Ahiru is a duck who is the main character of the anime Princess Tutu. She has no relation to the manga of the same name, as the Story in the manga is completely AU to the Anime storyline.

Pre-Roleplay History

Prologue- The Prince and The Raven

Once upon a time there was a writer who died. This writer was in the middle of writing a story about a brave handsome prince who was fighting a wicked Monster Raven, but he died before the story could be finished. Frustrated with a battle that would never end, the Monster Raven left the pages of the story with the prince following not too far behind him. In order to stop the Raven before he could hurt anyone else, the prince used forbidden magic to seal away the Monster Raven, taking his own heart out and shattering it into pieces. As a result of this the prince lost all of his memories and his emotions, but as long as his heart remained shattered, the Monster Raven would also remain imprisoned.

Act One- Chapter of the Egg

When Ahiru first laid eyes on the Prince from the story, she was just an ordinary little duck living a simple life on her lake. She saw the Prince dancing on the waters edge and became entranced by him, but she was saddened when she saw the lonely look in his eyes. Ardently she wished that the prince would smile, just once, because she was sure he’d have a very nice one. The supposedly dead writer heard the duck’s wish and told that he would grant her the chance to make it come true. He turned her into a girl named Ahiru and made her a student at Kinkan Academy, where the Prince, called Mytho, practiced dance. He gave her the power to become Princess Tutu and told her that the Prince had lost his heart and that Princess Tutu’s job was to collect the pieces of prince’s heart so that he can regain his emotions and his memories as the prince again. Ahiru, realizing that Mytho could smile again if he had all his emotions returned, was more than happy to take on this role and at first didn’t question it, but as time went on she actually developed a crush on him and eventually, she discovered the story of the Prince and the Raven, the story Mytho came from and also the truth about the role of Princess Tutu. Princess Tutu was a princess who loved the Prince in the story, but their destinies were not connected, so when the Princess told the Prince she loved him, she became a speak of light and vanished. Ahiru feared that she was doomed to the same fate as the story, and couldn’t tell Mytho her growing feelings for him, but even then, she continued on her quest. As she collected more heart shards and Mytho regained more of his emotions she made enemies with two people who were also connected to the Prince, the Prince’s Knight, Fakir, who was determined to keep Mytho from regaining his heart because he believed it would keep Mytho from suffering further, and also because he was fated to die protecting the prince, and Rue, a girl was in the advanced class at the Academy and someone that Ahiru looked up to, who was in love with Mytho and was afraid that if Mytho regained his heart, he might not return those feelings.
Ahiru didn’t understand why Fakir was so against Mytho’s heart returning at first and decided that he was just a controlling cold hearted jerk, but when Rue became the Raven Princess Kraehe and kidnapped Mytho, Ahiru discovered that Fakir actually did care about Mytho and helped him save the prince, though Fakir didn’t appreciate the help. It was during this incident that Fakir discovered that Ahiru was Tutu.
When Tutu found the heart shard of Love and was in the process of returning it to Mytho, Kraehe appeared again and snatched the shard right out of Mytho’s chest before it could completely enter him, rendering him the emotionless shell he was before from the shock, and then stole him away again before either Tutu or Fakir could stop her. This forced the two of them to team up. Ahiru and Fakir followed Kraehe down into the catacombs beneath Kinkan, where they found the Raven Princess waiting for them near an underground lake.
Kraehe had the prince hold his sword, which was used to shatter his heart, over the heart shard of love and told Ahiru that she could try to get Mytho to return to normal by telling him that she loved him, but Fakir stopped her, reminding her that she couldn’t collect the rest of the heart shards if she disappeared now. He fought Kraehe’s raven soldiers himself and although he was badly injured in the fight, he managed to reach Mytho and shatter the sword so that he couldn’t use it to shatter his heart shard before falling into the lake and disappearing under the water.
Ahiru was saddened at what she believed to be Fakir’s death, but it wasn’t over yet. As Tutu, she set out to continue to try and save Mytho. If she’d disappear by saying that she loved him through words, perhaps she could get around that by dancing it instead.
And so Tutu began to dance. Though Kraehe’s cruel words made her falter at first, she kept trying, dancing a pas de deux by herself to convey that she wished for Mytho to dance with her. Eventually her dancing began to affect the prince. Even though he’d seemingly become an emotionless doll again, he stepped forward and stretched out his hand to Tutu, the life returning to his eyes, beckoning her to him. Relieved, Tutu ran to her Prince as Kraehe retreated and once Tutu returned the heart shard of love to her prince, she and Mytho attempted to leave. As they did, they discovered Fakir was alive, though still badly hurt. As the first act of the story ended happily, Mytho and Princess Tutu danced together the Pas de deus that Tutu danced alone previously.
Unknown to either of them or Fakir however, the heart shard of love is only the next step in the Monster Raven’s plans…


A cheerful, kind hearted and naive girl who is also very loud awkward and clumsy. She always looks for the best in people, even those who have been mean to her or who she knows is an enemy. She loves all of her friends unconditionally and will go to any length to help them, even if they don’t think they need her help. She’s very excitable and gets flustered and upset easily. She’s very aware of the fact that she’s not really human or a princess and sometimes this will cause her to feel as if she’s really worthless. She sometimes thinks that she can’t really do anything to help sometimes because of what she is and that brings down her confidence considerably, but in spite of this, she keeps going anyway. She’ll keep trying to do her best even in the direst circumstances, because her true power is that this one little duck has more hope in her entire body than a whole town.
As Princess Tutu, she’s calmer, wiser, gentler, soft spoken, refined and all around more mature, but otherwise still the same kind hearted person. Her insecurities about her true form will still seep through and cause her to hesitate sometimes if someone brings it up.


