Devlin Levin

Devlin is a human/alien hybrid from the series Ben 10.


For the most part, Devlin is a pretty normal eleven-year-old: a bit cocky and sure of himself, a fan of hoverboards and anything else “cool,” and generally pretty happy. But underneath that are the currents of his constant family trauma. He has a deep need for acceptance and approval, which makes him fairly obedient in comparison to other kids his age, such as the more argumentative Ken. When he is accepted by someone, he gets protective of them, such as in his conflict between Kevin and Ken: hoping for his father’s approval, he was trying to follow orders, but already being Ken’s friend, he wanted to keep him out of Kevin’s plans. In the end, acceptance will win out over approval, and he will defend the people who love him as he is against the people who try to manipulate him for love. He’s also come to expect the worst in a situation rather than hoping for the best.

He can be a little manipulative himself, owing to his time spent on the streets between his mother’s death and his adoption. For the most part, he can act as though he’s lived a life like other kids have, as he was able to convince Ken that he was just a normal kid with a strict and distant father and that he was eager to help Ken prove himself to Ben by helping defend the Null Void projector. However, he has major issues regarding his father, which he can’t always hide, and he fears that he will only turn out to be a clone of Kevin.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for the Ben 10 episode "Ken 10"

In an alternate universe, Kevin Levin never joined forces with the Tennyson family. Instead, he became a notorious criminal and recurring nightmare for the Hero of Heroes, Ben "10,000" Tennyson, who was forever putting him back in the Null Void. On one of his escapes, Kevin made it to a Saturn colony and met a woman named Nina Fisher. Kevin needed a safe place to hide out whenever he escaped, and Nina benefited from Kevin's reputation keeping her safe from the criminals all over her neighborhood. Though there wasn't a whole lot of love in the relationship, they had a son, Devlin, who was all but oblivious to his father's ruthlessness. Kevin sporadically popped in on Devlin’s childhood until a major battle with Ben, where he was completely trapped within the Null Void with no means of escape.

Unfortunately, once he was imprisoned for life, that protection for Nina was gone. One day, she was killed—just a random victim of a casual crime, but something Kevin could have protected her from all the same. Devlin was left all alone.

Despite his imprisonment, Kevin managed to contact his son and saw how desperate he was for family. This made him the perfect pawn. Kevin convinced Devlin to go to Earth, find the Null Void projector, and free him so he could get revenge on Ben. Devlin made it to Earth, but he unexpectedly befriended Ben's ten-year-old son, Ken, who had received his own Omnitrix and was just getting started in the family hero business. Ken proved to be a valuable asset when Devlin took advantage of his frustration with his father and the boys went looking for the Null Void projector. Once they found it, Devlin released his father and only just managed to convince him that Ken had nothing to do with his revenge. Both Ken and Grandpa Max were captured and held as bait for Ben. Kevin used his new alien form to defeat Ben, but he refused to back off when Devlin tried to get him to leave. It wasn't enough to just get revenge; he enjoyed this. He threw his son aside to attack Ben again, but Ben recovered and counterattacked, throwing him out of the compound. Devastated, Devlin ran off in tears, hurt to discover what kind of monster his father truly was.

When Ken escaped and tried to save Ben, Devlin proved friendship was deeper than blood, and he attacked Kevin to save Ken. He apologized to Ken, swearing that this wasn’t what he thought would happen when he freed his father, and when Kevin went on the attack again, young Levin and young Tennyson joined forces and powers to fight him—the way it was supposed to be. Neither boy was a match for Kevin's power, but Ben was. When Ben stopped to check on his son and Kevin attacked them both, Devlin tossed a Null Void containment device at his father's feet.

Devlin watched the Tennysons' happy family and began to turn away when Grandpa Max stopped him. He could only think the worst—that they were going to put him in the Null Void too—and Ken ran over to shield his friend against his family. However, Ben had a different idea—they suggested that the Tennysons adopt Devlin, so long as both boys agreed to it. They did, and Devlin became a Tennyson, finally part of a family that would love him.

Activity in the Digital World

Brainbroken Brainbreaker

When Devlin arrived in the Digital World, he was a little annoyed with his partner's psychoanalytic tendencies, but he soon had more to worry about. First, he panicked upon hearing from Gwen 10 that Kevin was in the Digital World, but then he got to speak to him personally. Devlin angrily lashed out at the alternate universe version of his father, unable to understand the differences between the worlds. To him, Kevin was just going to head down the same road his father had and was already guilty of those crimes. Horrified and confused, he ran off to Tetha Park, where he managed to calm down and befriend Dani Fenton and Mishio Kozu. Mishio invited him to stop by the Matsuda Bakery whenever he liked, and he befriended Takato Matsuda, Olette, and Aelita, who invited him to stay for a little while.

And then Father's Day came around, and Devlin went to the park to blow off some steam. While he was there, he ran into Kevin and had a major freak-out. But Kevin insisted that he wasn't the same as Devlin's father, and he at least managed to convince him that taking it out on him would make Devlin no better than his father. Black Agumon suggested that the two slowly try to develop their relationship, and so Devlin moved into the Hinata Inn.


But Devlin didn't have all that long to get used to the Inn, as Xellos evicted the residents under trumped-up charges based on the insanity inherent there. When Karone had to leave the kids she was evacuating to their own devices in order to draw some attention away from them, Devlin pointed out that she hadn't explicitly said they couldn't fight. And, led by Karin Jurai-Lin, the kids decided they were going to prove their worth to the adults…only to learn that the Troopas were under orders to get them out safely before a countdown. Not to mention that the ricocheting Kamemon shells were more of a problem for them than the Troopas themselves, considering Devlin got hit by one of them and lost control of his transformation. It wasn't until the kids had managed to get to New Shipwreck Cove and had a chance to calm down that he was able to revert to human form, but he didn't think all that much about that problem. In the meantime, Dani invited him to stay with her family.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Birthday: November 11 (making it 11/11).


  • Mutant alien: Because Kevin’s DNA was still mixed with the original ten Omnitrix aliens when Devlin was conceived, Devlin inherited that form and is able to change from human to alien at will. In addition to super strength (scaled to an Adult Digimon for the purposes of the game), Mutant Devlin has most of the abilities of the original ten aliens, which he can combine together for more effective attacks. Notably, he has the speed of XLR8, the fire abilities of Heatblast, Diamondhead’s ability to morph his arm into a crystal weapon or shoot projectiles, and Stinkfly’s flight abilities.



Stored items

  • Hoverboard

Other items

Series Canon Ben 10
Journal farfrom_tree
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 11
Digimon Partner Black Agumon
D-Comm Colors Black and red
D-Comm Symbol Black and red variant of Omnitrix symbol
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