Ashton Ward

Ashton "Ash" Ward is a human being from the Digimon canon for the duration of one second during the Digimon World Tour.


Ash is a long-suffering nice guy, which, to his chagrin, always gets him firmly in most girls' "just friends" category, often gets him peer pressured by his (mostly female) friends, and has on occasion led people to assume he's gay. Despite this, he does have his pride, and dislikes being seen with Pukamon because, seriously, a seventeen-year-old guy carrying around a cute thing like Pukamon, what are people going to think? While he likes to view himself as reasonably cautious, and doesn't go looking for fights, he doesn't always think before he acts and he often sacrifices things deemed necessary (like school) for things he's passionate about (like photography). His wariness of Digimon and anyone involved with them is slowly being broken down by his encounters with the other Chosen, but he is still reluctant to put Pukamon in danger, and going to the digital world definitely qualifies. He can be a bit of a doormat.


Ash is a talented photographer, with extraordinary luck for action shots and the occasional performance photographs. Preferring dark room photography to digital, he tends to develop photos instinctively rather than on specific times. He also excels at mathematics and science.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Digimon Adventure.

Early Life

The second of four children and the only boy, Ash grew up in St. Kilda, a coastal suburb of Melbourne, Australia, sandwiched between his brilliant one year older sister McKenzie (Kenzie) and bratty younger twin sisters Nicola and Danielle (Nic and Dani). His mother, a travel broker completing her Master's in classical studies, was always easily distracted by his sisters, and his engineer father was often working during Ash's childhood, so Ash has always felt like he has had little attention from his parents.

His father did make an effort, though, introducing Ash to rugby and windsurfing in his rare free time. While Ash didn't quite catch on with playing rugby, he has been a fan as long as he can remember, and as a child began windsurfing. His father was also the first to teach him how to use a camera, cementing photography as one of Ash's lifelong passions.

Chosen Child

The winter of 1999, or, more accurately, Vamdemon's worldwide search for the eighth Chosen Child, changed Ash's life. Ash had been showing Kiwi relatives around Melbourne's Luna Park when the amusement park was invaded by Digimon, both Vamdemon's forces and the resistance. Pukamon was part of this resistance, somewhat ambitiously, considering his Baby II level. When Pukamon was on the verge of deletion, Ash realized Pukamon was on his side and saved him by bashing a Tureiemon over the head with his tripod. The Tureiemon was suitably distracted. The tripod was destroyed.

This first impression of Digimon unfortunately colored an eight-year-old Ash's perception of all Digimon. His parents said they were dangerous, the media labelled them a threat, and despite Pukamon's persistence Ash refused to acknowledge Pukamon as his partner, even attempting to throw out his digivice.

The next spring, Ash was caught in a rip while windsurfing and almost drowned. He came very close to clinical death, but Pukamon rescued him and brought him to his one year older sister Kenzie (to this day the only member of his family who knows about Pukamon). Ash never went windsurfing again (instead sticking to sports and performance photography) and began to grudgingly accept there was something between them, and their bond gradually strengthened over the years.

Their relationship was still nowhere near the friendship most other Chosen Children have with their Digimon partners, a fact painfully driven home on a family trip to Townsville at Christmas 2002. Ash hadn't even wanted to bring Pukamon along, but Kenzie had packed him anyway. This came in handy once Eucalyptus came calling for any Chosen Children who happened to be around. Ash was rather put out by how close all the other Chosen seemed to their Digimon, and was especially disconcerted by Derek's windsurfing with Crabmon.

Having come close to losing Pukamon once, Ash did not allow him to take part in the Digimon battles, using the excuse "you're just a Baby" after overhearing the term from other Chosen. Instead, Ash declared himself a babysitter and looked after a particularly young Chosen Child, to her chagrin and Eucalyptus' bemusement. Despite seeing the friendships between Digimon and their partners first hand, Ash was still wary of Digimon and anything (and anyone) to do with them…if a little curious. This curiosity led him to Google "Digimon" a few times over the years. In his teens, this Googling resulted in the Livejournals of some of the other Chosen, which Ash began to read on occasion.

Personal Life

The digital world turned a blind eye to Ash after Christmas 2002, allowing him to pretend any incidents with Digimon had never happened. He was accepted to the prestigious Melbourne High School on account of his skills in mathematics and science, but soon lost interest in both fields upon discovering the school's darkroom. As Ash grew older, he began almost exclusively attending his English, math, and photography classes and spending most of his time either in the school darkroom or out taking photos. His father, keen to make amends for their distant relationship, turned a blind eye to his frequent absences from school and, to Ash's surprise, agreed not to tell his mother about them.

