BlackTailmon - Train

** BlackTailmon** is a Digimon partner. For her partner, see Train Heartnet.

Table of Contents
Evolution Line
YukimiBotamon Nyaromon BlackTailmon OnyxNefertimon Bastetmon ???
Diamond Dust Fox Tail Neko Punch Curse of Queen Helter Skelter ???
N/A N/A Cat Kick Rosetta Stone Vampire Dance ???
N/A N/A Cat's Eye Nile Jewelry N/A ???
N/A N/A Cat Tail Sanctuary Bind N/A ???
N/A N/A Love for Danger N/A N/A ???


A Demon Beast type Digimon who is a Tailmon of the Virus kind that lives and wanders in darkness. Unlike her adult level sisters, she has not yet been turned to evil, yet has connections to the powers of darkness. She seems bring bad luck to those she declares her enemy whenever she crosses their path.


Partner Train Heartnet
Journal just_astray_cat
Role-Player SethAvalon
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