Ben Tennyson

Ben is a human being from the cartoon Ben 10: Alien Force.


While as a kid, he had been impulsive and hyperactive, the past five years have matured Ben greatly. He is calmer and more creative in battle strategies, actually sitting down long enough to think them through. He can often be the voice of reason and sanity. The years have jaded him to some degree, and he is more of a technical pacifist now; he'd prefer not to fight if he can avoid it, and he will try his hardest to avoid it, but if push comes to shove, he will defend his friends. He is able to admit when he needs help, even from people he doesn’t like, and he has learned to just shut up and put up with these things. However, he is prone to missing the big picture when focused on one specific goal, which can lead him and his friends into serious trouble.

Post-timeskip, Ben has gotten better at putting the evidence together and he's regained a lot of his optimism. Having won the war against the Highbreed with almost no casualties, he's determined to try and find a peaceful solution and believe that people can find common ground. This doesn't mean that he won't fight, however. If anything, he is even more determined to protect the people he cares about, meaning he has a bit of a reckless streak. And having gone through way too many battles where people have sacrificed themselves, he has a staunch policy of "No sacrifices." Whether or not he'll listen to his own advice is the key, though.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Ben 10 and Alien Force

The summer of a lifetime

When he was ten years old, Ben’s Grandpa Max (a retiree from an intergalactic police force known as the Plumbers) took him and his cousin Gwen on a summer road trip across the country. But on their first stop, Ben discovered an alien “watch” called the Omnitrix, which had the ability to turn him into ten different alien forms. Ben decided to use it to become a hero, and it was a good thing too with half the universe trying to get the Omnitrix back.

Ben spent much of his summer fighting Vilgax in particular, finding an enemy in Kevin Levin, who was very much a dark reflection of Ben. Also plaguing him were a mad scientist called Dr. Animo, who enjoyed splicing together different creatures and siccing them on Ben, the Forever Knights, a terrorist organization dealing in advanced alien technology and led by a former Plumber, and Ghostfreak, a ghostlike alien so bad that he haunted Ben’s nightmares. Ben and Gwen also came in contact with a potential future, where Ben grew into the cold, distant hero Ben 10,000, who seemed to have forgotten everything he’d enjoyed being a hero for.

As the summer drew to an end, Ben defeated all of his enemies, trapping some in the Null Void (such as Kevin) and even managed to defuse a universe-destroying bomb wired into the Omnitrix. But when he returned to school, he had one more issue to deal with: Eon, an ancient alien with powers over time, who was trying to turn Ben into a younger clone of himself and using him to destroy the world. It was only thanks to Gwen and Grandpa Max that he was able to remember himself and use his new powers for good. Eon’s powers were apparently sealed in the Omnitrix, never to be seen again.

Ben 10 returns

Five years later, Ben managed to get the Omnitrix off his arm and return to a normal life, becoming a soccer star and falling in love. However, when he discovers Grandpa Max missing one day, a bizarre message from him, and an alien attacking his mobile home, Ben realizes he needs to take up the Omnitrix again, and it agrees, recalibrating itself into a sleeker form and locking out Ben’s old alien forms in favor of ten new ones. He and Gwen discover that the Plumbers also have no idea where Max is—-he’s come out of retirement to stop something big, but they don’t know what it is. They also realize that Kevin’s escaped the Null Void and is dealing weapons to the Forever Knights. Kevin agrees to join them after the deal falls through and the Plumber that had been helping them dies.

While searching for Max, Ben and his friends start finding and bringing together other children of Plumbers, following Max’s instructions to build a team of them. However, they still have the menace of the Highbreed and his mysterious DNAliens to deal with. Max reappears when Gwen’s brother Ken goes missing. Then they learn a horrifying secret: the DNAliens are created when a parasitic DNA-warping alien latches onto a human, and Ken has just been submitted to the process. Ben manages to use the Omnitrix to save him, and Ken joins the trio in fighting back and saving Max. Max tells all the kids—-including Kevin, whom he’s been watching closely-—that he is proud of them. He then uses a broken Null Void generator to destroy all of the DNAliens while Gwen and the boys are under one of her force fields. His parting words to Ben are that he’ll have to finish this, but that he believes in all of them. After the explosion, Ben realizes that he, Gwen, and Kevin are the only ones who can save the planet from this menace.

