Cornelia Hale

// Cornelia Hale is a human from the W.I.T.C.H. canon.//


The eldest daughter of a high-class family, Cornelia is somewhat a materialistic person, who cares a lot about her looks and fashion, often pointing out other people’s bad fashion tastes, as well as making jokes and sarcastic remarks. She is very positive about many things, as well as being very firm and stubborn, not to mention has a serious case of overconfidence, believing she can handle almost anything on her own.. She was also the one that was least interested among the five girls in being a guardian, at first believing Yan Lin had just been pulling their chains until they actually transformed.

However, being a Guardian has helped smooth out some of her rough spots, showing her softer side, that she is a considerate person with a good heart, as shown when she helped Hay Lin when she had her breakdown when she believed her grandmother had been corrupted by Nerissa. She totally loyal to her friends and will go to drastic lengths to help them out, as evidenced when she took the Heart of Kandrakar from Will in order to try to find Elyon on her own when Phobos had her in his grips, despite the fact that she faced certain capture or death by going into Phobos’s castle on her own.

Pre-Roleplay History

Cornelia was just a normal girl living in Heatherfield, where her biggest problem to deal with was her kid sister Lillian. That all changed the day Will Vandom came to her school and was invited to Hay Lin’s after school along with the rest of her friends Irma and Taranee. Hay Lin’s grandmother, Yan Lin, decided to tell them a story about the universe, how it had all be one kingdom until Phobos had taken over Meridian and the Veil had to raised, to safeguard all worlds from him yet also separate them.

From there, they learned of their destinies as the new Guardians of the Veil, and the powers that came with them. For Cornelia, it was the power over earth, which to her seemed at first only to deal with plants but later could deal with all forms of earth, rock, and creation of earthquakes.

She was not so accepting of her duties as a guardian at first but came to accept the responsibilities and the powers that came with them. Her first job as a guardian led her and the others to come into contact with Caleb, the leader of the rebellion on Meridian (the fact that he was good looking to her was bonus). Eventually, they learned that Phobos’s sister, the rightful heir to throne, was Elyon Brown, Cornelia’s best friend. Disbelief at first, she clashed with her friends when she was outvoted in not telling Elyon about who she really was, which backfired on them greatly when Phobos successfully manipulated her over to his side. That caused Cornelia to temporarily quit as Guardian of Earth, not wanting to do this any more and blaming Will for losing Elyon to Phobos. However hearing her friend’s cry for help through the radio, she changed her mind and came back to W.I.T.C.H, this time having resolve to try and get back Elyon.

While Elyon remained blissfully unaware of her danger, Cornelia and the others learned that that Phobos planned to drain her of all of powers and leave her as a black rose. Once having a premonition that something had happened to her, Cornelia informed the others and they moved up their plan to attack Phobos in his castle. Cornelia made her way to the throne room and freed Elyon from her prison and with her help they were able to defeat Phobos, imprisoning him and the rest of his followers.

While Elyon became Queen of Meridian, Cornelia promised to always visit, as she was her best friend, yet was disappointed and hurt by Caleb’s decision to stay on Meridian instead of live on earth with her. However that was overshadowed by arrival of the Knights of Vengeance, a group of followers of Phobos that had some how managed to escape from their prisons or had been on the run since his fall and come together to strike out against Meridian. During one of their attacks, Cornelia thought she lost Caleb and broke down in tears until she saw that he was alive, and realized just how much she really cared for him.

Eventually, the Knights of Vengeance were defeated, however the mastermind behind them, the sorceress Nerissa, was still loose and a very dangerous thread, as in her first disguise as Trill, a Meridian who helped the Rebellion against Phobos, had tricked Elyon into giving up the Heart of Meridian and stole her and her powers. Traveling to Kandrakar, they learned from the Oracle that she was one of the original five guardians and Will’s Predecessor.

Her next minions, the Knights of Destruction, proved to be more formidable and dangerous than the Knights of Vengeance, yet Nerissa herself still proved to be the most dangerous of all, as in her disguise as the Mage, tried to convince Cornelia to keep the combined powers of the guardians that she had acquired, yet she refused to, preferring to go back to being a team rather than a super powered Guardian. This led to exposing Nerissa in her disguise, yet she managed to effectively take out most of the council of Kandrakar and enthrall Hallinor.

Not long after that, they learned that Nerissa was in fact Caleb’s own mother, a truth that surprised even Caleb, who had never even known who his mother was. After having a ‘heart to heart’ moment with his mom, he went back to Meridian, needing time alone to deal with this revelation. When Nerissa targeted Kadma, the Guardians came to Zamballa, though had a misunderstanding at first, no thanks to Nerissa impersonating them. Once united, they tried to defeat her, but ultimately it ended in failure as Nerissa managed to not only steal Kadma’s Heart of Zamballa but also enthrall her former friend.

Eventually, a final show down between the Guardians and the Knights of Destruction took place, one that ended in their defeat, and revealing that Shagon and Korg had been really Matt and Mr. Huggles, turned that way due to Nerissa’s magic. Yet soon they realized that Nerissa had gotten what she wanted, as she had turned all of the former guardians, even Hay Lin’s grandmother(although it was in fact her Altemere), into her thralls and back to full guardian form. Their first fight was a brutal and they barely managed to survive it.

Once she learned that her sister Lillian was the Heart of Earth and had much power, power Nerissa would stop at nothing to add to her own, Cornelia had to find a way to protect her sister, which she did once she got Lillian to make Matt Olsen, Mr. Huggles, and her cat Napoleon her Regents. It evened the score, yet still Nerissa was still threat for holding the Hearts of Meridian and Zamballa. So the guardians decided to play a desperate gamble: Release Phobos from his prison so that he may take her seal, which he could as since it had absorbed the Heart of Meridian, he could take it as he was a rightful heir to it.

Although Phobos allied with the Guardians and stole the power from Nerissa and imprisoning her, he still double-crossed the guardians, keeping the power for himself, re-conquering Meridian and plotting to take over the universe, starting with Kandrakar. The Guardians had however anticipated this, and before freeing him had him swear upon the power of Kandrakar. Since he had broken his oath, the moment he stepped foot into Kandrakar he’d forfeit his powers. However, even he didn’t see the backstabbing by Cedric, who swallowed him whole to absorb his powers and not be affected by the vow that Phobos made. On earth, the final battle began and with the help of the guardians still trapped in Nerissa’s seal, were able to defeat Cedric, freeing everyone, save for Nerissa who remained trapped in her jewel.

Winter Break was the best for her as she spent it with Caleb and her friends. Going to sleep she prepared herself for school… only to wake up somewhere totally different. In her pajamas.

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Cornelia Hale
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