Brethren Court

The Brethren Court are a group of Tamers based on the Pirates of the Caribbean canon but now unique to the RPG canon.

“There’s naught been a gathering like this for a generation.”
“And I owe them all money.”
– Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow

You might be asking what the Brethren Court is doing in Dive. It’s simple: We’re here cause we’re here.

RPG Canon

Appointed originally by the Nine and a few extras just to antagonize Sparrow, they sail under the flag of Axoryi’s Leader (who Jack bested while drunk and with only Adult Evolution), Vikemon. The Court are free to do what they please, sailing the seas for wealth and plunder not found for many a century, using their ships provided by Sparrow to amass wealth like all good Pirates do, and do other things that may or may not be legal due to the person in charge.

They make their home in New Shipwreck Cove, the last of the building formations on the continental shelf just below Axoryi itself. From there, Sparrow makes his home in his shipping trade of both legal and semi-legal things. The Cove itself is bound by the Pirate Code, set down by the first pirates of his era. In short, the Court is there to exist, as Jack’s own Court faces extinction even with the East India Trading Company devastated with the loss of its fleet.

Since Tia has stopped talking to Jack, Jack can only assume to “Carry On”.


Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea, Jack has appointed Chihiro his successor. Tia Dalma has appointed him as Future King. Jack captains the Black Pearl.

Hay Lin

One of two Pirate Lords of the South China Sea due to a technicality, Hay Lin was appointed Sao Feng's successor.

Will Vandom

The other Pirate Lord of the South China Sea due to a technicality, Elizabeth Turner appointed Will her successor.

Daisuke Niwa

Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean, Daisuke was appointed Mistress Ching's successor. He spends much of his time on the Pearl.

Yuka Noguchi

Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea, Yuka was appointed Capitaine Chevalle's successor.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea, Captain Eduardo Villenueva appointed Ichigo his successor.

Sharpay Evans

Pirate Lord of the Black Sea, Sharpay was appointed Ammand the Corsair's successor. Sharpay owns a ship named the Juliet which is captained in her absence by First Mate Pidmon. Alas, Sharpay knows nothing about boats.

Hotaru Tomoe

Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean, Gentleman Jocard appointed Hotaru his successor. She captains a ship named the Molly.

Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle

Pirate Lord of the Crossing, Jaime was appointed after Peter Parker left. He now captains the good ship Enterprise.

Former Members

Victor Von Doom

Former Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea, Hector Barbarossa appointed him his successor to aggravate Jack. Doom captained a ship named the Valeria until it was sunk in retaliation after attacking several other Pirate Lords. He was subsequently thrown out, and his position is now open.

Zuko 1.0

Former Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean, Zuko was Sri Sumbhajee Angria's successor. He proceeded to get on Vikemon's bad side, forcing an intervention by Jack. Unfortunately, Zuko was sent home by Yggdrasil. His position is now open.

Seto Kaiba

Former Pirate Lord of the Bermuda Triangle, Jolly Roger chose Kaiba as his successor to aggravate Jack. Kaiba was also sent home, opening up his position.


Former Keeper of the Code, Ahiru was appointed Captain Teague's successor. She was sent home, opening her position.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Former Pirate Lord of the Crossing and Captain of the Flying Dutchman, William Turner appointed Peter his successor. Peter was sent home, freeing up his position

The Brethren Court
AKA The Pirate Lords
Formed May 2008
IC Origin New Shipwreck Cove, Axoryi
Location New Shipwreck Cover, Axoryi; various ships
Members Listed
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