Betamon - Leviathan

Betamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Leviathan.

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Evolution Line
Betamon Seadramon MegaSeadramon MetalSeadramon
Dengeki Biririn Ice Arrow Thunder Javelin Ultimate Stream
Beta Slugger Water Breath Maelstrom Hell Squeeze
Cutter Fin Chillblains N/A Poseidon Divide
Water Tower Cold Breath N/A N/A


A rather passive Digimon, Betamon doesn't do much for himself. He likes being carried around by Leviathan, who treats him like a pet. He also doesn't speak much unless he is spoken to first, but he's a rather friendly Digimon when he starts to actually talk. However, Betamon has a tendency to be a bit of a smartass when spoken to the wrong way.

Betamon can also be rather protective of Leviathan, especially if he has evolved into one of his larger forms.


*Betamon actually likes to fight, when he gets the chance. But he won't charge into a battle unless Leviathan does so first.

Partner Leviathan
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