Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke is a human being from the anime D.N. Angel.


Daisuke is a friendly, sweet boy who just happens to be a phantom thief. But you’d never know it—he’s clumsy, easily flustered, incapable of holding any kind of grudge, and generally as non-threatening as humanly possible. He’s also a bit of an insanity magnet, owing to growing up with a family desperate to train him in the art of theft and magic, so from time to time, his clumsiness slips away to show a truly competent young man who knows how to break into places and get out of danger when he focuses on it. He could be a genius if he put his mind to it, but he prefers things as they are and would rather just draw and spend time with his family.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for D.N. Angel

Daisuke was born into the Niwa family, whose sons bear a genetic alter ego, the phantom thief Dark, and he is the first new Dark in forty years. His mother, who was born into the family but could not become Dark, has ruthlessly trained him in magic and theft to ensure that he would live up to his family’s legacies. On his fourteenth birthday, he was told by his crush, Risa, that he was her “best friend in the world”—with the lack of romantic feelings unspoken but clear. That night, he is so heartbroken that the sight of a painting of Risa sets off his first transformation into Dark. To his great surprise, however, his mother and grandfather are totally nonplussed at seeing a dark-haired young man in place of the red-haired teen. Even more surprising is the news that his mother sent off a warning letter to a museum, letting them know that after forty years, Dark is back and ready to steal the Sacred Maiden statue, which Daisuke mistakenly believes will cure him. In truth, only being loved in return—and for both personalities—will cure him. When he arrives at the museum, he is nearly caught by prodigy Satoshi Hiwatari, police commander, adopted son of the chief of police, and Daisuke’s friend from school. When Daisuke begins to panic, Dark’s personality shows himself and escapes with the Sacred Maiden. While flying home, Dark catches a glimpse of Risa, who resembles his own unrequited love, and he nearly transforms back into Daisuke. He lands on the balcony to gather himself, but Risa’s twin sister Riku spots him. To keep her from giving him away, he kisses her and really transforms back, escaping before Riku can get more than a vague suspicion about his true identity. The whole ordeal leaves Daisuke completely confused and annoyed at Dark.

As Dark, Daisuke continues stealing artwork by the Hikari family, which are cursed pieces that can cause major trouble for people. He also must cope with Risa’s rejection and the fact that any time he sees or thinks about her, he runs the risk of transforming. On top of that, Satoshi, the last descendent of the Hikaris, has a genetic alter ego named Krad, a homicidal maniac bent on killing Dark. As time goes on, Daisuke starts losing his feelings for Risa and begins developing some for Riku, but while she returns the feelings for Daisuke, she certainly doesn’t love Dark.

Things finally culminate in a major disaster: the strongest Hikari piece, the Black Wings, being released. Forty years ago, it was narrowly averted, but now it looks like it may not be. The omens are not good: Pieces of art all over town are going crazy, and the Niwas can’t seal them. Daisuke’s father, who had been bearing Dark’s pain through a magical artifact, collapses suddenly. The town starts experiencing earthquakes, low tides, and electrical malfunctions. Dark’s familiar, With, and the family maid Towa (an artwork with both a human and an animal form) are suddenly petrified by the power of the Black Wings. Daisuke heads off to battle Krad and seal the Black Wings, but in the journey, he is forced to reveal his identity as Dark to Riku and Risa. While Dark battles Krad, Daisuke encounters Satoshi in their minds, joined by the power of the Black Wings. Satoshi plans to stop Krad by performing a ritual that will kill himself, but Daisuke refuses to let him die, battling his own injuries to break him free and urge him to continue living. Inspired by Daisuke’s plea, Dark seals the Black Wings by giving himself up to it, dragging Krad with him. But he accidentally brings their other selves with them, and Krad plans to use Dark to break the seal. Satoshi’s dying father destroys the Black Wings' seal, and Dark manages to finish Krad off, merging themselves into the Black Wings as they were meant to be. Daisuke and Satoshi emerge from the destruction, and Daisuke is reunited with his Sacred Maiden, Riku.

Activity in the Digital World

Phantom Thief turned Professional Pirate

Daisuke arrived in the Digital World right while he and his family were trying to seal a painting called The World Tree. Unfortunately, while Daisuke and With (the rabbit-like animal turned into a Lopmon) were in one part of Axoryi, the World Tree wound up in an art gallery. A couple of days later, he found it and tried to steal it, only to run into some interference by Captain Jack Sparrow, who was looking for some priceless yet shiny trinkets. After an impromptu fight against some guards and suits of armor, Jack invited Daisuke to join his crew on the Black Pearl and added the World Tree to his private collection.

Pirate Lords and the Dark Area

By request of Tia Dalma, he began teaching Chihiro Ogino magic, and when Larxene left the Digital World, Jack made him the new First Mate. There was much flailing. When Rose started looking into alternative methods to negating the Demon Seals, Daisuke joined her, Jack, and Jarrod, as he had experience with sealing curses (though on artworks rather than people).

Later, when Jack called together the new Brethren Court, Daisuke learned he had been chosen as the new Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean, successing Madame Ching.

When the Dark Army attacked, Daisuke and the crew of the Black Pearl, along with Meta Knight and many other allies, joined the assault on the Dreadwing.

