Digital World franchises

What, you don't think the digital world has its franchises too?

These can be presumed to have branches located throughout the digital world. Known branches are listed here.

Department Stores

J.C. Penmon (J.C. Penney)

There is one known branch in Tetha. It is known to be Tamer-friendly (or just taking advantage), often holding Virus Sales when needed.

Waru-Mart (Wal-Mart)

There is one known branch in Tetha, originally started by a Waru Monzaemon.


Fairymon's Secret (Victoria's Secret)


Starmon's Cafe (Starbucks)

There is at least one branch in Tetha, which employs Ashton Ward. Its owner, Starmon, is best friends with Burgemon of Burgemon's Restaurant (the brother of the founder of Burgemon King).

Tim Horusmon's (Tim Horton's)

There is one known branch in Tetha, which employs Vash the Stampede.

Fast Food

Burgemon King (Burger King)

There are probably a few branches in Tetha. This is not to be confused with Burgemon's Restaurant in Tetha, though the founder of the franchise is the brother of the Burgemon who runs the restaurant. Sasami mentioned that Sam and Max worked there. (They did, but abandoned quit their job.)

Citramon Julius (Orange Julius)

Deputymon's Pizza (Domino's Pizza)

Hikari no Ramen (Shadow Ramen - The World Ends With You)

There is one known branch on Axoryi, which employs Eri Wakahisa.

KFC - Kokatorimon Fried Chicken (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

McPiemon's (McDonalds)

Submariway (Subway)

Like its real world equivalent, it also uses Subcards as a form of credit for the place; a market research survey on digital world universities that took place in Neon City gave away 500BIT Subcards to those who completed the survey.


IHOP - Ikkakumon's House of Pancakes (The International House of Pancakes)

There is one known branch in Tetha.

Metal Etemon Cafe (Hard Rock Cafe)

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