After Max's death, the team managed to settle into a bit of a more normal state. Ben asked out Julie and wound up revealing everything about aliens and the Omnitrix. But Gwen was still feeling down, so one day Ben decided they should take a visit to Grandpa Max's favorite fishing spot for some swimming. When they did, they met their grandmother Verdona, an alien energy being known as an Anodite whose powers were mirrored in Gwen. Although Ben and Ken also have alien heritage, they never showed powers, so in Verdona's book, they didn't count as Anodites. She didn't quite get that Gwen didn't want to come with her to her home planet to master her powers and give up her human life. It took a fight and Gwen reminding her of the good times with Max before Verdona finally relented and also came to admit that Ben was all right too. Afterward, Ben, Kevin, Gwen, and her parents went back to the fishing spot to mourn Max properly.

Not long after this, Ben was pulled into the Digital World.

Activity in the Digital World

Rough Start

Ben is dropped on Draco Island soon after taking a hit in battle back on Earth. He runs into trouble almost immediately and realizes that, unfortunately, his Omnitrix is missing. He makes it to the lightpost and settles in the Hinata Inn, asking Caleb to teach him to fight. His first practice didn't go so well, as Caleb's "Trash Knight" threw him into a bush all morning. In addition, he joined Sarge, the Suicide Squad, and other volunteers for a game of Grifball, agreeing to join in the weekly games.

But not long after, Father's Day came, and the events of the past few months back home caught up with him. Deciding to try and avoid the worries and bad memories the day was bringing up, he decided to wander the city. He ended up meeting Nerissa, and they talked about Grandpa Max and about the nature of magic and elements. The talk eased Ben's mind a bit, and he saw that Nerissa wasn't as bad as Team W.I.T.C.H. was insisting.

He decided to go on Rose's disasterous training session in the Graveyard and wound up getting blasted with a Nightmare Syndrome. While it triggered his Digisoul, the whole thing came far too close for comfort to his old experiences with Ghostfreak, and he had nightmares for several days after. Talking with Sasha helped him realize that he'd been going about it wrong by pretending the fear would go away, and he started to understand better the importance of counting on others.


As DATS Unit 2 snuck into Kurata's base to end it once and for all, Kurata got in some early retaliation by attacking different cities. One was Tetha, and as the Gizmon swarmed around the Silver Dragon, Matt was working on helping the frozen TARDIS people escape while Caleb, Nerissa, Asuna, Jack Sparrow, and Optimus Primal worked on a spell to stop the Gizmon. Ben decided to stall them, and called out a legion of Trash Knights to attack. It bought enough time for everyone to get back and join in the battle, and Coronamon evolved to Meramon in the heat of battle. But when Primal was dealt a fatal blow finishing off a Gizmon AT, Ben realized he was unusually calm about the whole thing, and his ability to compartmentalize to function under extreme stress began to bother him. He tried talking about it with the others, but it sparked a small fight between him and Caleb. It was resolved within a few days, at least, and good news came in the meantime: Primal was alive.

As Ben's birthday came and went, reconstruction continued at the Silver Dragon. Hay Lin began worrying about Terra, and Ben was one of the last people she'd spoken to. When Terra made a locked comment to Ben on his birthday, he managed to talk to her again, promising not to pry but assuring her that people always deserved second chances, when she asked about them.

D is for Doomsday

Like most of the Silver Dragon and Team W.I.T.C.H.'s allies, Ben was hit with a strange case of bad luck, though far lighter than most of his friends. He tried not to worry about it, continuing his lessons with Asuna, as Caleb was out on an extended business trip. But the few updates Caleb made on the road seemed a bit odd to him, and he confided to Rose, who confided to Xanatos, about it.

