Aveline Izumi

Aveline Izumi is a human being from both the Digital Dive universe and the Digimon Adventure canon.


Curious and headstrong, Aveline is the worst possible combination of her parents' personalities. She may be a child genius and a 1337 haxx0rs like Koushirou, but like Ryo she rarely thinks things in real life through all the way and she can turn anything into a competition. Though Aveline relishes opportunities to outsmart people, be it with nerdy references (like her fathers she is a fan of Doctor Who) or computers, she also genuinely likes finding things out and enjoys educating others. Aveline often goes through phases of great interest in a given subject or activity before abruptly switching to a new one. Her goggles are not merely for show; she is idealistic, particularly valuing love, courage (neither of which are, ironically, her digimental), and equality.


Aveline is a computer genius, regularly out-hacking Ryo at home. She is a proficient hacker (so Koushirou tries to keep more advanced programs out of her hands) but considers her specialty networking. Her other interests that she has miraculously persisted in are singing and fencing, and Ryo has also begun training her in using a whip for combat, though she does not own a personal model. She has some basic survival skills, but, oddly, has an exponentially better sense of direction in the wilderness than in civilization.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series and roleplaying game canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Digimon Adventure.

Another Time, Another Place

Aveline originates in another timeline of the Digital Dive universe with a somewhat different cast, where:

  • Ryo R. Akiyama was never sealed by Lillithmon. However, he later died in the battle against the Dark Area, reformatting later as Monodramon was reconfigured into a digitama.
  • The Tamers lost the battle for Urd, and were forced to evacuate to Verdandi and the islands before reclaiming the continent a month or so later.
  • Yggdrasil did not awaken or remove the artificial alterations to the digital world; and thus the TARDIS remained the TARDIS.

This plot is still on-going. For a semi-regularly updated list of differences between the timelines, see here.

Goddamn Epilogue

Despite these differences, the Tamers eventually managed to defeat the Seven Demon Kings, and return to their home worlds at that. Ryo, instead of returning to the Digimon Tamers universe, pulled some strings with ENIAC to follow Koushirou Izumi to his timeline in the Digimon Adventure universe, despite the Japanese government's anti-Digimon stance in that timeline. Like the Demon Kings, this too passed eventually, and Ryo sold the idea of the Digimon trading card game to Bandai, using the end of the controversy to springboard the game in the Digimon Adventure universe. The timing was right for the game to grow hugely popular.

The pair began to use the Nexus as a thoroughfare between the worlds, and managed to find their way to Takeru Takaishi's timeline, where they helped free the Chosen of that timeline from Vamdemon's illusion. Ryo was also able to visit the Digimon Tamers universe through the Nexus. (He constantly counted himself lucky that no one ever told Tamers Bandai about the Digimon trading card game's success in the Adventure universe.) Koushirou realized he could use the Nexus to track other digital worlds, and began to do this for a living: Monitoring all known digital worlds across every accessible timeline and universe for threats and, indeed, 'new' digital worlds, and dispatching teams of Chosen and Tamers to deal with the threats when they did arise. He kept a database of all Tamers involved in the Digital Dive digital world, allowing them to stay in touch.

Eventually things within the Adventure universe began to happen, to Ryo's horror, exactly like the Digimon Adventure 02 epilogue. Yamato Ishida indeed became an astronaut and went to Mars, Taichi Yagami became a diplomat, and so on. In the Tamers universe, Takato Matsuda and Ruki Makino married, having a son named Tatsuo (not the same one currently in the Digital Dive universe). Ryo, permanently affected by the virus of the Digital Dive dimension, decided to finally try and write his digital world survival guide, as he earned enough royalties from the Digimon trading card game in the Digimon Adventure universe and from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime and the WonderSwan games in the Digimon Tamers universe to do what he liked. After several years of Ryo trying to dodge the subject, Koushirou and Ryo married in Quebec in the early 2010s.

It's Not Physically Possible

When the two began to contemplate children in the mid 2010s, technology was on the verge of making male pregnancy possible. However, neither Ryo nor Koushirou wanted to go through that, so they turned to surrogacy. A Japanese woman named Yuuna carried their child with Koushirou's DNA, giving birth to Aveline Izumi by Caesarean section on March 14th 2018. Though the family kept in touch with Yuuna after Aveline's birth, she moved overseas when Aveline was one, and they lost contact.

