Asuna Kagurazaka

Asuna is a human being from the manga series and fanfiction series Mahou Sensei Negima! and Bonding Over Big Swords.


Asuna is a woman who thinks with her emotions, however she tends to think things through with the long years of experience. Able to switch between sadistic and pleasant in a heartbeat, she is a formidable teacher who teaches her students with no mercy, even in her physical education class back in Mahora City. She carries herself with the grace of a warrior queen, a fact that has only been brought out with the heritage she has, as well as the long years spent in combat. Fiercely loyal like most lead women and not afraid to express herself.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Mahou Sensei Negima and Bonding Over Big Swords and the sequel, 2nd Ignition

Manga Canon

Asuna Kagurazaka grew up as a relatively normal girl until Negi Springfield landed in her life. Since then, she spent most of her time bailing him out of magical based problems. Armed with an Artefact, a magic-negating “harisen” or paper fan, she’s always ready for a fight.

When Negi arrived, she was the first to witness Negi’s magic, as well as his horrible luck in stripping women with mis-casts, due to the fact that magic doesn’t work on Asuna. Following this, she became his partner when Evangeline attacked Negi, and subsequently helped him defeat the vampire mage. From there, she remained his only partner until Nodoka Miyazaki came into Negi’s life.

The amount of women in Negi’s life grew, making pactio every few days or so due to problems, including Western Mages of the Kansai Splinter Group trying to ressurect Sukuna, the Demon Lord through the use of Konoka Konoe, her roommate. They defeated Sukuna with the help of Evangeline who was brought there for a rescue.

Asuna continued to grow throughout the incidents known as the Festival, often taking advantage of Evangeline’s special resort that would keep you in for 24 hours minimum to train. She soon learned how to utilize an old learned skill from her forgotten past called Kanka, the art of fusing magic and chi together.

After the festival, things continued as per normal, getting into fights, training, and subsequently following Negi into the Magical World to find clues on his father. Asuna also discovered her hidden heritage, of a former powerful Princess of a fallen capital, and Negi eventually found his father with the help of friends and family.

This plot is still on-going.

Bonding Over Big Swords

Flash forward seven years and Asuna is on her way to class when she notices a Hollow being attacked by a Shinigami. Summoning her weapon, she cuts through the leg of the Hollow to distract it, letting Ichigo Kurosaki finish it off. The pair admired each others weapons and introduced themselves.

Ichigo and Asuna became fast friends, and the lunacy of Soul Society boiled over to Asuna’s world where she spent long hours studying with him, becoming friends, and then friends with benefits, and then finally getting engaged to Ichigo through a series of mishaps.

Bonding Over Big Swords - 2nd Ignition to Pre-Dive

The pair journeyed through worlds until they met Caleb who was also on a journey. Together, the trio went through various worlds, making the connections of people during a pre-dive state, teaching Caleb the style he needed to get by due to his additional powers, getting into trouble until Yuuko took the Crystal of Boola Boola as payment to return them back to their own universe. With that being said and Caleb taking his leave with his own formidable powers in crossing universes, Asuna and Ichigo settled down.

Activity in the Digital World

Dropped Into The Digital World

Asuna is a fairly recent arrival in the digital world, immediately looking up Caleb, her old student who had also made his way into the world. Arriving at the Silver Dragon through the efforts of Matt, Hay Lin and Ichigo, she proceeded to start training with Caleb, the latter horrified at the much larger blade she carried now. She has also made contact with Nephry Osbourne in hopes that they could make a small care center for the youngest of tamers. Her involvement in Caleb's life extended recently to fighting Nerissa in hopes to learn what drives the woman, and then training with Caleb the next morning. She then allowed Caleb to train Ben Tennyson in the Kagurazaka Style, a fact that amused her to no end.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Asuna is Heterochromiatic, green in one eye, blue in the other
  • Due to the immense power housed within her, Asuna ages at less than half the rate of normal human beings. At 14 she was nearly 34, and at her current age of 26, she is 46 years old.
  • Anything magical comes quickly to her, able to learn in a single try
  • Her birthday is April 21
  • She has met many versions of several people during her travels


  • Artefact - Ministra Magi Asuna Kagurazaka - Harisen: A folded Paper Fan that can rip through magic and destroy demons, as well as undo summonings, disrupt attacks, etc
  • Artefact - Ministra Magi Asuna Kagurazaka - Sword: A massive sword topping nearly 20 feet just counting the blade, it has the same power of the Harisen form. Think of it as an unsealed form of the harisen.
  • Absolute Magic Canceller - A holdover from the Negima series canon, Asuna is born with a extremely rare power known as Magic Canceller, the ability to be immune to spells, both damage and curses. Since she re-discovered this power, Asuna was able to extend the range of effect with a thought, as well as drop it for healing.
  • Kanka - The Ultima Art, said to rival any spell a mage could throw, it is classified as a +++A Rank Technique, only equaled by Evangeline A.K. McDowell's Dark Magic Pact technique. Outside of the digital world, one can use this art to level even the strongest of demons, as well as whole buildings in a single blast. Only Asuna Kagurazaka and Caleb possess this style in Dive currently.
  • Ida-Ken - The Quick-Draw Fist (Martial Art) - Teacher: Takamichi Takakura - An attack that uses air pressure to attack at any range by drawing and punching out from the pockets like a quick draw sword attack. Asuna often uses this power in tandem with Kanka.
  • Shinmei Ryu Swordsmanship/Kendo (Martial Art) - Teacher: Setsuna Sakurazaka - The basics of swordsmanship accumilated and trained under and with Shinmei Ryu Swordswoman Setsuna Konoe nee Sakurazaka. Not a master of it, as Asuna uses her own art.
  • The Dark Evangel's Art (Martial Art) - Teacher: Evangeline A.K. McDowell - Years of friendship with the thousand year old vampire has coaxed some of her hellish style, including the basics of fan fighting and puppeter strings. Also not a master of it, but good for motivating lazy students.


  • Pactio Card
Asuna Kagurazaka
Series Canon Mahou Sensei Negima, Bonding Over Big Swords, BOBS 2nd Ignition
Journal harisen_x_sword
Role-Player shaungarin
Age Physically 16, Listed Age 26, Actual Age 46 - 55
Digimon Partner Candlemon
Affiliations Team W.I.T.C.H. - Caleb's Teacher
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