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Absurdly Spacious Sewer

The sewer system of Neon City.

Action Girl

Nearly all the girls in the Digital World.

Action Mom


Aliens Made Them Do It

"The virus made me do it." There's also the odd "the Seal made me do it."

Alliterative Name

Averted, surprisingly enough.

Alien Lunch

Yoshino wonders early on in the game what the 'tuna' she's having for lunch really is. This never comes up again.

Allergic To Love

Due to being molested viciously courted by girls back home, Zach is terrified of teenage girls, making the fact that his mother is one in this world priceless.

Aloof Big Brother

Osamu. Colonel. Blues. Greg.

Alternate Character Interpretation

Amnesiac Dissonance

The Bio Hybrids. Rena and Yoshino were particularly prone to this.

And This Is For


Annoying Younger Sibling

Nic Ward. To be fair, Ash genuinely loves her, but feels enough responsibility for her to stop him from doing fun stuff. Not really annoying, but overwhelming as Greg has gone from only child and married to his job to suddenly having an entire 'family' of cyborgs calling him 'Greg nii-chan'.

Anyone Can Die

Generally used with Back From the Dead.

Artificial Limbs

Edward. Sabine. Ran Fan. Cyborg. Vader.

As You Know

Often pulled by DATS, though justified, as not every character can be in a log.

The Atoner

Apparently what DATS Unit 8 is largely composed of.

Attack Pattern Alpha

Used by DATS members in particular.

Authority Equals Asskicking


Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other

Yukash have frequent moments like this, Osaryo manage this despite being only one-sided, Kouryo also pull off a lot of these. Also, on especially rare occasions, Kazune and Karin manage to do it, too.


Back From the Dead

Captain Jack Sparrow, Firestar, Optimus Primal, Satsuma, Jyou.

Badass Bookworm

Daimon Suguru, Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man.

Baguette Beatdown

Subverted by Masaru, who, upon getting caught up in the middle of a fight on his way home from doing the groceries, runs back to the grocer to have them hold his purchases…despite being able to store them in his D-Reader.

Battle Aura


Battle Butler

Digimon partners.

Battle Couple

Several, including by no means limited to Yosaru, Tounami, Chikuto, Yukash, Rukato, Kouryo, Fate/Nanoha, Mai/Zuko, Matt/Will…

Bawdy Song

Sokka 1.0's serenading of Kyon with "Fuck Her Gently" during the Disney virus.

Because Destiny Says So

"Yggdrasil, the god of this world, pulled you in to help save it."

Becoming the Mask

Both ways. Ryo gets more and more trusting, Spider-Man gets more and more obnoxious.

Beam O War

One of V-Taichi's favorite defensive tactics, apparently.

Beam Spam

A favorite battle tactic in general.

Betty and Veronica

Takato often thinks he's the Betty to Ryo's Legendary Tamer Veronica (with Ruki as Archie).

Big Brother Complex

Masaru is somewhat justified in this when it comes to Chika, but not Nanoha. Ryo is rather prone to this himself with first Molly and then Ken (again).

Blood From the Mouth

Ever genre savvy, a brainwashed Koushirou takes Ryo coughing up blood as a sign he's dying. And he is, but Koushirou feels the need for a No Holds Barred Beatdown.

Brain Bleach

Often asked for.

Brainwashed and Crazy

What Bio-Hybrids were all about! Also Vadermon and Jeremy's master plan. Currently Zero.

Break the Cutie

Adelle's ordeal at the hands of her uncle Van. Iris snapping at Colonel hiring people to follow her. Haku, very literally - Shademan's attack damaged her vocal processor to the point where she went mute for nearly a full day.

Break the Haughty

Sharpay's constant maimings.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

After having his first four digital world adventures turn out to be a video game, Ryo occasionally theorizes that his life at present is an RPG. Koushirou and Washu were supportive; Braniac Five was incredulous. With the knowledge that her world is an anime series in others, Aveline frequently refers to her time as "the epilogue". Greg Sanders, thinking "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die fighting with a talking cat from a movie!" after being paired with Puss in Boots for a training session, as well as several references to 'bad sci-fi movies and fanfcition'. Also, with Konata around, the fourth wall is just about nonexistent at times.

