Anei Yagami

Anei Yagami is a human/Digimon hybrid from the Digimon Adventure universe.


Anei is a kindhearted young girl who wishes to be friends with everyone. However, this wish was hindered by an almost crippling shyness; she found it very difficult to speak to people who weren't her immediate family, and aside from Pawmon had only one real friend - Hida Yukio, son of Hida Iori.

The eight months Anei spent battling Dagomon's Chosen have strengthened her backbone a little. She is still meek and reserved, but has become more comfortable around her teammates and new friends, as well as learned to stand up to her older brother. Anei dislikes seeing anyone, human or Digimon, friend or even enemy, hurting in any way, so its not out of character for her to want to help.

About Anei's Digimon Heritage

As a half-Digimon, for lack of a better term, Anei is able to manipulate digital energy on a small level, what Gennai calls "digital magic". This usually occurs in the form of a small orb of energy that Anei can release from her hands, not unlike Wizarmon's Thunder Ball attack. Anei's power is measured at the same level as a Child digimon's, and she is incapable of evolving.

Because of society's attitude towards sexual relationships between humans and digimon, and to keep herself from being turned into a guinea pig, Anei must keep the fact that she is half-Digimon a secret. Anei herself didn't know about her "digital heritage" until the fight against Dagomon's Chosen. The only others who knew were Hikari and Wizarmon themselves, Gennai, Kido Jyou and Koushirou Izumi. Hida Yukio also knew, but that is only because he is Anei's best friend and she tells him practically everything, and the rest of Anei's teammates found out after the events on her tenth birthday. Everyone else believes that Anei's father is Hikari's ex-husband.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Digimon Adventure.

The Other Side of the Epilogue

Anei comes from an alternate future of the Digimon Adventure universe, wherein:

  • The world eventually learned of and to accept Digimon, but not everyone had a Digimon partner.
  • Digimon are acknowledged as sentient beings, but tend to be treated like second-class citizens.
  • Hida Iori had a son, Yukio, not a daughter.

This plot is still on-going. For a semi-regularly updated list of differences between the timelines, see here.

Path to The Epilogue

Following the second battle against Diaboromon in early 2003, life proceeded rather peacefully for the Chosen of Odaiba. They succeeded in locating and freeing the other three Holy Beasts from where the Dark Masters had sealed them, but other than that only did general peacekeeping. Over time the presence of digimon on Earth became more and more prominent; however, unlike the universe of the Izumi Koushiro in Dive, the Japanese government took a more welcoming stance towards them and towards those partnered to Digimon.

Eventually the Chosen Children grew up into adults, choosing careers and starting families. In 2013 Yagami Hikari married a non-Chosen man, Motou Hideki. She gave birth to her first child, a son Hiro, in 2016.

Setting the Stage

A year after Hikari married her husband, another wish of hers was achieved when the Odaiba group was able to restore Wizarmon to life using one of Qinglongmon's Digi-Cores. Hikari then invited Wizarmon to move in with her and her husband instead of returning to the Digital World, so that he could remain close to Tailmon (Hikari did not know that Tailmon had a mate - a Black Tailmon - back in the Digital World).

Wizarmon joined the small family, pitching in around the house where he could especially after the birth of Hikari's son. He, Hikari and Tailmon would sometimes sit and reminisce about the "good old days". One night, four months after Hiro was born, Hideki was gone on a business trip and Tailmon was in the Digital World visiting her mate, leaving Hikari and Wizarmon alone in the house. One thing led to another, and to make a long story short human and Digimon wound up in bed together.

The affair continued behind Hideki's back for nearly a year, until in late 2017 Hikari discovered that she was pregnant. Although the timing all but pointed at Wizarmon being the father, in order to save face Hikari claimed that her husband was the baby's father. The only person she told the truth to was Gennai.

In May of 2018 Motou Anei was born.

Early Life

The first five years of Anei's life passed normally enough. Much to her mother's relief, Anei displayed no physical signs that she was half-Digimon which only furthered the deception that she was Hideki's daughter. During that time two others were let in on Anei's secret - Jyou and Koushiro, who sort of became joint physicians to this unique little girl. However, Hikari made it clear to both of them that her daughter would not be made a guinea pig.

Unfortunately Hikari and Hideki's marriage also began to fall apart. At one point Hikari considered coming clean to her husband about her affair with Wizarmon and about Anei's true parentage; before she could do so, though, she discovered that Hideki had been carrying on an affair of his own with an old girlfriend. Said old girlfriend had had a child by Hideki from their previous relationship, and was pregnant again with Hideki's child.

Citing "irreconcilable differences", Hikari sued for divorce from Hideki and won. She took back her maiden name of "Yagami" and won custody of Anei, but lost custody of Hiro to her ex-husband.

The Epilogue - Shades of Things to Come

On August 1, 2027, the twelve Chosen of Odaiba held a reunion in the Digital World to celebrate the publication of Takashi Takeru's novel about their adventures. Hikari managed to convince her ex-husband to allow her to bring Hiro to the reunion, but Anei had a bad flu and had to stay at home baby-sat by Wizarmon.

During a game of tag between the kids of the Odaiba group Hiro, along with Takeru's son Tenshin, wandered away. Somehow Hiro succeeded in opening a portal to the Dark Ocean, and both he and Tenshin were pulled inside. Once there they were captured by the Digital Deep Ones and brought to Dagomon. The evil digimon manipulated the boys, using their negative feelings to throw open their dark natures and turn them to his side. Once Hiro and Tenshin were under his control Dagomon returned them both to the real world with no memories of what had gone on in the Dark Ocean. After that they were changed boys, associating only with each other and cold and callous to everyone else, even their families.

