beach, but they ran into Wendy, who stabbed Peter. Abel tried to keep from harming the children, but Wendy used the Tinker Bell System, which allowed her to control the other fairies with a single thought. Just when Abel was becoming overwhelmed, Leon appeared and destroyed the bell that Wendy was using to broadcast her thoughts. Afterwards, in a fit of pity, the two chartered a cargo ship to take the fairies to the New Human Empire.

In May of the same year, Abel was sent to Barcelona to meet with Noelle Bor to investigate the man responsible for the fairies, Professor James Barrie. However, when he was seemingly killed in a building collapse, the two started to investigate similiar cases, where buildings collapsed with the aid of an explosive device. Noelle, who had been working inside Barrie's company, went to the office to snoop for clues, while Abel went to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral to investigate. There, Abel encountered Isaac Fernand von Kaempfer, who attacked Abel with monsters of his own creation. Abel was horribly wounded, and Noelle contacted him to tell him of blueprints she had found for renovations for the Sagrada Familia. Too late, Abel realized that the Sagrada Familia contained the weapon that had destroyed the buildings. He ordered Noelle to escape the city, but by that time, Kaempfer activated the weapon Silent Noise (by playing an organ), and destroyed all of Barcelona. Abel transformed into the Krusnik and attempted to kill Kaempfer, but Kaempfer fended him off and escaped.

Noelle's death devastated Abel, who blamed himself for her death. He did not immediately return to the Vatican, instead investigating all the bells in Rome in an attempt to find the Silent Noise machine, but was found by Leon and Tres. They tried to force him to return, but Abel quit the AX agency. He appeared to Cardinal Caterina later that night to apologize, but she convinced him to return. As they were leaving for the closing prayers at the dedication of a new bell they had recieved from Archbishop Alfonso d'Este, Caterina's uncle, Abel realized that Alfonso's bell would be the only bell the city police wouldn't examine, and tried to stop Alfonso from ringing the bell. However, nothing happened when the bell was rung, and Abel submitted to being arrested by city police, and Caterina was put on house arrest. On the way to the prison, Tres and Leon freed Abel from the city police, as they had realized the obelisk that Alfonso had also given to the Vatican was the actual Silent Noise weapon. Tres stayed behind to fight off Inquisitors while Abel ran to destroy the obelisk. However, once he reached the Vatican, he disregarded the obelisk and went to save Caterina, who was about to be killed by Kaempfer, who was trying to convince her to abandon her half-brother Pope Alessandro and serve under Alfonso after Rome was destroyed. Abel fought Kaempfer, while Leon fought off Kaempfer's monsters, which were stopping him from destroying the obelisk. Abel overpowered Kaempfer, who told Abel the only way to stop Silent Noise was to destroy the inhibitor chip inside his chest, thus killing him. Abel couldn't kill Kaempfer, but Leon had managed to destroy the machine by the time it was set to go off. Tres appeared, and the three priests sent Kaempfer on the run.

But unbeknownst to Abel, Cain has regenerated from being thrown from The Ark, and is ready to make his moveā€¦

Activity in the Digital World

Abel appeared in the Digital World at the beginning of June, confusing his PicoDevimon partner for a hallucination as a result of being in denial that he wasn't in Rome. He figured out his D-Comm quickly enough to applaud Bakunetsumaru's introduction post, praising Bakunetsumaru for his dynamic entry. PicoDevimon, still sore at Abel, shed doubt on his honesty. Thankfully, Bakunetsumaru overlooked any dishonesty Abel may have had.

For now, he's gone quiet again, biding his time until he figures out where he needs to go.

This plot is still on-going.


*For a priest, Abel is kind of perverted.
*Abel doesn't actually believe in a God, but believes in faith.

Abel Nightroad
Series Canon Trinity Blood
Journal father_krusnik
Role-Player Wolf
Age 976 years old, looks to be in his 20s
Affiliations None
Digimon Partner PicoDevimon
D-Comm Colors Black and white
D-Comm Symbol 0000749c
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