Ash Blaze

Ash Blaze is a roleplayer at Digital Dive.

Ash Blaze, better known as Ashura, Ash^2, or Knux, is a recent player to the Dive. In real life, he's a 25-year-old college student who spends his days stuck in a dairy freezer at a local Wal-Mart (and loves every freakin' moment of it!). When he's not working, he's busy trying to rekindle his love for fanfiction and restart writing one last story… if he can pull away from aiding another person in writing HIS fanfic as well as giving it the MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) treatment.

For fandoms, Ash^2 has a thing for giant robot anime, like Gundam and GaoGaiGar, though he likes other series like Tenchi Muyo! and anything from the DC Animated Universe.

In the chat, Ash^2 tends to be silent, only speaking in small bursts from time to time. That's what he gets for chatting with, like, 5 different people at the same time as chatting with the rest!

Ash^2 plays, at this moment in time:

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (US)/GMT -05:00
Personal Journal: ashs_stash - there's nothing there.
E-Mail: moc.liamg|ezalb.aruhsa#moc.liamg|ezalb.aruhsa or moc.loa|1xunKrpyH#moc.loa|1xunKrpyH
AIM: HyprKnux1

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