Cornelia Hale (Element)

Cornelia is a human being from the cartoon W.I.T.C.H..


Cornelia can seem vain, spoiled, and shallow, but at heart, she truly cares about others. In fact, sometimes she uses these negative traits as a shield to prevent herself from being hurt. She can often be impatient, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart, and she'll often get frustrated when she can't understand someone. But she is also fiercely protective of the people she loves and has a nurturing side when it comes to them. And when she's angry, she can be cynical and sarcastic.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for W.I.T.C.H. and the Element fanfic series

It Begins

Cornelia was an ordinary girl living in Heatherfield. She came from a rich family and was a bit spoiled, but she had good friends in Elyon Brown, Taranee Cook, Irma Lair, and Hay Lin. And then the new girl, Will Vandom, moved in. On that day, Cornelia realized that a plant that was supposed to have wilted in their science experiment was thriving no matter how many ways she tried to kill it. Hay Lin invited her, Will, Irma, and Taranee over to her house later that day, where her grandmother gave them the Heart of Kandrakar and told the girls that they were the new Guardians of the Veil. Their job was to defend the other world of Meridian from the evil Prince Phobos who had taken over. Together with the Rebels, led by Caleb, the Guardians fought to try and overthrow Phobos.

For a while, things were pretty routine. And then it was revealed that Phobos had a younger sister who had been spirited away from Meridian at birth to protect her from his attempts to steal her power. This missing princess was the true ruler of Meridian. And the Guardians discovered that the Princess was Cornelia's best friend, Elyon. Will decided it would be best if they kept this knowledge from Elyon, but Cornelia thought they should tell her, to warn her about her brother's intentions. But Elyon still found out and hated the girls for their deception, easily believing Phobos's lies that they were trying to hurt her with these secrets and that he was a benevolent ruler willing to co-rule with her, while the Rebels and the Guardians were trying to throw Meridian into ruin. Cornelia blamed Will for this, and a rift formed between them, taking some time to heal. And as she grew estranged from Elyon, Cornelia ended up growing closer to Caleb, clinging to him on some missions, like when she was forced to confront her fear of the water when they went to rescue his father from the underwater mines. At the same time, she hoped that she would get her best friend back, even as Elyon thought she was abandoning their friendship to be with the other girls and Caleb.

Element: Earth

During their struggle to free Meridian, the events of Element: Earth took place. Cornelia was called to Echo along with Clay of the Xiaolin Dragons and the Earthbender Toph to regenerate the element of earth in the hopes of awakening the fifth element. While they were much more rough-and-tumble than she was used to, Cornelia formed a good friendship with both of them and had a slight attraction to Clay. They learned the importance of having faith and gained the Soul of Wood. Cornelia was also accosted frequently by a naked Irma.

The Defeat of Phobos and the Rise of Nerissa

Sometime following her trip to Echo and after the elements of Fire and Water were regenerated, the Guardians, the Rebels, and Matt fought the final battle against Phobos. By then, he had shown his true colors and tried to drain Elyon's powers completely, but the forces against him brought him down and Cornelia and Elyon's friendship was restored. But later, as they celebrated the liberation of Meridian, Cornelia had a whole 'nother problem to deal with. Caleb had decided to remain on his homeworld, arguing that he needed to protect Elyon. Cornelia couldn't accept his reasons for why they couldn't be together and held it against him for a while. It took time - and several painful attempts at reconciliation on Caleb's part - for them to get back together. With Phobos imprisoned, the Council of Kandrakar saw no reason to maintain the Veil around Meridian and so dropped it, naming the girls the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions. The power flowing back into the Aurameres, the source of the elemental powers granted by the Heart, boosted the Guardians' powers considerably and awakened civilian powers and allowed them to access their elements without going Guardian.

They got these new powers at just the right time because Nerissa, former holder of the Heart of Kandrakar, had escaped her prison on Mount Thanos and was attacking, disguising herself as Elyon's trusted maid Trill and the Mage, both of whom had been important allies to the Rebels during the war with Phobos. Nerissa imprisoned Elyon, using her power of the Heart of Meridian to fight the Guardians. Meanwhile, the other girls had to deal with the psychological traumas of real life that Nerissa's Knights of Destruction were feeding off of. Having managed to put her relationship with Caleb back together, Cornelia was immune to their psychological attacks, and she also managed to resist Nerissa's attempts to entice her into using all the elements of the Heart of Kandrakar. But Nerissa wasn't done trying to tear them apart from the inside. She revealed that she was actually Caleb's mother and had specifically given birth to him to give the Rebellion their leader. This made Cornelia even more protective of Caleb, even when he left to deal with the trauma on his own.

