DigistarDBZ is the alias of an artist, veteran Digimon fan and "non-mainstream" anime enthusiast. She's also an Admin at the Digimon fan message board With The Will, and quite possibly the most outspoken and most enthusiastic fan of Digimon Savers' Captain Satsuma Rentarou there is. (the fact she has a very pronounced oyaji fetish doesn't help this much, either)

Normally not one to enjoy or participate in role-playing, Digistar was somehow sucked into the LiveJournal role-playing community Avoria Academy, a multi-dimensional campus where characters could either be students or academy teachers. She started playing Satsuma in mid-January of 2007, eventually picking up Yushima around mid March that same year. She also had Inspector Zenigata of Lupin the 3rd for around a month before dropping him, but had Satsuma and Yushima until Avoria Academy closed in November 2007. She since transferred both journals to Digital Dive and is actively continuing to use these journals; even being convinced to pick up Optimus Prime of "Transformers: Animated" in January of 2008.

Usually very kind and eager to talk to new people and those she knows very well, she's sometimes quick to anger or send spiraling into a fangirl squeefit if provoked. (Usually with some sort of promise of lurid prospects involving Satsuma)

DigistarDBZ's characters:

Satsuma Rentarou and Kudamon (oni_no_ikkatsu)
Yushima Hiroshi and Kamemon (silverfisherman)
Optimus Prime (TF:A) and Veemon (aheroessiren)
Lugnut and BlackToyAgumon (allformegatron)
Daimon Sayuri and Plotmon (tigerheartmom; Adopted from Infinity Blade)
Sari Sumdac and Culumon (allsparkschosen)
Starscream (TF:A) and Raptormon (traitors_hubris)
Albert "Cyborg 004" Heinrich and BlackTerriermon (fullmetalfour)
Jazz (TF:A) and Vulpimon (elite_stylin)
Demon King Beelzebumon (beren_hena; Adopted from Bubz)
Subaru Nakajima and Gaomon (mach_caliber)

Currently Fostering:

Kurosaki Miki & PawnChessmon Black (black_chsspiece)
Shirakawa Megumi & PawnChessmon White (black_chsspiece)

Personal Journal: digistardbz
AIM Name: DigistarDBZ
E-Mail/MSN: moc.liamtoh|zbdratsigid#moc.liamtoh|zbdratsigid
Time Zone: Central

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