Chosen Tamer

Aveline had as normal a childhood as she could have with Chosen nerds for parents. While she never had to save the worlds, she often visited the Digimon Adventure digital world (Ryo deeming the Digimon Tamers universe's digital world too dangerous for her, and the other digital worlds being a little harder to access) for day trips and camping. On her first visit, at the age of three, she wandered off and returned with a digitama. Somehow, neither Koushirou nor Ryo were overly surprised. This digitama later hatched into her partner, Pabumon, evolving into Motimon when Aveline started school. At the same time as finding the digitama, Aveline also received a D-Pod, a new model of digivice manufactured by Apple with the functions of the D-Comm and the D-Reader combined with games, a music player, and the capability to work with ordinary cellphones. (Unfortunately, being an Apple product, it frequently broke down. ENIAC should never have turned the manufacturing over to them.)

When Aveline was seven, her interests took a turn for archaeology, but as she already had an innate interest in the digital world, she instead chose to explore digimon cultures. Her parents encouraged this, Koushirou because of his innate curiosity and Ryo because of a lingering enthusiasm for Indiana Jones. Of course, neither were particularly impressed when she managed to dig up the digimental of Desire, thought lost since Ryo's rebuilding and consequent use of it in his own childhood. After many bitter debates over whether she should even be allowed to use it, Ryo eventually gave her a speech on the true meaning of his crest (not lust) and let her at it in the hopes that she would never have a genuine need to use it. The digimental of Desire only raises defense against all the elements when applied to a digimon, so Motimon did not achieve an armor evolution. At this time, Koushirou also passed his goggles on to Aveline, causing many arguments between her and Daisuke Motomiya's son over exactly who was the leader of the next generation. (Aveline lost this battle purely on account of her age.)

In 2027, upon the finish of Takeru's final novel in his series on the events of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, the Japanese Chosen Children and their children had a reunion in the digital world (the infamous epilogue). Unfortunately, the virus had struck Ryo again, this time making him invisible for a week.

A month later, Aveline tried to configure the beta version of her father's digital gate program installed on her laptop to visit a different digital world. She thought she had succeeded and opened the gate, but mid-transfer, a fatal exception 06 occurred and her computer blue screened as Yggdrasil pulled her to the current Digital Dive timeline.


  • Goggles
  • Laptop
  • Genuine sonic screwdriver
  • Agumon Hakase's Graduate Cap
  • Agumon Hakase's Professor Coat
  • Agumon Hakase's Badge

Activity in the Digital World

Aveline crash-landed with Motimon in D'Ango Forest. Her first clues that she wasn't in the right digital world were her digivice downgrading from a D-Pod to a D-Comm and the fact that the trees were not blue. After making like her parents by accidentally voiceposting, Aveline discovered a few of the differences between her timeline and the current one, and received the lightpost data for Tetha from Matt Olsen. However, she did not start for a D'Ango lightpost until she had Koushirou's approval. While wandering D'Ango, Aveline kept in contact with Adelle fon Fabre and formed the Future Brainbreakers group over the D-Comms. It took Aveline and Motimon three days to reach the lightpost, during which time she slept in trees at night (waking up on the ground).

Upon arriving in Tetha, Aveline and Motimon promptly managed to get lost (despite being sent to a lightpost down the road from the Silver Dragon and also having the map coordinates for it) and called Koushirou to come and pick her up. The two met by the Tetha hospital.

This plot is still on-going.


  • As with Kiyoko, Ryo chose Aveline's name, with the reasoning that if the kid was going to have Koushirou's DNA, it should take Izumi as a surname to avoid confusion at school, so he should get to pick the first name. Aveline is a French name meaning "little bird", and was intentionally chosen so that the child would be as culturally confused as Ryo is. Ryo is a dick.
  • The D-Pod was named by J in Dive Chat one night when Caryl asked for suggestions. POT immediately asked if it played music as well, and Caryl took the joke too far. (Another suggestion for Aveline's original digivice was the D-Awesome, a digivice proposed by Razorsaw to turn into a skateboard and be awesome.)
  • Aveline's sense of direction is so bad that unaccompanied, any trip in Tetha ends up at the hospital.
Aveline Izumi
Series Canon Digimon Adventure 02 and Digital Dive
Name Aveline Izumi
Alias Ave, Little Miss (from Kerios)
Journal dsire4knwledge
Role-Player Caryl
Age 9
Digimon Partner Otamamon
Affiliations Future Brainbreakers, TARDIS, Kerios
Dating Katsuro Fujieda
D-Comm Colors Rose gold and white
D-Comm Symbol Crest of Desire in violet
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