Chika Daimon


Without specifics, a carbon copy of her mother. Chika is normally cheerful, happy, perky; however, even though she's a child, she's no pushover and she's definitely not stupid. If she finds an argument in anything, she will take the initiative to argue, and if she believes things can be solved in any definite way (i.e., when Ikuto was brought to the Daimon household and she literally dragged Ikuto and Falcomon to the bath because they stunk), she will act upon what she thinks is right.


Chika can produce a Digisoul, but she can't do it at will. As of right now, Piyomon has only been able to digivolve in times of extreme need; for example, when Yoshino was poisoned, Chika was able to produce her digisoul unintentionally to fly them back to Tetha.




Chika and Piyomon are quite close, despite not having the extensive history with him that her brother, father, and her friends involved with DATS do with their partners. Piyomon would do anything to protect Chika, and Chika would do the same thing for Piyomon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Daimon Chika is the younger sister to the main character of Savers, Daimon Masaru. In the Savers universe, it can be said that Chika comes from a relatively important family in the history of the Digital Accident Tactics Squad; Her father, Daimon Suguru, was one of the explorers in charge of exploration of the Digital World when it was just possible to take a Digital Dive there. Her older brother, Masaru, became a member of DATS after his encounter with an Agumon who would soon become his partner. For a time, the only ones not directly involved with DATS were herself and her mother.

Later in the series, Chika befriends a Piyomon that hatches from a Digitama, but her friendship with Piyomon was unfortunately short-lived.

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  • D-Comm
  • The necklace that Ikuto made for her

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Suguru Daimon: Suguru is Chika's father, and despite his disappearance when she was a baby, she still loves him very much.
  • Sayuri Daimon: Sayuri is Chika's mother, and also her primary role model. Chika loves her mother, and has learned nearly everything she knows from her.
  • Masaru Daimon: Chika's brother Masaru, though impulsive and loud, is a caring soul that Chika recognizes as her sibling. She also loves her brother, but they do have their sibling moments; they sometimes have been known to argue, and she's been known to worry for his safety, while in turn, he worried for hers and became quite overprotective. Overall, Chika's very close with her brother.
  • Ikuto Noguchi: During the two months after her brother left with the digimon back to the digital world, Chika and Ikuto became close, eventually becoming the best of friends. After they both appeared in the digital world, they grew ever closer through their adventures, and eventually realized just how much they meant to each other, leading to the beginning of their romantic relationship. Chika cares the most for Ikuto, and she knows it; she feels sad when he is, and is happy when he is. She loves him, despite neither of them saying it aloud.


Activity in the Digital World

At the start, Chika woke up in the digital world completely alone. Scared, she set out to find her way out of the digital world, but to no avail; shortly after, she met up with Ikuto, and the two traveled to find Falcomon and Piyomon.

While the two were making their way through D'Ango Forest, a Gobrimon attacked some baby digimon, and had then proceeded to attack them. Ikuto managed to hold the Gobrimon off, but the battle was only truly won when Piyomon flew in and fought the Gobrimon into a digitama. After the battle was won and Chika was reunited with her partner, the three were led to the numerous amounts of digitamas caused by digimon with the virus. Ikuto and Chika sat down and hatched digitamas.

Within time, the trio was on their way to finding Falcomon. Chika managed to somehow evolve Piyomon into Aquilamon in order to fly to Tetha, and they made it to the flying city in good time. After asking around, the trio got a lead from a Salamon as to the whereabouts of Falcomon, and after trying several different resturaunts to look for him, Ikuto and Falcomon were reunited. Falcomon led them to his apartment, where they stayed, and are currently staying.

Later, Ikuto hears that Mercurimon is in this digital world, and he leaves to find him, leaving Piyomon and Falcomon behind as well. Chika is massively upset by Ikuto's sudden disappearance, and doesn't try to hide it. Things get sorted out, and Ikuto returns with Chika's father, who had also made his way into the digital world.

Shortly after Ikuto and Chika reunite, they began to feel different toward each other, and after a bit of confusion, they soon realize that they have feelings for each other. Ikuto completed the digimon mating ritual, which had not been in practice for hundreds of years, and he and Chika became 'mates.'

When Shego and Azula decide to try and take over the digital world, Ikuto is abducted and Piyomon and Falcomon are deleted. Chika was depressed again, feeling that she could have done something more to help, and decides to get training. She receives an offer from Yushima, but that never ended up happening. Chika later asks Yoshino to be her 'trainer' in getting stronger, both emotionally and with her partner.

Chika's Extended Family

All throughout the roleplay of Digital Dive, Chika has been gaining an extended family or sorts. Here is a list of all she considers to be her family. These do not include her actual blood relatives.

  • Fujieda Yoshino - older sister
  • Train Heartnet - older brother
  • Touma H. Norstein - older brother
  • Yushima Hiroshi - grandfather
  • Kimura Kouichi - older brother
  • Takaishi Takeru - not sure yet

… and the list continues to grow.

Chika Daimon
Series Digimon Savers
Name Chika Daimon
Alias None
Journal daimonchika
Role-Player Taco
Age 11
Digimon Partner Piyomon
Affiliations None/DATS
Demon Seal None
Dating Ikuto Noguchi
D-Comm Colors Pink, Purple
D-Comm Symbol None/Undecided
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