Aeolus is a robotic human being from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Mega Man ZX series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Mega Man ZX.

Aeolus, like all humans in his world and era, was born a normal human and later given a machine body. This was due to laws designed to give humans and reploids (sentient machines with free will) equality. But there was a more sinister edge to this… as these laws were designed to benefit the schemes of one of the world's leaders: Master Albert of the Sage Trinity.

The Sage Trinity were a trio of "wise men" who had led the human race through a long period of so-called peace in the centuries after the fall of the nation called Neo Arcadia. Master Albert, however, used his status and position to further his ambitions and ideal for a new world. He gave a number of modified humans and reploids his DNA, which would allow them to Biomatch with an item called a Biometal - a legendary, powerful relic that would allow its user to transform into a "Mega Man." Aeolus was one of these individuals.

As he grew into adulthood, Aeolus's destiny was shaped by Albert's distant hand. He proved to be a child prodigy, and was given a number of opportunities as far as education. He became student of military science and philosophy. It was through this that his philosophy about the world began to develop.

However, the man that Aeolus became did not cement itself until Aeolus and a number of his fellow scholars were attacked by Mavericks, or rogue reploids. With all of those closest to him dead, Aeolus confronted the leader of the Mavericks, and demanded an explanation as to why… and received none. Aeolus did not know it at the time, but this incident was staged to trigger his emergence as one of Albert's Chosen Ones, and activated his Biomatch to Model H, which he would gain later after the Biometal was stolen from its previous owner.

This incident shaped Aeolus's life… he became convinced that it was ignorance that drove the Mavericks to murder, and that his friends themselves were at fault for not having the skill or intelligence to defend themselves. Aeolus desired to create a new world - one where unintelligent people no longer existed.

Once he gained possession of Model H, Aeolus became a player in the Game of Destiny… an elaborate competition organized by Albert, where Mega Men, the ones who could use Biometals, battled one another for control of the world. He sided with three other Mega Men - Thetis, Siarnaq, and Atlas - and worked directly with Albert, helping him to reactivate numerous "evil" Biometals called Model W's so that they would become a monolithic engine of destruction known as Ouroboros. Then, he, or one of the other Mega Men, would challenge Albert directly and become the Mega Man King.

However, he did not get that chance. Albert was defeated by another, and before Aeolus could defeat the victor, he was incapacitated by another Mega Man, and left to die as Ouroboros crashed into the sea.

Aeolus survived, however, and was restored by Master Thomas, another of the Sage Trinity who believed in some of Albert's ideals.

Activity in the Digital World

Aeolus was in the Digital World for an unknown amount of time. He became convinced that his purpose in this new world was to continue the Game of Destiny, and that this universe was just as flawed as the one he'd come from.

Eventually, he and new partner Falcomon made their way to Tetha, where they engaged a young man named Touma H. Norstein and his partner Gaomon in combat. Falcomon did most of the fighting while Aeolus directed him, and at some point, took Mikey Rogers's partner Eevee hostage. Eventually the tide of the battle turned, resulting in Aeolus himself entering the battle. He ended the fight himself, chastising Falcomon, and used his abilities to cover their escape.

Aeolus's assault spread rumors of a "green warrior" through the Digital World, leading several humans and Digimon to be suspicious of any robotic beings in armor - such as Bass. Aeolus, meanwhile, managed to get in contact with two individuals from his world: Siarnaq and Atlas. Aeolus is currently awaiting a chance to meet up with both of them… Siarnaq in particular.

This plot is still on-going.


  • In the role-play, Aeolus wields both a cane and a sword - this is due to his role player mistaking the sword in his official art for a cane in his memory, and then realizing the mistake when he looked back on it. Since he'd already mentioned Aeolus using a cane, his player decided that this version had both items.
  • The cane shall hence forth be known as Aeolus's pimp cane.
  • His role player also bases some of Aeolus's portrayal on Light Yagami from Death Note, even going so far as paraphrasing some of his lines on occassion. It's not as amusing as his player thinks it is.
Series Canon Mega Man ZX
Journal wind-of-vain
Role-Player Razorsaw
Age 25
Digimon Partner Falcomon
Affiliations Mega Men
D-Comm Colors Green and White
D-Comm Symbol aeolussymbol-1.png
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