Anise Tatlin


Normally seen as cheerful and happy. It’s rare to ever see Anise depressed, and when she cries, she often tries to hide it, supposedly to seem strong around her friends. At thirteen, Anise is very emotionally strong. She has a love for money and originally intended to marry into a rich family; this, however, is believed to be based on the fact that her parents owed a large debt to Grand Maestro Mohs. Even so, for a large portion of the game, she continues to make passes at all of the ‘rich’ and ‘upper status’ people they know/meet. After Ion and Mohs die, she gives up on marrying into money and sets her sights toward becoming the first female Fon Master, and sets to reforming the order: in honor of Ion. All in all, she’s a sweet girl, with an upbeat personality, always looking to make the best of things.


  • Gald, Gald, Gald! - She'll do ANYTHING to get Gald, despite giving up marrying into money. :]
  • Minor Artes - She can use minor artes; she's still working on those, trying not to get weary while using them in the digital world.


  • Tokunaga


Anise and PicoDevimon don't exactly have the best relationship ever, but when it comes down to it, they really do care for each other. Pico would come to Anise's aid in a time of extreme danger, and would fight for her if she were ever threatened.

They argue all the time, but they're closer than what the eye can see~

Pre-Roleplay History

May contain butchered spoilers for Tales of the Abyss. Read at your own discretion.

When we first see Anise, she’s introduced as the Guard of Fon Master Ion; this is in … Engeve, I believe. She’s seen again in Cheagle woods, and immediately, everyone can see that she’s the type who likes to joke around, is always energetic, etc. Anise doesn’t play much of a role until she joins the team along with Jade a little later in the game. She ended up falling off the Tartarus when it was ambushed by the six God-Generals in their quest to kidnap Fon Master Ion. She sends a letter later to reveal that she’s absolutely fine, and the important thing she’s holding is just fine as well. They then proceed to meet up with Anise as the rendezvous point.

Things with Anise don’t really pick up until the second part of the game; she’s a member of the party for a large amount of the first part of the game, only leaving a few times, mainly when Ion leaves. During the time of the first game, it’s revealed that Anise has parents who live in Daath and work in the Daath Cathedral, that she has a rivalry with Arietta the Wild, one of the six God-Generals, because Anise apparently ‘stole’ the title of Fon Master Guardian from her, and near the end of the first part of the game, she’s relieved of her duties as Fon Master Guardian by Ion so that she could be free to travel with Luke’s posse (w0rd) and report certain things back to him. During the one-month timeskip I mentioned in Tear’s application, however, she does get her job back and begins defending Ion again.

It is in the second part of the game that several things are revealed about Anise.

After the group is reunited and the big problem of the second part is revealed, Anise begins acting suspicious; Jade notices it right away, as with a good majority of the group. The group arrives in Daath again, and Tear begins feeling sick; that was about the time that the Miasma returned. While Tear is resting in Ion’s room, Ion was about to tell of a way to get rid of Tear’s illness, when in rushes Anise, claiming that something bad was happening. She dragged Ion out of the room, and everyone rushes after.

They realize soon that Anise had betrayed Ion, and had been a spy for Mohs the entire time, though it wasn’t necessarily by her own choice; her parents owed a huge debt to Mohs, and had kept them working in the cathedral without pay. In addition, Anise had to do anything Mohs asked her to, so that she could ensure the safety of her parents. This led to her being a spy, and reporting on whatever Ion did to Mohs. This also led to her leading Ion to his death; Mohs ordered Ion to read the score, and Ion, being a sickly boy, died as a result of using most of his power to read the score. Before he died, however, he did three things: One, he gave Luke’s group a clue as to where to go next. Two, He cured Tear of the miasma buildup inside of her. And three, he relived Anise of her duties for the final time, also telling her that she was his “Most Cherished.” He never finished that statement; he began to disappear just as he was about to.

After Ion’s death, the group returned to Daath cathedral, and Anise hid herself in the Chapel, crying. She felt guilty over the death of Ion, and when Luke found her, he was kind, telling her how he knew her betrayal wasn’t by her choice, and that he knew how she felt, seeing as he destroyed an entire city. Anise explained the actual situation with her parents and Mohs, and decided to join Luke’s group still, to help them save Auldrant; it was something Ion would have wanted.

Arietta knew what had happened, and proceeded to slap Anise in the face for it. She then challenged Anise to a duel to the death; for Ion. Anise accepted.

Later in the game, Largo, Arietta’s mediator, tells the group to come to Cheagle Woods, and that Arietta is ready to duel. The group goes to Cheagle Woods, and Anise tells everyone to stay behind, that this was her battle. Luke and company stop her, telling her that they were with her 100%, and that they didn’t blame her for what happened with Ion. Anise, realizing it was pointless to argue and happy that she had friends to help, agreed to let them come along.

Arietta told all of them to fight; for Anise, she was avenging Ion. For Luke, Tear and Jade, she was avenging her ‘mother,’ also known as the Liger Queen that had been defeated in the beginnings of the game. The battle ends with Arietta losing her life while trying to avenge her ‘mother’ and the late Fon Master.

After that, things are really slow, in the way of Anise’s character. It’s revealed before the final battle against Van that she knows of Luke’s impending death, and also that she has plans to reform the Order of Lorelei, for Ion. Not much else is really revealed about her character; though, when Luke prepares to release Lorelei, she gives him a hug, tells him to come back, that she plans to become the first female Fon Master and she needs someone to be her benefactor, of sorts.


  • D-Comm
  • Tokunaga

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Fon Master Ion - After spending 2 years with him, she'd fallen in love with him. And then she betrayed him. She thought she didn't deserve his forgiveness when she came to this world and found him here, but he'd forgiven her. And after a struggle to accept it, she finally did, and vowed to protect him as much as she could. After several awkward moments, the both of them finally ADMITTED their love for one another, and are now together. Yep. Anise loves him. Despite how trusting he is toward all the wrong people.
  • Daisaku Kamiya - He's nice. He's kinda like an older brother. Sorta. But he's definitely a good friend of hers.
  • Shizuma Kusanagi - She's not too happy with him, after the whole Ion as a bio hybrid thing, and how he challenged him to a fight during that time.
  • Zelos Wilder - idkmybffchosen? They're best friends. :]


Activity in the Digital World


Anise Tatlin
Series Tales of the Abyss
Name Anise Tatlin
Alias Anise
Journal fonmaster_guard
Role-Player Taco
Age 14
Digimon Partner PicoDevimon
Affiliations DATS, Tales of the Abyss crew, Zelos Wilder, Sheena Fujibayashi, Daisaku Kamiya, Shizuma Kusanagi
Demon Seal Greed
Dating Fon Master Ion
D-Comm Colors Pink, White, Brown
D-Comm Symbol None/Undecided
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