Digital World brand names

Alas, the digital world also has its brand names… Sadly ripped off from real world brands or those in other canons.


From The World Ends With You

  • Wild Boarmon (Wild Boar)
  • Pegasusmon (Pegaso)
  • Sheepmon Heavenly (Sheep Heavenly)
  • Dramon Couture (Dragon Couture)
  • Jupiter of the Koemon (Jupiter of the Monkey)
  • Lopmon Angelique (Lapin Angelique)
  • Mihira Punks (Tigre Punks)
  • Natural Plotmon (Natural Puppy)
  • Sindu Real (Pavo Real)
  • Hip Santi (Hip Snake)
  • Gato (Gatito)
  • Mus Chuutus (Mus Rattus)
  • D+V (D+B)
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