It all built up to August 15, the day the Heart of Kandrakar could be taken by force. When Doom unleashed an army of Doombots on the Silver Dragon, Ben and Meramon joined in the battle. Having sent Meramon to help in the air/roof battles, Ben stayed on the ground and discovered how to adapt his Digisoul for whatever physical augmentation he needed, such as needing more speed instead of strength. It made his Digisoul flare around him in the shape of one of his alien forms, in this case Jetray, as long as he needed the given ability.

After Doom seized the Heart and injured Hay Lin, Xanatos posted a plan to retrieve the Heart and defeat Doom, something he needed Ben's assistance in critically. The pressure got to Ben, and he had a talk with Primal to figure things out as he got used to the changing of the guard. In the days leading up to Xanatos's plan, Ben purposely kept his head down, waiting and preparing for the chance to strike.

R is for Retribution

Xanatos's plan came into effect on August 21, but he didn't show everyone everything. As far as Ben knew, he and Will (who was glamoured to look like Nerissa) would pretend to offer a trade to Doom: the Heart of Earth for the Heart of Kandrakar. And Ben was set to pretend to be the Heart of Earth, using glamours of four of his alien forms (Wildvine for Wood, Big Chill for Ice, Benviktor for Lightning, and Humongousaur for Gravity) and an Anodite (Flare) to pose as "Guardians" of the elements of the Heart of Earth. What he didn't know was that Will had been instructed to kidnap him to set up the deal, so he was completely off-guard and confused when "Nerissa" appeared while he was checking in on Hay Lin, attacking and subduing him.

During the trade, Ben managed to catch on that it was a part of the plan he wasn't supposed to be told, so he played along when "Nerissa" threatened Hay Lin in order to get him to cooperate. But soon the real Nerissa and Cassidy appeared, exposing Will's deception and offering both her and Ben for the trade. This was yet another twist in Xanatos's plot, and when the Heart of Kandrakar was safely in Nerissa's hands, Ben attacked with his own secret part in the plan: Using his Digisoul to boost his speed, he leapt at Doom and disabled his armor with an AE Inhibitor before snatching and smashing Weira's Jewel, releasing Caleb. Despite having left his sword behind during the kidnapping, Ben joined both Team W.I.T.C.H. and Sasami's Guardians in fighting back, using his Grotto Hammer DX from Grifball and joining Terra for a game of Whack-A-Doom, ensuring that Grif's pain and suffering during the game hadn't been for nothing.

Gwen 10?!

Immediately after the chaos of Retribution, Ben got one hell of a surprise in the form of his cousin Gwen. But there were a few key differences: this Gwen was only twelve years old and from a very different world than his. How different? She was the Hero of the Omnitrix. After catching up a bit, Ben realized that he had a second chance to get things right and try to save Grandpa Max. So he warned her about the invasion and Ken's kidnapping, nearly breaking down when warning her about Max's sacrifice. The discussion set a good tone for their interactions later on, giving Gwen some warning on the future and proving that Ben was not the immature little kid she was used to.

The Alien Force reunited…sorta

After getting used to the weirdness that was a younger, alternate universe Gwen, Kevin arrived. And when he heard that Ben didn't have the Omnitrix anymore, he was looking for a fight. Both they and their Digimon had a battle in the outskirts of Tetha, and both battles ended in a double knockout before they made their way back to the Hinata Inn.

Not long after, Tetha Police Commissioner HippoGryphomon was attacked by "Ninja Peckmon" and crashed into the Hinata Inn. Ben, along with Kevin, Gwen, and a handful of others, fought the ninjas (now triple jogressed into a Shawujingmon and a Yatagaramon) desperately until Area Leader Ravemon appeared to finish them off and rescue HippoGryphomon. Coronamon achieved Perfect level during that fight, and neither he nor Ben suspected much of anything.

It wasn't until the next day, when Ravemon paid a massive sum for the damages and asked them to be quiet about the matter (not to mention the fact that a news report revealed HippoGryphomon died from injuries everyone swore weren't that severe), that Ben started to listen to Kevin and Caleb's insistence that it was a set-up and they were being paid off.