Bridge Bunnies

The DATS support team who do not work directly with one of the Commanders.

Brother Chuck

Many characters who were dropped are barely referenced, and those who are picked back up later on are considered to be the true one. A big example of this is with Team W.I.T.C.H.'s Cornelia Hale, who appeared for two weeks in April before disappearing, only to have another reappear seven months later and those who had seen the first one (Matt, Will, Elyon, Hay Lin and ESPECIALLY Caleb) consider her to be the true one and don't mention the first one at all! Subverted when Chika mentions that the Train Heartnet that recently showed up but the THIRD one to show up.

Brother Sister Incest

Beat and Rhyme.

By The Power Of Grayskull

Every Digimon evolution. Also done by the various Power Rangers, and the members of W.I.T.C.H and the New Guardians.


Calling Your Attacks

Hey Digimon, hey Digimon. Occasionally varied by the Pokemon trainers and V-Taichi in particular telling their partners what to do. Both Domon Kasshu and Guy Shishioh are particularly bad about this.

Candle Jack

Max introduces the story of Candmon Jack before he was mysterious ta

Card Carrying Villain

Doom, Kurata.

Casa Lane Parenting

How many Brainbreakers live with their currently teenaged or preteen parents.

Cassandra Truth

Deadpool's attempts to let everyone know that Belldandy = the Lord of Terror

Cat Fight

Hay Lin and Irma's argument about Terra lead to this.

Catchphrase Interruptus

V-Taichi runs off with Neo's "nothing more, nothing less" in a heartfelt speech on friendship, resulting in a Hey That's My Line from Neo.

Caught With Your Pants Down

Haku when she went to the kitchen and interrupted both Greg and Sabine. The latter weren't too pleased with this.

Character Blog

The game is built on it.

Characterization Tags

Often done within blog post tags.

Cherry Blossoms

Takato's genius plan for Ruki's birthday.

Children Raise You

Several Brainbreaker parents.

Christmas Carol

Noir goes through this during Christmas time after suffering a number of incidents culminating in Hay Lin threatening to evict him.

City of Canals

Half of Axoryi.

Competence Zone

Thrown out the window. Many eight- or nine-year-olds are perfectly competent, yet so is Yushima.

Continuity Nod

Yoshino's pregnancy after Ryo's wondering how effective her protection really was, Ryo's deciding to avoid living somewhere run by Captain Jack Sparrow months after a vote for pirates over ninjas almost purely because of his attractiveness.

Conversational Troping

The Dragon crew do this often.

Cooking Duel

It's been set up.

Creator Breakdown

Horrifically subverted in that Kouryo were forced to endure interest in someone else, kidnapping, brainwashing, outright cheating, and a murder attempt…after their muns hooked up. Granted, the plans for this had been kicked around for months, but the timing is still amusing.

Cross Counter

The Daimons are particularly prone to this, unfortunately for Dresden…

Crossover Ship

Many, many pairings are like this: Satsuma/Rumiko (Savers/Tamers), Yuka/Ash (Savers/Pokemon), Asuna/Relena (Negima?/Savers), Irma/Tim (W.I.T.C.H./DC Animated Universe), etc. A number of Brainbreakers are the result of this as well, including Karin Jurai-Lin (Sasami/Nerissa - Tenchi Muyo/W.I.T.C.H.) and Shiori Kurata (Manami/Kurata - Adventure/Savers)

Crowning Moment of Awesome

Masaru has them often, but a few players thought Aveline's method of dealing with the Doombots - duplicating their flammability twice and then having her Greymon toast them - qualifies. Terra's use of her powers during the Kuratageddon gets votes from a couple players as well.

Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

Sabine and Horatio. Sabine has this when she makes friends with Haku and even calls her her daughter. She even tells her that she would go to amazing lengths to make sure that she would be fixed. Horatio has this when he stays up while Sabine was unconscious. Their commitment is another Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Greg's now had several, most notably falling asleep in Sabine's hospital bed with her after she had a minor freak out.

