Bearmon - Xavier

Bearmon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Xavier Becker.

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Evolution Line
Tsunomon Bearmon Grizzmon MetalGrizzmon Callismon
Bubble Blow Bear Fist Maul Attack Metal Maw Rodeo Bullet
Bear Roll Cresent Dawn Chrome Canon Deep Forest


Bearmon is a fun loving and laid back digimon who has a curious nature and likes to poke at things. He was generally a lot more innocent and naive before he met Xavier but being around his tamer has taught him a lot in the ways of sarcasm. He is also rather blunt and does not understand the art of subtly at all. Rather lazy at times he also tends to forget his own strength which often leads to humorous occurrences. It is very hard to make him mad and he tends to act as a voice of reason for Xavier.


  • Bearmon will freak out if you take his hat.
  • Xavier calls him Fuzzy as a joke, this is NOT Bearmon's name.
  • Bearmon is an excellent fisher.
  • His perfect form of MetalGrizzmon was made up by Erbear because she wanted something that resembled an armored bear (His Dark Materials) and also couldn't seem to find a form between Grizzmon and Callismon.
Partner Xavier Becker
Journal xigzagsniperii
Role-Player Erbear
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