Over the next week more children from the Odaiba area disappeared, including Hiro's other half-sister Hitomi, all reappearing at home the next day with digimon partners. All of the children also exhibited changes in attitude and temperment similar to Hiro and Tenshin.

The next three months passed without incident. Then on October 31 the children, led by Hiro and Tenshin, launched attacks on locales in the Digital World and in Japan. Calling themselves "Dagomon's Chosen", they proclaimed that they were paving the way for Dagomon's control over both realms.

A New Team

In order to combat the new threat of Dagomon's Chosen, Gennai and the spirit of Oikawa selected five kids from among the children of the Odaiba group to be Chosen Children, evolving their digimon partners from Baby II to Child. Among those selected was Anei. The team, led by Ichijouji Sadako, battled against Dagomon's Chosen for eight months, never reaching anything further than a stalemate.

Crests and Revelations

Five months into the battle, Dagomon tried to give his Chosen an advantage by giving them Crests. Although two, the Crests of Shadow and Darkness, had been forged after the selection of the First Eight, the others were created by Dagomon himself and were corruptions of the original eight. Now his group had access to Perfection level evolutions.

Gennai knew that the only thing to do was to fight fire with fire. Fortunately he knew where the remaining five Crests - Tenacity, Pride, Desire, Fate and Heart - were hidden, and sent Anei's group out to find them. Anei found her Crest, Heart, in March of 2018.

In May 2018 Anei celebrated her tenth birthday, but the party was interrupted when Hiro and his Black Tailmon (evolved to Vamdemon) crashed it and abducted Hikari. The Chosen pursued them to the Digital World. There Hiro, by way of torturing his mother, forced her and Wizarmon to admit the secret that they had been keeping from their friends and family for ten years - that Wizarmon was Anei's father, not Motou Hideki. Anei was stunned by the news, and even after a long talk with her mother and Wizarmon it took a while for her to adjust.

Being Proactive

Six months after the fight with Dagomon's Chosen began, the new Odaiba group hit on a way to undo Dagomon's influence on them. It took a while, but eventually they were able to release all of them except two - Hiro and Tenshin. As he kept losing Chosen, Dagomon put more of his power into keeping the two boys under his thrall.

In a fit of proactivity, Anei's team decided to take the battle to Tenshin and Hiro in the Dark Ocean, rather than wait for the next time either of them made an appearance in the real world or the digital world. In hindsight it was a bit of an ill-advised tactic as fighting in the Dark Ocean gave the two boys the advantage over the Odaiba team. During the battle, in what was either a lucky shot or an attack out of spite, Hiro's Vamdemon blasted the cliff that Anei and Pawmon were standing on, knocking them off.

Activity in the Digital World

Anei and Pawmon crashlanded - literally - in D'Ango forest. She quickly made contact with the other Tamers via her D-Comm, freaking out a few people who replied when Anei revealed whose daughter she was. She managed to keep her father's identity a secret, until Wallace R. Sullivan, Aelita Stones and Aveline Izumi hacked into her second entry and discovered the truth.

After staying in D'Ango for a couple days, Anei decided that it would be in their best interests to find civilization. Not wanting to freak out those members of her family living at the Royal Base, Anei ultimately decided to head for Tetha. Once there she sought out the Silver Dragon, and at Ave's invitation moved into the new TARDIS. She also joined the club that Ave had dubbed the "Future Brainbreakers".

In June, Anei took part in Ave Izumi's ill-fated search for Adelle von Fabre, wherein the Brainbreakers were attacked by Bio-Hybrids Jeremy Baines and the brainwashed Izumi Masami. It was during this battle that Anei's digital magic flared, although no one recognized it for what it was. The whole experience left Anei badly shaken, and following it she came to the decision of letting everyone (hostiles excluded) know about her half-Digimon status.

In July she had a small part in the battle against Vile's Gizmon at Tetha. She was supposed to have evacuated with the data-frozen and everyone who couldn't fight, but instead decided to "be proactive" and came back to participate. She stayed by Hotaru Tomoe during the battle, and emerged relatively unscathed.

When some of the residents at the Hinata Inn/Silver Dragon decided to celebrate Brewfest in the month of September Anei moved with the rest of the TARDIS to Royal Base to escape the insanity. When Ryo demanded the medical histories of the TARDIS gang after finding out that Mack had a brain tumor Anei confessed she didn't know much beyond her allergy to soy. This prompted Hotaru to take Anei to see the Royal Base physician for a physical - much to Anei's annoyance.

Anei was at Royal Base when the "Seven Sins" virus hit, but was not affected herself. When the virus wore off and the TARDIS crew moved back to the Inn, Anei elected not to go with them. Instead she decided to remain at Royal Base so that she could be closer to her mother. Anei also joined up with DATS, feeling that with her abilities it would be a good fit.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Anei's name in Japanese means "shadow, gloom". Interestingly enough it is her older brother who bears the Crest of Shadow.
  • Currently living at Royal Base, and is a secondary member with DATS.
  • Is allergic to soy products.
  • When her magic flares up, it bears a close resemblance to digi-soul and could be mistaken for that type of energy.




  • Wizarmon's Sun Staff
  • Witchmon's Broom (x2)


  • Crest of Heart
  • CD of Christmas songs
  • Crescent moon necklace (w/protection charm)
Yagami Anei
Series Canon Digimon Adventure 02
Name Yagami Anei
Journal heart_oflight
Role-Player ladyiap
Age 10
Digimon Partner Pawmon
Affiliations TARDIS, Future Brainbreakers, DATS
D-Comm Colors Pink, purple
D-Comm Symbol Crest of Heart
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