Diva is a nonhuman from the Blood+ canon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Blood+.

As a Chiropteran, Diva requires human blood to survive, either ingested or intravenously donated. Chiropterans are several times stronger than humans, surviving falls from several stories up without injury and healing almost instantly from minor wounds. Wounds that would be fatal to a human will take mere hours to heal, with the speed depending on how long it's been since she's eaten. Since Diva is a Queen Chiropteran, she retains a human form at all times and can only be awake for a few years before lapsing into a 30 year period of sleep inside a cocoon. The only way Diva can be killed is by destroying her brain/body or her twin sister Saya's blood getting into her blood stream, which will crystallize Diva and vice versa. When she gets mad or is about to fight, her eyes glow bright blue.

Chevaliers are humans that received blood from one of the Queens, gaining the powers of a Chiropteran with the added trait of retaining their human form while being able to tranform into a large monstrous form. They are completely loyal to the Queen Chiropteran who gave them blood (with one exception), and think of their Queen as their mother.

Diva was discovered by Joel Goldschmidt in 1833, along with her twin sister Saya. Both were born from cocoon-like eggs soon after discovery, after human blood was spilled on the cocoons. Joel took both children back to his 100 acre estate (called The Zoo), where he would use both as experiments. Saya was raised as his daughter, while Diva was locked in a high tower on the outskirts of The Zoo. Since Diva was just a guinea pig to Joel, she had no name until Saya discovered the tower and heard her singing. Saya released Diva on Joel's 72nd birthday, where she drank Joel's blood and burned his mansion down. Diva made Amshel her first chevalier, and it all went downhill from there as Amshel continued using Diva for experiments.

Over a hundred years later, Saya and Diva reawakened from another period of sleep with one difference; Saya had lost all her memories due to being forcibly awakened from her period of sleep almost 30 years ago. Saya eventually picked back up on her desire to kill Diva, which was amplified by Diva raping and killing Saya's adoptive brother Riku. Due to this, Diva became pregnant with the next generation of Queens. Soon after Diva delivered the two cocoon-eggs, she and Saya duked it out in an all-or-nothing battle. Unbeknownst to Diva, though, having children had stolen the potency from her blood, and she could no longer kill Saya. Saya, not knowing this, killed Diva. After Diva crystallized, her beloved babies were born. Saya and her remaining brother Kai took them in to raise in a loving environment.

Activity in the Digital World

Arriving in the Digital World in late January, Diva was both confused and saddened by her being alive. Confused because she couldn't understand where she was, and saddened because she knew she would never see her children again. She wandered about looking for a human so she could drink their blood, until she managed to wander onto a strike team heading into a cave to attack an Archnemon that had been releasing Dokugomon in the Digital World. Diva, drawn by the prospect of fighting, entered the cave and started taking Dokugumon out with her sword until they were all gone, whereas she disappeared for a couple of days before posting on the D-Comms that she was hungry and wanted a young human's blood.

Saya replied to Diva's post, telling her to stay put and heading into Dokako Jungle to find Diva before she became bored and left. Diva started to sing, which prompted Saya to charge towards Diva. When she came upon Diva, Diva became enraged at Saya and attacked her. When she finally ran out of steam, Saya managed to convince her to put a stop to her evil ways. Diva, desperate for the family she always wanted, agreed and went with Saya.

Diva participated in the Beauty Pageant in the Festival at Tetha, but didn't win anything. Diva, surprisingly, didn't become angry at this. When the anti-human riots started up, Saya and Diva fought off the rioting Digimon, with their partners Tailmon and SangLoupmon making a game out of it. SangLoupmon lost, having to follow Tailmon's orders for a week.

Things were peaceful for about a month, when, in late April, Diva went to the outskirts of Tetha and ran into Lillithmon. Ignorant of the Demon Kings and their ploys, Diva accepted Lillithmon's seal, believing she would be loved if she accepted it. Diva, now unwilling to return to her older sister, left Tetha, disappearing until the Dark Area attacked. Unable to resist the call of battle, Diva charged into the fighting, uncaring of who she cut down. She disappeared again, only reappearing once more on the D-Comms to sing a song during the Disney Virus.

This plot is still on-going.


*Diva will do anything to get the family she wants.
*Having been isolated for most of her life, Diva is unable to sympathize with other people. Instead, she treats them as playthings.
*Diva loves to sing more than almost anything else in the world.
*The mun originally planned to play Diva in one of the Nexus games, but decided she wouldn't be well-received, so Diva went on reserve until the mun joined Digital Dive.

Series Canon Blood+
Journal abrilliantdebut
Role-Player Wolf
Age 173 years old, looks 16
Affiliations Demon Kings (Sealed)
Digimon Partner Dracmon
D-Comm Colors Blue and white
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