History / Story so far…

Pre-Roleplay History

Shortly after Miria successfully destroyed Naju, the mass production of HSATs finally gets the green light. Five years down the road however, the costs of producing and maintaining a HSAT starts to upset those in the government. HSATs, especially young ones, are emotionally needy and require caretakers to fill the role of parent. A caretaker can be the HSAT's creator, but more often then not a different person is brought in to fill that role. This leads to the extra cost of keeping personnel on the base just for the sake of the HSATs.

Andrew Sigfried, a rival AI engineer of Yuuki Fukushima, proposed a modification to the current HSAT AI that would slowly remove the human brain software and replace it with artificial programming. This in turn would make HSATs much less emotional, and much more logical. It would essentially cause the HSATs to be nothing more then sentient weapon systems. Some in G.O.E. leadership found this to be appealing, and granted Sigfried one HSAT to test this on. That HSAT was Alyssa.

Alyssa was fresh off the assembly line when Sigfried got a hold of her. He took over as her caretaker as he slowly modified the her AI. Sigfried was also excessively strict with her, punishing every little mistake the HSAT made. The doctor wanted mechanical perfection.

As the experiment continued, the modifications showed great promise. The overall performance of the Alyssa was significantly different then that of those using Yuuki's style of AI. There quickly were new problems arising as well though. Alyssa was becoming more, and more sociopathic. As the modifications progressed, Alyssa was also becoming more, and more difficult to handle. Dr. Sigfried was getting the mechanical perfection he wanted, but at a price of dwindling obedience.

Then Alyssa broke loose.

It started quiet that day, Alyssa had gone into the city with out orders to do so. She had brought along five other HSATs with her. An hour later a city block was ruble. Alyssa and her small band of rogue HSATs had started their rebellion. Normal military units were quickly dispatched to the scene, and were dispatched from it even quicker. Other HSATs tried to stop Alyssa, but were only successful in getting themselves damaged or destroyed.

Three hours into the initial attack the damage had spread to half the city. The G.O.E. finally dispatched Miria, and her sisters to deal with the problem. Three of Alyssa's allies fell in battle forcing her to retreat.

Alyssa, realizing she would never stand a chance against Miria and her sisters in her current power level, fled to the ruins of Naju in search of upgrades. However it did not take long for Miria to track Alyssa to the ruins. While Miria's sisters deal with Alyssa's remaining two allies, Miria confronts Alyssa personally.

Miria accuses Alyssa reprogramming the HSATs that had been following her. Alyssa admits that she accessed the her allies' systems to disable a few security measures. However, she then claims the HSATs to have been acting of their free will all this time; All she did was give them the backbone to fight back.

A battle ensues between the two resulting in Alyssa being defeated. Deming the her to be too dangerous to be allowed to live, Miria throws Alyssa into a still active reactor core of Naju's ruins.

Activity in the Digital World

Shortly after arriving, Alyssa attacked and completely destroyed a village in Dokako Jungle. The final body count totaled over one hundred digimon dead. It, however, did not take long for DATS and TyrantKabuterimon to take notice thanks to Alyssa's D-comm making an anonymous audio post without her intentionally turning it on.

About a week after her arrival, Alyssa attacked the Hyperion Inn disguised as Miria. Prior to the attack, Alyssa called Greg Sanders while mimicking Miria's voice. She lead Greg to believe that Miria had excepted a demon seal from Leviamon and had been tasked with Vocaloid+ family's destruction. Shortly afterword Alyssa launched her attack on the Hyperion, badly damaging the structure.

Nearly a month later Alyssa confronts Greg with the intention of killing him to further solidify the case against Miria. However, things backfire horribly for Alyssa. The pompous HSAT goes into a monologue, and explains in detail her plan to get Miria's friends to turn against her. Greg uses this opportunity to record her monologue as an audio post on the D-Comms. This enrages Alyssa who promptly cuts to the chase, and has her partner shoot Greg's D-Comm out of his hand. Just about when it looks like it is game over for Greg, Miria intercepted Alyssa's attack. A fierce battle quickly broke out between the the two HSAT, however all the while Miria was on the losing end of things.

At the last moment, Miria managed to pull a hail Mary by hitting the perfect level, and nailing Alyssa hard. At that moment, Sabine, Vent, Haku, Roy, and Lance's Aerodactyle Hooshah arrived on the scene causing the odds of the battle to swing very hard against the rogue HSAT. Deciding that the value of making Greg pay for publicly humiliating her was less then getting out of that battle intact, Alyssa wisely fled the scene.

For the next month or so she would plague the CSI and his family with threats of violence.

This plot is still on-going.

Armament, Equipment, and Specs

Weapon systems

Built-in weapons

Absorbed weapons

Absorbed weapons are weapons that have been absorbed by Alyssa into herself.

None at this time.


Auto-repair, Intrusion countermeasures, Self-evolution, and Equipment absorption

VERAM, Variable Evolution, Repair, and Assimilation, Matirx, is the sub-system responsible for a multitude of functions in Alyssa's body. The most notable of those functions are, Auto-repair, counter-intrusion, self-evolution, and equipment absorption. Alyssa's VERAM is codenamed Telum.

Reactive Shielding

Alyssa is equipped with a powerful shield system that is called "Reactive Shielding". The reason for this name is that it only activates when it is needed. The shield itself is impenetrable, in other words there is no getting around it or through it while active. Anything coming in contact with the shield is either dispersed, repelled, or destroyed. However, the shield drains constantly while activated, and the stronger the attack it absorbs the faster it drains its supply of energy. Once the supply is depleted the shield goes down, and stays down until Alyssa can recharge it. The shield is a necessity as Alyssa is not very sturdy herself, and lacks any substantial armor.

Absorbed Equipment

None at this time.

HSAT Alyssa
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Series Canon The Guardian Legend (extended fan-made universe)
Journal hrtlssguardian
Role-Player Rooks37
Age One year
D.O.B. ???
Digimon Partner Commandramon
Affiliations Solo
D-Comm Colors Black and white
D-Comm Symbol Two Bar Red G.O.E. Badge
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