Atlas is a reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Mega Man ZX series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Mega Man ZX.

Atlas, was created to be a reploid (mechanical being with emotions, will and able to imitate humans to a certain extent). However, once she was made, like any other reploid, she was fitted with a Life Activity Timer, which limits lifespans for reploids once their Electronic Brain comes online. This law was put into place by the Sage Trinity, the humans who have mechanical bodies named Mikhail, Thomas and Albert.

Master Albert’s centuries old diabolical plan involved implanting DNA into humans and reploids, in order to determine which ones would become Mega Men (title is given regardless of gender)
and participate in the Game of Destiny, to determine the King of the World by fighting one another. The ones matching the DNA were then given Biometals, becoming their Biomatch. Biometals are termed as sentient objects, with a will of a fallen hero and the ability to combine both man and machine to become a new life form that was superior in ability to average reploids and humans.

Atlas was the Biomatch for Model F, becoming the Flame Mega Man. She is the sole woman of the four other Mega Men, which are Thetis, Aeolus and Siarnaq. In her past, Atlas was a soldier for a country. This country was destroyed by Mavericks (machinery that went wild against their programming). It was only after this incident that Atlas saw that humanity needed to change by suffering and that those who were unable to keep up with the change would be left behind, therefore ensuring only the strongest would remain.

After two encounters with Mega Man Model A, she and the other four Mega Men were trapped on Ourobourus as it sank into the ocean, when Albert’s plan was thwarted by Model A and it’s Biomatch. It is assumed that she survived this.

Activity in the Digital World

Shortly after her arrival in the Digital World, Atlas found and took a Digi-Egg, but only at Model F’s refusal to leave the egg behind. Shortly after this incident and learning to work out using her D-Comm, Atlas was then informed of where she was by Ryo Akiyama. She then decided, after a talk with Aeolus and Siarnaq, that the Game of Destiny would continue here.

…Not long after that, she encountered Rock Howard in D’Ango Forest, after she claimed that a Monochromon charged at her for no reason. A fight ensued, with Atlas’s wound being only a bruise on her forehead, thanks to Rock. She retreated after her loss to him, dropping hints of other Mega Men (no specified how many there are) and the Game of Destiny. Shortly after this fight, the Digi-Egg that she was carrying around hatched, to reveal a crackling Bombmon. Atlas vowed to have a rematch with him someday.

She retreated to Tetha. Shortly afterwards, she took a walk around Tetha and met Leviathan, who was damaged at the time and her partner, Betamon. She mistook Levaithan for Thetis, which sparked a conversation between the two reploids. After showing Leviathan her armor, she wished Leviathan well and was off on her way. Due to being in Tetha, she has no involvement with Dokugumon.

Atlas has talked to Siarnaq several times over the D-Comm. She has met Falcomon, partner of Aeolus and was updated on his wellbeing, courtesy of said Digimon during a virus event. She almost confessed her secrets over the D-Comm, and handed it over to Commandramon. Currently, she is looking for someone name ‘Bob’. Atlas talked to Tsukaimon, partner of Siarnaq soon after and looks forward to correcting the Digimon’s calling of her ‘ma’am’ during this conversation.

She met Fefnir and was unable to hold her tongue as she told him about her Biometal and one day, hopes to challenge him to a fight. Hearing Thetis’s remark about her acting quite roughly but liking her, Atlas was invited to dinner, unawares that Thetis was under the influence of the Rabu Rabu Virus (Love Virus). She did, ruffle his hair as promised during this. Atlas agreed to follow Aeolus, to change the world. Talking to Siarnaq, she learned a bit more about him and his feelings towards the odd behaviour under the influence of the virus, despite claims that she was unaffected.

…Atlas set up a truth or dare game, hoping to get some entertainment out of it. She succeeded. And dared Thetis to tell Aeolus that he was suffering from 'PMS'. So far, she is at a festival in Tetha, waiting.

This plot is still on-going.


  • In this role-play Atlas is a reploid, whereas she is assumed to be human elsewhere, due to a mistake on her mun’s part.
  • She gets ticked off if anyone calls her ‘ma’am’ and will not hesitate to correct them, aka, hitting them. Particulary her partner, Commandramon.
  • And she has a tendacy to just…talk with almost anyone.
  • Atlas, despite her tough appearance, does show genuine affection towards the other Mega Men. Even if she doesn’t admit it.
Series Canon Mega Man ZX
Journal fiery-soldier
Role-Player blackestcrow
Age Unknown, but looks like she's in her twenties
Digimon Partner Commandramon
D-Comm Colors Orange and White
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