Caryl is a moderator and roleplayer at Digital Dive.

Caryl is a roleplayer at Digital Dive who plays nineteen human characters, twenty-three digimon (see Monodramon's page), nine elemental spirits on a good day, a Reaper, a Time Lady, and a cat. Living in New Zealand, she is a day ahead of pretty much everyone and backdates every entry she makes. Her main fandoms are Digimon (she prefers Tamers to Data Squad to Adventure to Frontier and she thinks the manga don't get enough love), Pokemon, and the Whoniverse (Doctor Who/Torchwood) and she also dabbles in High School Musical (thanks to a guilty pleasure obsession with the series and a tiny role in a local production of the show), Golden Sun, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and The World Ends With You. She gets a certain joy out of fleshing out minor characters which is probably why she plays fifteen billion of them.

Digital Dive was, at first, a way for her to finally get to play Ryo somewhere, because most Digimon RPGs are Adventure-only and her first and dead RPG already had a Ryo, and a way to appease her love of one-time Pokemon movie characters. Like many of her activities, this RPG turned into an obsession, and she is now a mod, writing the recaps summarizing every post in the roleplay, be it a log or a journal entry, keeping the reserves, contacts, and wanted lists up to date, running Dive Secrets and the Fan Made Digimon page, and generally being the most annoying mod on the squad. She is the creator of many a crack page on this Wiki.

Eighteen-year-old Caryl is starting a Bachelor of Arts majoring in film and theatre, with further papers in opera history, Spanish for n00bs, and advanced Latin. Though she wants to be a film editor she recognizes that film is a fickle and volatile industry and is suddenly considering becoming a music and Latin teacher instead. She occasionally temps in on the street market research and early childhood education substitute teaching.

Caryl's characters are:

Kuya: Shaun Garin (older brother in Tagalog)
Snugglebuddy: POT (girlfriend)
Manong: Razorsaw (older brother in Ilocano)
Ading: Ari (little sister in Tagalog)
Ate: Taco (older sister in Tagalog)

Timezone: UTC+1200 (read: she's ahead of you, "tonight" means nothing to her)
Personal Journal: tormentacorazon
E-Mail and GTalk: moc.liamg|mrots.enohsrats#moc.liamg|mrots.enohsrats
AIM: Starshone Storm (alt: jazzsquarevolt)
RP!Writing Journal: unfauthorized
Youtube: StarshoneStorm

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