Coronamon - Ben

Coronamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Ben Tennyson.

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Evolution Line
Sunmon Coronamon Meramon Asuramon Victory Greymon
Corona Flame Burning Fist Asura God Fist Trident Gaia
Coro Knuckle Magma Bomb Human Emotions Victory Charge
Petit Prominence Crimson Flame Dramon Breaker


Coronamon is essentially Ben as a little kid all over again. He's fight-happy and doesn't think situations through very well. He hates to run away from anything, but he has to admit that he's learned a lot by listening to Ben's advice in combat. It doesn't mean he's going to keep out of trouble, however. Also, unlike his partner, he doesn't understand time travel in the least and is very easy to brain-break just by trying to explain it.


  • Coronamon's evolutions are based off of Ben's alien forms from the original Ben 10 and the original ten in Alien Force: Meramon as a homage to Heatblast, Asuramon as Four-arms, and (a very large) Victory Greymon as Humongousaur. Coronamon's own favored attacks homage Ditto from Ben 10 and Echo Echo from Alien Force.
  • Voice actor as Coronamon/Sunmon: Tara Strong (Ben from Ben 10). Voice actor for evolutions: Dee Bradley Baker (all aliens in Alien Force, but specifically Swampfire, Chromastone, and Humongousaur).
Partner Ben Tennyson
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Role-Player Akino
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