Dark Blues.Exe

Dark Blues.EXE is a NetNavi from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Megaman NT Warrior series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Megaman NT Warrior.

Twilight started out as a program known as Blues.EXE, a Net Navigator program owned by a young boy named Ijuuin Enzan. Enzan, a child prodigy, had been given Blues as a present shortly before Enzan's mother had died when he was 5. Enzan's father, Shuuseki, had become cold and distant, and Enzan was told by his father that Net Navis were nothing but bits of data. Enzan treated Blues like a tool, never praising him for his triumphs or reassuring him after his mistakes. Blues, however, did not hold this against his Net-Operator since he knew what Shuuseki had told Enzan.

Over the years, Enzan and Blues became fierce NetBattlers, rising to the top of the national ranks by the time Enzan was 11. By that time, Enzan and Blues had been recruited by an organization known as the Net Savers, which was a type of network police force that conducted their business in secret. Sometime after Enzan turned 11, a Net Terrorist group known as World 3 popped up, run by a man named Wily. Enzan was ordered to investigate them, and ended up saving a Net Navi known as Rockman.EXE from one of World 3's Net Navis. When Rockman and his Net-Op, Hikari Netto, attempted to thank Enzan and Blues, both brushed them off.

Soon after, a NetBattle tournament known as the N1 Grand Prix caught the attention of Netto and his friends, all of who signed up. World 3's Net-Ops also joined, and thus Enzan joined the tournament to keep tabs on World 3. Netto and his friends clashed with World 3's Net-Ops during the tournament, and once all of World 3 had been defeated, they all went out to celebrate at an upscale restaurant. However, they ran into Enzan, who insulted one of Netto's friends, and Netto followed Enzan out into the street and challenged him to a NetBattle. Enzan accepted, and Blues and Rockman battled until they were attacked by viruses. While fighting off the viruses, Rockman used a powerful move known as a Program Advance. However, Rockman could not control it and Blues brushed Rockman off once again as weak. The next day, during Enzan's tournament battle, Blues used the same Program Advance flawlessly.

Blues and Enzan continued to obliterate their opponents, climbing the ranks effortlessly until Blues was forced into a tag-team battle with Rockman. The two fought and barely defeated World 3's two most powerful Net Navis. However, this guaranteed both would continue to the finals. The next day, Blues and Rockman clashed, battling fiercly with Blues barely defeating Rockman. Blues finally accepted Rockman as a worthy opponent, and was attempting to help Rockman when he suddenly pushed aside by Rockman, who was deleted by a Net Navi.

However, Rockman's data had not been deleted forever, and Netto's father managed to trace the Net Navi who had deleted Rockman by tracking Rockman's data trail. Enzan and Blues joined Netto so they could delete the Net Navi, now known as Pharoahman. After Rockman was restored, Blues and Rockman deleted Pharoahman by performing a Double Program Advance.

After that, Blues and Enzan faded into obscurity. Since Enzan worked under his father, Blues and Enzan were often traveling on business, and did so for quite a while. However, the peace did not last, and a new threat known as Darkloids appeared. Netto's father, as a famous scientist, had to come up with a way to fight the Darkloids, who were able to materialize in the real world with the help of Dimensional Converters. This gave birth to Cross Fusion, which allowed Netto to fuse with Rockman to fight off the Darkloids. Because of this, Netto was recruited by Enzan into the Net Savers. Before long, Net Navis began to go berserk. This was traced to something known as Dark Chips, which gave Net Navis great power, but would destroy their "soul".

The next time a Darkloid used Dimensional Converters, Blues and Enzan Cross Fused and defeated the Darkloid. Enzan and Blues continued to investigate the origins of the Darkloids and the Dark Chips, but the Darkloids continued to get stronger with every battle, until finally Enzan was forced to use a Dark Chip on Blues to save both Blues and Rockman. However, even Blues could not overcome the Dark Soul, and he escaped to the Darkloids. He was reformatted into Dark Blues.EXE.

Not long after, Dark Blues walked through a portal into the Nexus, and there he ran into an alternate of his that was not evil, and several Enzans that tried to help Dark Blues (and one that kissed him when Dark Blues finally got on his nerves). His own Enzan eventually showed up, but due to the Anti-Violence Field, he was unable to kill him immediately. He swore to kill his Enzan, but running into all the Enzans in the nexus had forced his old Blues persona to the surface, and he was struggling with the Dark Soul. However, another evil Dark Blues agreed to supply him with Dark Chips, and in addition help Dark Blues infect his Enzan with the Dark Soul.

Sometime after the other Dark Blues and his Enzan had disappeared, Dark Blues was LOLed into a tiny white Tit bird. In this form, Dark Blues was forced to seek help from an Enzan, who took him in and was soon after seriously injured. Once his LOL wore off, Dark Blues kidnapped Enzan with the intent of infecting him with the Dark Soul. However, Enzan used a device to shock Dark Blues and escape. Furious at being upstaged, Dark Blues disappeared into a world similar to his own to bide his time until he could make his next move.

A month later, Dark Blues decided to use the necklace that had turned him into the Tit bird to spy upon Enzan. However, since he had been lurking in an area of the Nexus that didn't have an Anti-Violence Field, he was an easy target for a stray cat. He hid underneath a couch until a demon named Ginta happened to hear his pained cheeping. Dark Blues asked Ginta to take him to Enzan, but once Enzan pointed out that Dark Blues was the one who kidnapped him, Dark Blues tried to get away. Enzan couldn't just abandon Dark Blues, so he took him back to Reality Vanish's Defense Forces, where he was held for a month until he had healed.

Once he was healed, Enzan had the Defense Forces seperate Dark Blues into the original Blues persona, and the new personality that had formed because of the Dark Soul. Both were upgraded so that they could materialize into the real world without needing a Dimensional Converter. This new Dark Blues did not have the Dark Soul, and therefore was not evil. Because of this, Dark Blues had asked for his armor to be altered and for a new name, to signify his new life. His armor was changed from red to blue, and he took the name of Twilight to represent his place between good and evil. Enzan found Blues a place to stay with an alternate Blues, and kept Twilight with him until his data had stabilized enough for him to leave. Twilight traveled into worlds similar to his own, picking up technology that gave him an anatomically correct body and the ability to recall his armor to appear more human. He then took a human name, Ito Tsubaki, for when he was in a world dominated by humans.

Twilight continued to travel to different worlds, until he finally stumbled through a portal that took him to the Digital World.

Activity in the Digital World

Twilight arrived in mid-August, shortly after a large battle had destroyed much of Tetha. He introduced himself, then faded into anonymity. He helped out around Tetha in the reconstruction, and continued doing odd jobs.

After a couple of months of this, Twilight was drawn to a tent in front of the Silver Dragon Inn. There, he had his fortune read by Jinx, who predicted he would soon get what he wanted: retribution for all the things he did during his time as Dark Blues.EXE.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Twilight is often called Dark Tit by some muns, in reference to a Nexus LOL where he was turned into a tiny white tit bird.
  • Twilight calls himself two different names: Twilight, when he's in armor (or very close to a person), and Ito Tsubaki when he's masquerading as a human.
Dark Blues.EXE (Twilight)
Series Canon Megaman NT Warrior
Journal evnthewrongwrds
Role-Player Wolf
Age 7, physically 18
Affiliations None
Digimon Partner Poromon
D-Comm Colors Dark blue and dark red
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