A.K.A Ryuu-chan, or whatever you may know her has.

Anna is a 23-year-old college graduate from Sam Houston State University in Texas who is trying to further her degree to get a job of some sort. She is also trying to find any sort of job, but that's another story entirely. She lives in Central Texas and is trying to find some way to get away from her parents. She does her best to be happy, even in rough situations, and tries not to get into confrontations. You need someone to rant to? She's your girl because she'll try to help you in whatever way she can emotionally and mentally.

Recruited into the RP via Raz in a different community, she started off with one character in early 2010. She finally brought her second character in in September of that same year and has been planning at least 2 to 3 others to bring in at some point. She's had a bit of a torture and torment streak with her first character - not like others haven't with theirs - while with her second she's actually been letting do his job (somewhat).

Characters in Play

Super Sentai

Kamen Rider

Planned Characters

  • Tsubasa Yamagatana with Tailmon
  • Wataru Kurenai
  • Zoisite (PGSM)
  • Sowa (or) Kai Inui

There's more that she want to do, but they're being debated on at the moment.

Retired Characters

None yet! She just got in people, really!

Contact information:

Journal: nataku_savur
AIM: melodiousflurry
E-Mail: moc.liamtoh|yrrulfsuoidolem#moc.liamtoh|yrrulfsuoidolem

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