Encounters with an alternate world

Things were calm in the Digital World for a while…and then Keiji "Sagatchi" Saga appeared. Daisuke was a bit confused about the boy who claimed to know him, but he was very freaked out by the questions Sagatchi kept asking about Dark. He continually tried to dodge the issue of having been Dark and tried to explain that it didn't matter because Dark was gone in his world, but when Sagatchi didn't let the issue go, he decided the best thing to do was avoid him. This policy appeared to be for the best, as some of Daisuke's friends were also bothered by the intrusive questions they were submitted to. When Daisuke's classmate Masahiro Sekimoto arrived from Sagatchi's world, he confirmed that Daisuke should keep miles away from Sagatchi, as their Daisuke was often submitted to very compromising situations with him.

During Kuratageddon, Daisuke remained in Axoryi, helping run an evacuation shelter for everyone wishing to escape the attacks on Royal Base, Neon City, and Tetha, while always remaining on-guard in case they needed to sneak everyone into New Shipwreck Cove for safety.

Doomsday and Retribution

When the Silver Dragon Retribution Team made their counterattack on Doctor Doom to reclaim Caleb and the Heart of Kandrakar, Daisuke and others in the Brethren Court joined in the assault against their former Pirate Lord. In the calm week or so that followed, he then joined Jack, Chihiro, Takato Matsuda, Aelita Hopper, Olette, Ben and Gwen 10 Tennyson, and Samwise Gamgee on a treasure hunt in Meria.

Things were quiet for a while, and then one day, Daisuke and With were at a cafe in Axoryi when they saw Doom staggering across the street. Despite his better judgment, Daisuke bandaged his enemy's wounds and told him exactly who he'd failed against: not a little girl, but a powerful Guardian and the determined residents and friends of the Silver Dragon. He then gave Doom a day's headstart before (vaguely) telling the other Pirate Lords that he'd seen him. He had hoped that there was some good in Doom, but the encounter proved that there was just too much hatred in his soul.

Between Light and Darkness

During the Seven Sins Virus (which hadn't infected him), Daisuke confessed to Masahiro about how he and Dark had been linked, and he was glad to see that his friend took it fairly well. What he didn't expect was that not very long after, Dark would appear, and from his world, having been pulled to the Digital World from out of the Black Wings. Daisuke was thrilled to see him again, even if Dark did immediately engage in teasing him, but there was a sour note to the reunion as well: Krad from Masahiro and Sagatchi's world had also arrived, and separate from Satoshi. With the threat of Krad looming over them and the sudden kidnapping of Terra from the Silver Dragon by Meltdown, Daisuke and Dark knew they had to work to try and investigate and keep a low profile.

MAGI and Krad

Knowing he needed to improve his own magic before he could even begin to teach Chihiro properly, Daisuke joined MAGI when Kat Simmons announced its creation. Much of his time was spent studying, except for when the Wizards Nii decided to pull a prank on Jack involving jars of dirt—a plan that With had a lot of fun participating in.

When the Only Human Virus hit, Daisuke found himself having to make sure Krad's Lunamon was all right, as she had assumed the form of Riku Harada. When the virus passed and Krad returned, Lunamon told Daisuke that he was acting strangely, professing his devotion to a new Tamer named Daemon and declaring that he wanted to bury the hatchet between him and Dark. Dark was easily able to corroborate the tale of weirdness, as when he agreed to meet with Krad, Krad came onto him while insisting he convert to the Word. Worried about what all this meant, Daisuke asked Mike the TV, who had been ignored when he started panicking when Daemon appeared, who she was. Mike's horror stories of the Cron Virus and the effects of her Word matched up exactly to what Krad was going through, and Daisuke knew they were probably in big trouble.

Sacred Maiden

Riku Harada arrived in the Digital World, and Daisuke, Dark, and Kaito Kuroba went to the Graveyard to rescue her. After getting her back to New Shipwreck Cove and taking care of her sprained ankle, Daisuke and Riku awkwardly caught up.

Goodbye Days

Over sixty people disappeared from the Digital World one day. Daisuke went to investigate on the Pearl, but somehow, a stockpile of rum and a stockpile of gunpowder got too close to a candleflame. The Pearl exploded, and Daisuke and With barely made it out in time.

Soon after, they too disappeared from the Digital World.


  • Birthday: November 11
  • Daisuke is incredibly polite and nice to a fault, and also clumsy, but when he is serious, he is very capable with athletics (particularly gymnastics and climbing) and lock-breaking.


  • Some magic, but mostly devoted to sealing. Has since been learning at MAGI under Kat Simmons.



Stored items

  • 1x Brain Rupture Device (MP)
  • 1x Planet Destroyer Cannon (MP)
  • Mercuremon's Irony Shield

Other items

  • Backpack containing sketchpad and pencils
  • Girl clothes from the Genderswitch Virus
Series Canon D.N. Angel (anime)
Journal night_of_white
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 16
Digimon Partner Lopmon (With)
Affiliations Black Pearl, Cursebreakers, Brethren Court, MAGI
Dating Riku Harada
D-Comm Colors White
D-Comm Symbol Red wings
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