Curse Cut Short

Molly, when her partner suddenly decides to test drive his jetpack, yelps, "Holy—!" Greg seems particularly fond of this in fights (but will be completely vulgar anywhere else).


Daddy's Girl

Justified for Aveline, as she doesn't have a mother.

Dark Is Not Evil

Black Tailmon, former slave to Lillithmon, has to be convinced of this.

Dateless Grave

Masaru constructs one for Sayu… this timeline's Sayu.

The Danza

Terra's code name as Ashley Johnson, voiced by Ashley Johnson.

Dead All Along

Beat, to Touma's alarm.

Dead Guy Junior

Asch and Rhea Susanne fon Fabre.

Dead Person Conversation

Sayu and Lalamon in Yoshino's Wisemon vision.

Dead Serious

Very nearly Doom.

Deggans Rule

Averted by multifandom nature.

Did I Just Say That Out Loud

Ryo, when tipsy, Did Just Say That Out Loud but never feels the need to question it. Jenny plays it straight when she points out to Koushirou that his swords are not particularly efficient for killing.

Did Not Do the Research

Doctor Touma H. Norstein, traumatized by having to check Ryo and Koushirou for STDs, admonishes them with "Never ask me to do that again." Koushirou, played by a pre-med student, replies, "What, take a blood sample?"

Did Not Get the Girl

Neon > Yoshino.

Disappeared Dad

Katsuro. This also happens with alarming frequency to his girlfriend Aveline. To be fair, she's got two of them, one of whom who runs off at random in canon.

Distressed Damsel

Does Not Like Men

Tora. But Tora does not like many people.

Don't Try This At Home

Ever tried to whip someone's arm restrained? Don't.

Doom Magnet

If your surname is Daimon, Fujieda, Izumi, or Akiyama, watch out. Taichi almost calls Ryo on this when Jenny shows up dead in his lounge: "God DAMMIT, Ryo, you're like a fucking weirdness magnet!" Sanders is just about to this point, and he's even taken a very Sokka-esque way of looking at it by saying "And the universe just proves me wrong".

Double Entendre

Alia and the Doctor were fond of this when the Seven Deadly Sins virus hit them both with Lust.

Drinking Game

Mackenzie, Koushirou, Ryo, and Kyon play one on Taichi's booze run. Kyon bows out, Team TARDIS is dragged away by Jyou.

Dropped a Bridge On Him

Characters dropped in the early days were cheerfully referred to in chat as being eaten by the nearest event monster, although Koushirou did at one point suggest Taichi 1.0 was eaten by Dokugumon in canon. Played horrendously straight when Mary Jane was butchered by Barry the Chopper and eaten by Gluttony.

Drowning My Sorrows

The original intent behind Taichi's booze run and why Ryo joined in. Kouryo seem quite fond of this, actually. Haku's original way of dealing with anything. In fact she arrived in the Digital World while looking for a bar. She's since sobered up quite nicely, though.

Driven to Suicide

Sabine admitted that she thought about killing herself, but luckily, Greg begged her not to say things like that.

Dude Where's My Reward

The Chaotix are prone to this.

Dunno What's Going On But

Subverted by Hirokazu, who instead of getting onto a soapbox, genuinely doesn't know what's going on when Ryo runs away because he's been Sealed.

DVD Commentary

Chat, on occasion.

Dynamic Entry

Yuka, blazing late into the fight for Koushirou on Metal Greymon. X, thrown by Wingdramon between Zero and Giro during the Draco Island fight.

Dysfunctional Family

The FMA/Vocaloid/CSI family.


Easy Amnesia

Hay Lin. Also to some extent Ryo, who regressed to a time in his past when he was amnesiac during the age virus.

Epiphany Therapy

Wisemon's specialty.

Even the Guys Want Him

Even Spider-Man wants the Doctor.