The Heart of Earth

Things didn't get any easier from there. Nerissa eventually captured all her former teammates and repowered and brainwashed them, setting the old Guardians against the current. But it wasn't enough for her—she still wanted more power, and specifically, the power of more Hearts, even though she had already captured the Hearts of Meridian and Zamballa. Another Heart had just activated its power: the Heart of Earth, held by Cornelia's younger sister Lillian. Lillian had no idea about her powers and began making wishes that warped reality, allowing her pet cat/familiar Napoleon to talk. While Cornelia was able to stop Nerissa's initial attempts to steal Lillian's Heart, she realized she also needed to repair her poor relationship with her sister. Thus, she began telling Lillian a fairytale about Princess Lillian who was under attack by Nerissa. Little did she realize that the story would get Lillian wishing again, turning the world outside her bedroom into a medieval castle and forcing the Guardians to act out the story. When Cornelia finally caught on, she suggested that Princess Lillian should give her power over to some Regents to handle it until she was old enough to wield it herself, thereby keeping it safe from Nerissa. Lillian took her advice and granted her powers to Matt, Huggles, and Napoleon, and they finished the battle while Cornelia finished the story, promising that nothing would ever divide her and her sister again.

Defeating Nerissa

Despite having the power of two Hearts, the Guardians were still behind Nerissa, so they decided to take a gambit on recruiting Phobos, who was the only one who could take Elyon's power (i.e. the Heart of Meridian, and thus its combined power with the Heart of Zamballa). On Halloween, they made their move, as it was the one day the Heart of Earth could be taken by force. But when Phobos stole Nerissa's Seal, he didn't plan on giving it back. It was okay because the Guardians didn't expect him to—it was part of a trap. Having convinced his knight Raythor to turn against him, they had him convince Phobos to attack Kandrakar, where his powers would be neutralized as a part of betraying the Guardians. But things didn't work out the way they'd planned. Phobos's number one, Cedric, had anticipated this plan and was sick of being used by Phobos. He betrayed Phobos and took all his power, entering Kandrakar without any difficulty, as he hadn't sworn an oath on the Heart not to betray the Guardians. The battle made its way to Earth, where the Guardians were forced to tap into the primal forces of their elements - the Four Dragons and the nymph Xin Jing - in order to win. But the victory nearly cost them their humanity. Their bodies were trapped in elemental form while their minds were lost and amnesiac, trying to remember what it was like to be human. But as their memories returned and as their loved ones tried to wake them, they eventually found their way back.

Some time has passed since that battle. Caleb took off again with Nerissa sealed within Weira's Jewel, trying to deal with the combined pressures of her betrayal and the events of the Element series. And one by one, everyone's been disappearing after him: Matt, then Hay Lin, then Will, then Elyon, then Cassidy, and now Irma. Things have mostly quieted down. And then Cornelia had to babysit Lillian again. Maybe she'll thank the Digital World for getting her out of it.

Activity in the Digital World

Saving another world…again

Cornelia got pulled into the Digital World right in the middle of a bad babysitting job for her little sister Lillian and Irma's brother Chris. While she was glad to see that her missing friends were there, she was still mad at Caleb (and Kevin wasn't helping matters), and the revelation that Nerissa was now on their side broke her brain completely. She managed to finally get a chance to talk to her boyfriend about why he left, and things got a bit better. Halloween brought partying and Elyon's birthday, both of which Cornelia was glad to celebrate.

S is for Sisters

Not long after her arrival, Cornelia's little sister Lillian (along with Napoleon) appeared in the Digital World. Cornelia had a nice little freak-out upon learning that the other girls went without her to rescue Lillian from the Graveyard. Team W.I.T.C.H. managed to keep things mostly under wraps about their powers and hers, but then Lillian's powers began to manifest again. Worse, Matt forgot to lock a post reminiscing about their past two years of battles around the holidays, and Lillian nearly found out about everything, accidentally sicking Jason's HishaRyuumon on the Dragon when she wished something would make them talk. After managing to regain control over her temper, Cornelia came up with a good cover story for Team W.I.T.C.H.: yes, Caleb and Elyon were from another world, but they were helped by mysterious Guardians who stopped Phobos and Nerissa. Cornelia and the others only knew because they were friends with Caleb and Elyon.

That cover story lasted for all of ten days, when Irma's brother Chris appeared…from six years in the future, apologizing for failing to protect Lillian and blurting out everything about Lillian having powers. Naturally, while Team W.I.T.C.H. flailed, Lillian freaked out, followed by Cornelia yelling back at her.