Duck to Human Transformation

All of Ahiru's powers center around the red pendant she wears around her neck. As long as she wears it, she can become human if she touches the water while in duck form. However if she were to quack or otherwise act like a duck, then she will automatically return to her true form of a duck. She also won't maintain her human form if she loses the pendant. Either way, returning to duck form also causes her to leave her clothes behind as she becomes to small for them.
Her pendant is also how she locates heart shards. It will start to glow if a shard is near and when that happens she will also be able to turn into her most powerful form, Princess Tutu. She can also turn into Tutu without a heart shard being near, but she usually doesn't.

Princess Tutu

As Princess Tutu, Ahiru has many special abilities. While Ahiru is a clumsy dancer with no real skill, Tutu is a master level Prima Donna who moves quickly and gracefully. She can alter her immediate surroundings in order to make any place she happens to be in an appropriate stage for her dancing, including being able to walk/dance on the surface of a body of water, or even under one. She has among other things, created a bed of flower petals capable of breaking a fall from a second story window and created vines that she has used to block a hallway and create a rising platform for her to stand on. She also produced a fan that she could use to block sword with. Anyone can dance well with Princess Tutu even if they have never danced before. However her primary power is the ability to heal the hearts of other through dancing with them. The princes heart shards found their way into the hearts of those who were feeling the emotion they represented particularly strongly and amplified that emotion to dangerous levels. Tutu's powers allowed her to help them work through that amplified emotion and free them from the shard's influence. This could possibly also allow her to help people affected by similar situations that aren't heart shard related, but this hasn't been tested. Her powers also later help her in canon to break through the raven's blood tainted Mytho's attempts to brainwash young girls so as to take their hearts.
Her abilities however are not made for combat all though she could possibly be better at dodging attacks in this form.

Friends in the Digital World

  • Daisuke Niwa and With (Lopmon) (night_of_white)- One of those who she met when she first came to the Digital world. He's the one who gave her the lightpost data to Axoryi, where she fell in (literally) with the Black Pearl crew. As another member of that crew, they're likely to have more direct interaction in the future.
  • Pique and Gabumon (digi_coppelia)- One of Ahiru's two good friends in Kinkan Town and one of those who is not aware of her identity as Princess Tutu or as a duck. Pique arrived recently in the Digital World as well.

Activity in the Digital World

Ahiru arrived in Meria, where she met Penmon. Although Penmon tried to explain the situation to her, Ahiru was too panicked and upset over finding herself in a strange place with strange creatures and no way to get home when she still needed to collect the rest of Mytho's heart shards. After contacting people over the D-comm, she received lighpost data for two locations. Niwa Daisuke gave her data for Axoryi, while Takamachi Nanoha gave her data for Tetha.
Deciding to go to Axoryi first, Ahiru and Penmon first ran into Daisuke in person, then shortly after leaving Daisuke, they accidentally stumbled into New Shipwreck Cove, where they met Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs. There, after a somewhat embarassing first encounter, Mr. Gibbs offered her a job and a place to stay with them, which Ahiru accepted before finding out that they were pirates.
Then Piquw arrived in the digital world as well. Ahiru was surprised to see her friend, but with the Dark Area's invasion looming ahead, Ahiru didn't have much chance to speak with her school friend.
A few days after that, the invasion of the Dark Army began and Ahiru was aboard the Black Pearl when Captain Sparrow was somewhat forcefully commissioned by Meta Knight to ferry a strike team to the Dark Army battle ship Dreadwing. While the strike team was disembarking, Ahiru fell overboard onto the enemy ship as well and was swept along with the rest as they entered craft and fought the enemy Digimon they encountered there. It was here that Penmon first evolved into it's Adult form of Swanmon, which surprised Ahiru. In the end, the ship was captured successfully and Ahiru returned to Axoryi once the battle was over.
Only a week later, Captain Sparrow then set out to find the successors to the Brethren Court. Among those who answered his call, Ahiru rather haplessly stumbled into it and found herself making a rather quick leap from pirate to Pirate Lord. The first meeting of the new Brethren Court did not go smoothly, but at least most of the other Lords treated her kindly enough.

this plot is still on going.


  • Ahiru's livejournal account is the first account that Jess has ever made into a paid account. Mainly to accommodate Ahiru's three different forms and Digimon partner.
Series Canon Princess Tutu(Anime)
Journal Ducktamer
Role-Player Jess
Other Names Princess Tutu, Duck
Age 1 year (Appears 12 in human form)
Digimon Partner Penmon
Affiliations The Black Pearl Crew
D-Comm Colors White, Pink and Gold
D-Comm Symbol Silver Swan
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