Early in his high school career, Ash befriended a third generation Italian girl, Katia, and the two soon became best friends. An accidental exposure to Pukamon made Katia the second person in Ash's life to know about his involvement with Digimon. The third member of their little trio, a self-proclaimed otaku named Tegan, has not been told about Pukamon with the excuse that "she'd think it was like Pokemon or something". Ash is also close to his older sister Kenzie.


Considering he rarely turned up to class, Ash was, at best, mediocre at Japanese, but at the age of sixteen and in his second to last year of high school, he signed up for an AFS exchange to Japan on a whim and promptly forgot about it. When he was accepted on the one year exchange, he figured he'd better go so as not to have wasted AFS' time. His Japanese teacher agreed, in the hopes that living in Japan might force him to learn some of the language.

Ash moved to West Shinjuku, Tokyo in early September 2007, staying with the Terayama family and adopted as a younger brother by his overzealous host sister Megumi (Meg). He soon began tutoring Tsubasa Matsuki, the son of the owners of a cake shop and essentially an interdimensional clone of Takato Matsuda, in photography, sparking his first friendship in Japan and in fact his first friendship with another boy for several years. The need to keep in contact with his friends and family prompted him to finally get a Livejournal himself, and he has used this to communicate with some of the other Chosen. Most of this contact was initiated by Pukamon barging in on other Chosen's Livejournals and Ash feeling the need to apologize for him.

Over Livejournal, Ash has personally spoken to Catherine, Wallace, Miyako Inoue, Jun Motomiya, Sora Takenouchi, and Koushirou Izumi, and read some of the other's journals. Catherine was the one person who responded to his enthusiasm on the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Jun offered him advice on his love life and he returned the favor with a tip for her job search, and Koushirou offered to install a digital gate on Ash's laptop (an offer which Ash turned down). His physical encounters with the other Chosen in Japan have included, along with two more prominent meetings, touristing with Wallace (also on a student exchange to Japan) and encountering Jou Kido at a cafe.

Megumi, Ash's host sister, made a common mistake after his rejection of a female classmate's advances and assumed he was gay, and offered to take him clubbing for his seventeenth birthday while her parents were out of town at the end of October 2007. Unaware of this assumption, Ash agreed, and upon finding himself in Shinjuku Ni-Chome, the gay district of the city, rather stupidly decided to drink his sorrows away. Unfortunately this left him prey for a particularly persistent Japanese man with an attraction to foreigners. Ash was rescued and sent home by Ryo Akiyama, though not the one in this roleplay. Pukamon took a leaf out of his partner's book and Googled the name, found Ryo's Livejournal, and sent him a thank you e-mail. His reply a month later led Ash to his Livejournal as well, the entries of which bringing him to the logical conclusion that Ryo, too, was a Chosen Child.

Two months later, Ash was out Christmas shopping when he found himself having to buy yaoi doujinshi for the Death Note series for his friend Tegan. Lost in a bookshop, he tripped over the backpack of the Indian Chosen, Mina, twisting his ankle almost a week before Christmas. Her partner, Petit Meramon, was offended by his tripping over him and attempted to attack Ash, stopped only by an embarrassed Mina. Ash managed to salvage their meeting by revealing that he was also Chosen, and the two discussed the nature of partnership. Despite having been on crutches ever since, Ash does not blame Mina for his accident.


The digital world was relatively kind to Ash, importing him in when he was on his way to school with the following items:

  • Laptop
  • Digital SLR camera
  • Tripod (now broken)
  • Electronic Japanese-English dictionary and mp3 player
  • School books and assorted pens
  • Crutches

Activity in the Digital World

This plot is still on-going.

Ashton Ward
Series Canon Digimon Adventure, imported from Digilife
Name Ashton James Ward
Alias Ash, Sheila, Matilda, Alice (these last three from Mackenzie Alexander
Actor Connor Paolo
Journal onlensreflex
Role-Player Caryl
Age 18
Digimon Partner Pukamon
Affiliations Silver Dragon
Demon Seal None
Dating Olette
Digisoul Color Teal
D-Comm Colors Dark red and gray
D-Comm Symbol Crest of Tenacity
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