Not Really Good

It didn't escape Cornelia's notice that Caleb was pretty much avoiding her. In fact, he'd been doing so since the aftermath of the events of "Element: Metal," of which she knew very little. But after a few months of this, she couldn't take it anymore and she confronted him, revealing just how much of his virus-escapades she knew about, thanks to the unlocked backlogs. Calling him out on his constant avoidance and topic-redirection, she confessed that she hated how he seemed to have no faith in her, even after all they'd been through together.

Caleb finally confessed about the Black Aspect and how he was ashamed of his darkness, not to mention his actions under certain viruses. Cornelia revealed she'd read the backlogs and knew about the viruses and had figured out a bit about Fight Club, and she understood that there were things about himself that he couldn't control. She also admitted that she was worried about the way the Aspect sometimes tried to overwhelm his personality, and they brainstormed over how to keep it under a better lock. They decided that whatever came, they were going to face it together.

B is for Brokenhearted

Things were going well between Cornelia and Caleb for a while. But following Valentine's Day, Caleb had a massive fail-lock admitting that he loved Hay Lin despite being with Cornelia. Cornelia was angry and hurt over this, and to compound her problems, LOT invaded Tetha with an army of Sladebots, Billy Numerous clones, and Digimon. The Guardians and several allies, including Lillian, fought off LOT's Matadormon and Lobomon.

The next day, an emotionally exhausted Cornelia met with Caleb. Knowing that she couldn't take having her heart broken as often as it had been for the past few months, she called it off with Caleb, giving him her blessing to leave. Not long after that, he disappeared from the Digital World.

A few weeks passed, and the Guardians were caught up in dealing with Elyon's stalker, who turned out to be Miranda. When Miranda and the UAE made to take the Heart of Meridian on March 12, Caleb returned from a year timeskip in a devastated timeline split off from their own. Still dealing with the hurt and confusion from Caleb's stupidity before he left, Cornelia was at a loss for what to do about the battle-scarred and traumatized man who returned with the marks of his sins clear on his own face. Hay Lin finally kidnapped her to the Dragon's kitchen, and they came to terms over ice cream. But there were still things she needed to get off her chest, so she went to Nerissa for help. Nerissa told her that she'd taken a huge risk in revealing her heart to Caleb and he hadn't been able to understand it, and that she had to come to grips with her fear of Caleb's darker tendencies. The advice helped a lot, and Cornelia realized she was well on her way to forgiving her old enemy.

It took a little more time before she was willing to see Caleb again. But following Nerissa's advice, she decided to try and take it slow and have more time to themselves rather than having the rest of Team W.I.T.C.H. around. Both were determined not to let this fail for a third time.


The insanity that characterized the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn came back to bite everyone when Xellos made trumped-up charges to evict everyone. Cornelia fought in the battle to defend their home, but ultimately, everyone was forced to leave.

And to make matters worse, Will disappeared, reportedly attacked by Miranda. With their powers gone, the Guardians had no idea what to do, though Yan Lin insisted that they had to live up to their name as Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions instead of just the Silver Dragon. This meant they all had a lot more to learn, all the while searching for Will.

Though the Inns were eventually turned over to them, Team W.I.T.C.H. waited to return, preferring to search for Will. But then they found out what happened, when a brainwashed Will joined Eon and Rika Karasuma to attack the Jedi Temple in Albion. Cornelia, Taranee, Irma, Hay Lin, Lillian, Peter, Nigel, and Chris were stuck outside, but when Eon's botched attack escaped the confines of the Seed of Chaos-caged battlefield, all of them were hit by the energy waves and disappeared from the Digital World.


  • Birthday: May 10


  • Earth and Plant Manipulation: As the Guardian over Earth, Cornelia has abilities over both the elements of Earth and Wood. Abilities over earth are typical geokinesis. Abilities over wood normally include making plants grow more rapidly, controlling their movement, "green speaking" (listening to nature), and generating a silly burst of leaves when she flips her hair. These abilities are present in both normal and Guardian forms but are enhanced to Adult-level strength in Guardian form.
  • Telekinesis: Cornelia's secondary, civilian power gives her the ability to move just about anything, though limited in how many there are and how heavy it is.
  • Glamour: Another of Cornelia's civilian powers is the ability to appear in her late teens to early twenties: about the age of her Guardian form.



Stored items

Other items

  • Soul of Wood (a bracelet from Echo that increases her powers over the element of Wood, on her when she arrived)
Series Canon W.I.T.C.H. (Element fanverse)
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Role-Player Akino Ame
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Dating Caleb
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