Following the events of the Seven Sins Virus, when Ben was infected with Pride, he realized that despite three worlds' worth of shared experiences, he, Kevin, and Gwen just didn't fight as a team. Knowing that they were better working together than separately, he and the others re-formed the Alien Force.

Downs and Ups

Just after the dust settled from the virus, Ben learned of more trouble: Kevin and Terra had been attacked by Meltdown, and Terra had been kidnapped. The investigation into her whereabouts wasn't going anywhere, even with DATS's new investigation unit looking into it. Even trying to check out the crime scene himself didn't help much, but at least Ben managed to brainstorm with Ed Elric about why Terra had been taken.

Not everything was bad, however. Another Gwen soon arrived in the Digital World—one from a world like his, though from a little further down in the timeline. The team planned to hang out on Halloween (after Ben got tackled by Kira and Jason forcing him into a Green Ranger costume) but their plans got derailed fast when Gwen 10 got kidnapped by first a crazy Candmon, then a mysterious "time ninja" Clockmon. They managed to rescue her, but no one had any idea who was behind this kidnapping.

Unexpected Reunions

As things started to calm down, Team Alien Force ended up with a couple of unexpected reunions. First, Gwen 10's best friend "Setsuna Orube" arrived, and like Gwen, she was surprised to see a "cool" Ben. But the biggest surprise was yet to come: Grandpa Max arrived in the Digital World, rescued right at the moment of his sacrifice, surprising Ben but ultimately helping him through his "lingering angst" as Gwen 10 called it. Of course, it turned out soon after that Charmcaster from Gwen 10's world had been pulled in too, but other than that, things were starting to go well. And then Terra re-appeared, brainwashed and turned into a Bio Hybrid.

Because of that, things were a little hectic, but Ben finally managed to find some downtime to meet up with Grandpa Max, who had managed to get a new Rustbucket. Ben had expected that he would end up explaining everything that had happened since he arrived in the Digital World, but Grandpa surprised him with the revelation that he'd survived the explosion in Santa Mira and had been trapped in the Null Void, trying to free it from a super-powered Dr. Animo. Ben had to reluctantly agree that there was nothing they could do right now and that the Highbreed were a bigger issue when they got home anyway, and he promised to fill Grandpa in on everything he'd gone through…but both he and Coronamon were submitted to one of Grandpa's new recipes and had no way of getting out of it.

Coming clean

Following the attack on Darth Vader and Colette, Kevin got information that made Ben and Gwen 10 realize the mysterious assailant was Eon. Gwen's freakout hinted to Ben that it went a lot worse in her world, and he did his best to try and avoid hearing about it. After Kira literally dragged him down to the Inn's lounge to force him and Gwen to talk, Ben owned up about how bad things had gone in his world: namely, that he had tried to hurt her while under Eon's control. Gwen revealed even worse: in her world, Ben had hurt her severely and almost killed Grandpa. The dual revelations led both cousins to emotional breakdowns, which Ben only began to come out of thanks to talking with Hay Lin and Grandpa and, offscreen, having Kira "hairflip the emo out of him."

Things began to improve, though Ben still felt the guilt for everything Eon had made him do five years ago. Fortunately, those thoughts were pushed way in the back of his mind when Charlie O'Neill arrived from his world and sixteen years in the future, quickly breaking his brain with the announcement that Ben and Kira had gotten married and were expecting their first child, and that Ben had a bad habit of blowing up Pluto. The Pluto incident became a bit of a running gag when Coronamon and Masaru Daimon thought it was awesome. As if that wasn't enough, the third run of the Rabu Rabu Virus hit, and while Ben managed to avoid it, Kevin hadn't. Ben proved he wasn't very good at giving relationship advice, as what he told Kevin basically amounted to "Ask her out," and a punch to the face, but the overly affectionate Kevin hugged him anyway. Afterward, Ben swore off giving anyone advice ever again, to which Charlie responded, "BRB, LOLing forever!"

