Arin McCoy


Arin is a very naive young girl, even despite spending the last four years of her life among a vast majority of species' from across the universe. She's a sweet, kind, caring young girl who is kind of slow at times, due to the fact that she is still pretty unaware of a lot of human/interspecies customs. The fact that she has a bit of an overprotective father figure doesn't help in the least.

Even though Arin is naive and innocent, however, she's very sensitive to other peoples' feelings, and will not hesitate to help someone feel better when she senses they are not in the best of moods.

When Arin gets angry, which only happens when someone she loves is threatened, she also won't hesitate to pounce on someone and try to mangle them up. As stated below, though she's very tame and mild-mannered, she still has her animal instincts, and she won't hesitate to use them if she needs to.

In general, however, Arin is a sweet, mild-mannered girl who just loves people, and loves to cook for them even more.


  • Sneakiness - Arin had to stow away on a ship at ten years of age in order to come to the Grey Gale. That's talent. Sort of.
  • Cuteness - … Um.
  • Cooking - After undergoing training in the fine arts of cooking, courtesy of the Grey Gale's head chef, Big Al, Arin has almost mastered most elements of cooking, and can make a bit more than a decent meal.
  • Animal Instinct - Even though she's lived among humans and other species' for the past four years, Arin still has her animal instincts; and she will pounce at a moment's notice if she feels she or someone close to her has been threatened.
  • Enhanced senses of smell and sound - This comes with being a fox-girl. These two senses in particular are strong for her due to her fox instincts.




Kudamon cares a lot for Arin's well-being, and is usually her reminder when the food is on the stove and she gets distracted. Arin's lucky, however, and is usually able to produce something VERY good out of anything.

Pre-Roleplay History

Long, Long ago, in a land far, far away, there was a planet out in the middle of the universe that was home to several tribes of humanoid foxes. They were savage beasts, loners, and acted almost as normal foxes did. None dared to try and defy the ways of old; none.

The human part of the fox tribe had a lot of racism and segregation between the several types of foxes all over the planet, as humans on today's earth still do. This was not the sort of place one wished to grow up in, unless, of course that one was bent on following the past traditions as so many apparently were.

There were very few alliances with other planets made within the fox tribes, and those that were made came once or twice a month to bring foreign supply to the foxes.

Among a particular tribe of foxes, there was a young girl of about ten years of age known only as Arin. She was a curious young girl, and often poked her nose into things she didn't need to know about; the girl had a desire for knowledge that could not always be fulfilled, and that frustrated her to no end at times. Upon finding a black soup ladle buried in the sand after a visit from a foreign alliance, Arin became curious, and asked what it was. She was told, and was fascinated by the fact that other species' cook their food, rather than eating it raw, as her own tribe did. Upon asking why her own tribe didn't cook their food, however, she was scolded, punished, and the subject was dropped.

Arin, however, had had enough of being left in the dark. She wanted to travel, she wasnted to see the world, and she wanted to learn more about this 'cooking' thing. And so, the next time the foreign visitors arrived on her planet, she took her black soup ladle and stowed away in the cargo hold.

She remained undetected until they reached the next station, and once she stepped out, she was nothing short of amazed. The world was so big, compared to the tiny village she'd come from, and in her excitement, she'd mad quite a bit of noise, causing the people of the ship to notice her and realize she'd stowed away. Fearing for her life, Arin ran.

And she ran.

And she ran, right into an older man who had been hospitalized and was walking around on crutches. She'd looked up at him fearfully, then scurried to hide underneath a hospital cart, hoping that the men would have mercy on her, should she become caught.

The hospitalized man saw the men coming for the young fox girl, and defended her, coming up with a quick story about how the young girl was her niece, and stating that she was adopted when the men said they didn't believe him. To make the act more convincing, he'd coaxed Arin out from under the hospital cart, the two sharing a tender moment that was completely improvised before the men stopped chasing after Arin.

Once the all-clear was given, the man asked her who she was and where she had come from, and told her his name as well. His name was Rig McCoy, and he was a mechanic who had recently been hospitalized after being caught up in a fight between the Neo-Earth Empire (N.E.), and some Royal Misfits. Rig was contemplating joining up with the crew of the Misfit Princess, Odalia "Raven" Fitzroy, and bringing his crew along (which then consisted of his partner, Mey, a battleship pilot, Will, and a girl who'd escaped from a Neo-Earth Empire ship, Christiana).

Arin had nowhere else to go, and so she followed Rig, adopting the name 'Uncle Rig Sir' for him. Arin also made friends with his crew, eventually calling Mey by the name of 'Miss Aunt Mey-Mey,' and Christiana by 'Miss Chris-Chris.'

Once Rig's crew had joined with Raven and the crew of the Grey Gale, Rig convinced Raven to ask the ship's Head Cook, Big Al, if he could give Arin cooking lessons. Big Al took Arin under his wing and began to teach the little girl everything he knew about cooking - which was a lot.

Arin spent the next four years with the Grey Gale crew, surviving through the constant battles in the war of the Misfits versus the Neo-Earth Empire, learning to cook, and growing closer to her newfound family. Eventually, in those four years, Rig and Raven grew fond of each other and eventually got together romantically. Rig adopted Arin as his own daughter, and remains as overprotective of the young girl as he could possibly be, especially with Arin growing up quicker than he could imagine and becoming more of a woman than he wishes for her to be.

One day, however, Arin fell ill, and she spent most of that day in bed. She fell asleep, and when she woke up, she wasn't on the Grey Gale anymore …

In fact, she didn't know where she was.


  • D-Comm

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Kioshi Vanderfleet - In this world, Kioshi is the only person she knows from her own world. Kioshi is her best friend, and though she may not realize it quite yet, she has feelings for him.
  • Meta Knight - He's her boss! He gave Arin her job! She's eternally grateful!
  • Abel Nightroad - Abel is Arin's father figure in this world. Though Rig is her 'father' back home, Abel acts as a father to her here in the digital world.


Activity in the Digital World


Arin McCoy
Series Authority's Misfits (OC)
Name Arin McCoy
Alias Arin
Journal stowaway-fox
Role-Player Taco
Age 14
Digimon Partner Kudamon
Affiliations The Halberd Crew, Kioshi Vanderfleet, Abel Nightroad
Demon Seal None
Dating N/A
D-Comm Colors Dark Green, with Navy Blue trim.
D-Comm Symbol A LADLE. :D
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