Aqua Travato

Dannie first created Aqua when she was 15 years old for the Digimon universe. She was originally a kinder character, but changed as both Dannie and Aqua got older.

Aqua is now an 18 year old junior in college majoring in statistics. She used to be kind and cheerful when she was younger, but she had one thing that was hovering over her, she was just a normal girl. No one liked normal, right? She tried all the way through elementary school to make a friend, but never succeeded. When she went into middle school, she decided that friends were stupid and worthless and started to drown herself in text books, particularly math textbooks. Mathematics started to be a subject of extreme interest to her, so she decided to study that only as her other grades started to go downhill.

Teachers were amazed at the girl's knowledge in math, but didn't like her cold 'piss off' attitude and her lack of interest in other classes. She barely passed middle school, and went into high school with the same attitude.

Unfortunately, she was seen as a beauty in high school, and that was the last thing she wanted. Math books became her choice of study and weapon as she used the thick and heavy books to hit any boy who tried to hit on her. Then again, it was partially her fault, wearing a pink spaghetti strap shirt over a fishnet shirt is pretty sexy, even better when it's a midriff.

At 16, she got her lucky break when colleges heard about her knowledge in math. By that time, she had taught herself past calculus and when she chose a college, she found herself enrolled in 300 level classes. She was happy to have people finally leaving her alone since the college environment was much more mature.

Aqua appeared to look 20-21 to her fellow classmates because of her voluptuous body, so she was never bugged about her age.

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