Another day, another invasion

It started as an ordinary morning in Tetha and soon became the first invasion of 2009 when LOT attacked with an army of Digimon and heavily armed Sladebots and Billy Numerouses. Ben and Kevin teamed up to fight them off while Asuramon and Deltamon carried on their rivalry in trying to find the most spectacular way to defeat the most enemies—a rivalry that really can only be described as Gimli and Legolas as frat boys. But not long into the fight, a Sladebot broke through Ben's guard and slashed his side. It wasn't a serious injury, but it was bad enough that Ben couldn't move his right side without tearing it open. Kevin helped him try to escape, but the moment they found shelter, a bite-happy Cerberumon attacked. Kevin fought it head-on while Ben provided cover fire, but the Cerberumon blasted Kevin aside and turned to attack Ben. It was only thanks to Grandpa Max driving up with the Rustbucket and Galgomon shooting Cerberumon that they were okay, Galgomon loading both boys into the Rustbucket as Max drove off.

Timeskips and the UAE

Immediately after the invasion, Caleb vanished from the Digital World, leaving Ben, Matt, and Matthew in charge of things. And things got hectic: Lord Zedd targeted Team W.I.T.C.H., kidnapping Susan Vandom and brainwashing her into Rita 2.0. And secretly, the UAE was plotting to steal the Heart of Meridian on March 12. Though their attempts were foiled by the timely return of a battle-scarred and traumatized Caleb, who had been in another world for a year, the UAE had managed to kidnap Charlie when they feared he would interfere with their plans. While Matt led a team handling the hostage exchange for Charlie, Ben and Kevin went on a rescue mission to Zedd's fortress to retrieve Susan.

Not too long after that mission, Ben had his own timeskip to deal with, when Coronamon stupidly touched a glowing wormhole. A week later, he returned in much better spirits, having spent months in his world fighting the war against the Highbreed.

But it wasn't long before the UAE attacked again. After both he and Charlie slipped up and revealed some information about the future to Team W.I.T.C.H. and Gwen 10, Shagon and Coldrock teamed up for revenge by hitting them with some of Negi Springfield's age candy. Shagon spiked a bucket of water with one candy and had Coldrock reprogram a Cyclobot to splash it on Ben in the middle of training, reverting Ben to the body of a ten-year-old. Ben complained for a bit, but he had no idea how bad it was going to get. Somehow, Eon found out about his predicament and attacked him and Ransik while they were testing the Cyclobots on the outskirts of Tetha. A battle broke out immediately, but Ben knew he was nowhere near a match for Eon and decided to stay on the sidelines. Still, it didn't keep him safe, as an outgunned Eon decided to improve his odds a bit by attacking Ben and stealing most of his weapons. Ben took an energy sphere to the chest and Asuramon evacuated him to the hospital immediately.

Recovery and return to action

Ben spent two weeks in the hospital under the Doctor's scrutinizing care. But even when he got out, it was two months before he felt back to normal. As he recovered, he began to re-train himself to fight without relying too much on weapons or on fighting skills that worked better with the Omnitrix, and he got frustrated with himself a lot. It didn't help that data freezes were running rampant and hitting his family like crazy, and Kevin was frozen as a stone statue after getting Terra back to normal. But finally, the freezes ended and even Kevin went back to normal, and Ben let himself relax again, all the while still adjusting his fighting style.

During Argomon and Signum's attack on Neon, Ben (off-screen) went to help with rescue and evacuation efforts. He didn't get a chance to try out his fighting style until Negi lost control in a battle with Doctor Doom, and he joined Hay Lin, Sasami, Hitomi Takaishi, Karin, and Dawn to try and stop him, adapting his hoverboard skills for use in battle (something he remembered from watching his future self battle Vilgax).

Things were fairly quiet after, barring his guilt at forgetting the one-year anniversary of Kuratageddon and thus the reason Primal felt the pain of his old battle wound. He tried and failed to get out of singing karaoke with Kira, but Kira felt like making it a double date and invited Gwen 10 and a reluctant Orube to come along too. Kira and Gwen enjoyed embarrassing the hell out of him, and Ben and Kira started betting on how long it would take for Gwen and Orube to hook up. Sadly, this did not occur by the end of the night, but everyone was treated to Ben nearly suffering a tragic death via soda-drowning.


When Xellos and Bowser arrived to investigate the goings-on at the Inns, Ben knew that as a DATS Secondary, he should avoid fighting, else he might spark a war between Tetha's authorities and DATS. Of course, being Ben, he decided he would rather "help the evacuation," and he took his old hoverboard (now modified for combat situations) and ran into the fray. He swore that he crashed into the Troopas by accident, but Asuramon wasn't quite convinced. Even so, everyone was still forced to leave, and Ben decided the best thing to do was to lie low at the Hyperion Inn in Neon.

Unfortunately, during all this, Charlie was attacked by Miranda again. When she went to save him, Will disappeared, and no one heard from her for days. Ben promised to help Team W.I.T.C.H. in the search, but at the same time, he, Jason Scott, and Luna Lovegood were recommended by the Inn's security chief, Cornelius Fillmore, to take CSI classes with Gil Grissom, and all three accepted.

Element: Exodus

Over sixty people disappeared from the Digital World one day, among them Gwen 10, Charlie, and Kira. With Ben's support system disintegrating around him, he decided to try and talk to Hay Lin at the Jedi Temple in Albion. Matt stopped him when he got there, handing him the deed to the Hinata Inn. They had been recently allowed to move back in, but Matt had planned to save the Inn from further litigation by signing it over to Xanatos, but he was one of the ones who had left too. Matt provided a list of people he wanted to trust the Inn to and instructed Ben to keep going down the list until he could find one of them, just in case Matt left too.

Sure enough, that was when Eon attacked, joined by Rika Karasuma and a brainwashed Will. Ben lost his temper and immediately went after Eon, but his old enemy ignored him in favor of fighting the others on the scene. Asuramon had to pull Ben back to snap him out of it, and Ben focused on fighting Rika while telling Asuramon to protect Orube. However, Eon attempted an attack on everyone that got botched quickly, resulting in unstable energy fluctuations. Orube revealed herself to actually be Charmcaster and stood against Eon and the UAE to defend Ben and the others. But the attack was too destabilized and released energy waves that struck almost everyone at the scene before the attack detonated - including Hay Lin and the rest of the people from Ben's world. Everyone who was hit disappeared from the Digital World. Rika escaped the attack beforehand, but in the end, Ben and Galan and their partners were left to report on the destruction.

All Ben could do was take his King Swords back from the battlefield and leave, trying to make sense of everything.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Birthday: July 23
  • From the Elementverse, after an offhand comment by Hay Lin collided with OOC jokes and the premiere of episode 8.


  • None despite alien heritage.
  • Episode 10 of Alien Force reveals that he has an innate understanding of transtemporal metaphysics, but it is unlikely to come into play, other than the fact that he gets time travel (Coronamon, on the other hand, is easily brainbroken).



  • Reichmon's Schwartz Lehrsatz Lance (permanent scan from Creation Day)

Stored items

  • 2x Fairy Sword
  • Kamemon's Helmet
  • Leomon's Lion King Sword
  • OuRyuumon's King Swords (won at the Creation Day Raffle)

Other items

  • Custom jacket made by Hay Lin
  • Hoverboard
  • Mechanohog
  • Class ring from Hay Lin (has 'Ben' on one side with the number 10 below it; also has 'Tennyson' on the other side with picture of a hoverboard below it)
  • Experimental lightweight body armor, designed like a tracksuit.
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Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 16
Digimon Partner Coronamon
Affiliations DATS, Suicide Squad, Team W.I.T.C.H. (Caleb's student), Silver Dragon, Team Alien Force
Dating Kira Ford
D-Comm Colors Green with black trim
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