Even the Girls Want Her

Sarasim and Haku wouldn't mind tapping Sabine, if you get my drift.

Everybody Lives

The Tetha riots, the fight for Koushirou.

Everyone Calls Him Barkeep

The Reviewer: Originally a nameless Reaper from The World Ends With You, none of the TWEWY characters acquainted with him seem to blink an eye at his 'name'.

Evil Gloating

Kurata and Jeremy both indulge in this, the latter case only after Ryo lampshades the lack thereof.

Expansion Pack World

Carnival Island. Central Station The Chess Kingdom. Albion. Asuka.


Fake Memories

Kurata implanted these in the Bio-Hybrids.

Fate Worse Than Death

Several characters would consider hurting their loved ones this.

Filk Songs

There were a handful during the Disney virus. Outside of canon, there's been "I Shagged the Doctor". GAR actually write these more often than you'd think.

First Girl Wins

Many, many Dive OTPs, and not always a girl, either.

First Law of Resurrection

First Name Basis

Nora's insistance on being 'professional' and referring to everyone and their mother by their surnames. Interesting in that she's not even Japanese like Osamu or Touma. She pulled a Double Subversion on her own trope calling Ryo by his first name the first time they spoke then "Mr. Akiyama" the next (as he'd just yelled at her) before reverting back to Ryo a couple of comments later in the same thread.

Fish Out Of Temporal Water

ALL Tamers suffer from this, which has lead to some brainbreaking situations.

Flash Step

Xellos has fun with this one, at one point using it to steal some cake from Yosaru's wedding.

Fonzarelli Fix

Tora and Katsuro both take after their parents (Ruki and Masaru respectively) in this.

Fountain of Youth

Age virus. Particularly fun with many //Digimon Savers // characters. Downright painful in the case of Ryo, who regressed to an amnesiac brat.

Fourth Wall Mail Slot

The odd OOC meme.

Freak Out

After stumbling upon the scene where Mary Jane was murdered, Sabine had one of these and unfortunately, went catatonic as a result.

Fruit Cart

Poor, poor Muchomon.

Full Name Ultimatum

Aveline gets these from both parents, first from Koushirou on her now infamous "afk, bbl" and then from Ryo when she melts the front doorknob with her new lightsaber.

Fun Size

A few characters have baby II-level digimon. And then there's Marine Angemon…

Funny Aneurysm Moment

Upon Sora's arrival, Koushirou mused to her on Ryo, Chosen of Desire, not being Sealed by Lillithmon. Two and a half weeks later, Ryo was Sealed…

Fun With Acronyms

DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad] W.I.T.C.H. (Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin), etc. Caboose wonders why the "SOS" of the SOS Brigade isn't longer than how it is.


Gadgeteer Genius

Many a member of SADS, particularly Lucca.

Game Master

The mods.

Geeky Turn On

Sadie's passing mention of a puck earns her an "I like you" from Mackenzie.

Gender Blender Name

Nic(ola) Ward and Mackenzie Alexander (female) spring to mind, not to mention the gender neutral names of most reploids.

Gender Equals Breed

Many, many Brainbreakers. Katsuro looks like Masaru, Sayu looks like Yoshino, Anei looks like Hikari, Adelle and Asch look like Tear and Luke respectively, Jake looks like Zelos, Nadie looks like Arietta, Hikaru looks like Daisuke… Admittedly this is more for ease of PBs than anything else, but still. Averted by Tora (pulling a neat Harry Potter - just like her dad but with her mother's eyes), Tatsuo, Karin, Rhea, and Zach.

Gender Flip

The gender bender virus.

Get a Hold of Yourself Man

Molly, normally quite gentle, bitchslaps Takeru to his senses after he dark evolves Patamon on a training session gone horribly, horribly wrong. Haku to Len, after another flashback sequence brought him in to "SPICE"-Len's personality and he refused to stop flirting with Haku long enough to believe that she was his sister, not classmate. She hit him so hard he hit the ground. This also happened when Greg told Sabine that her self-blame needed to stop, though thankfully without slapping involved.

Ghibli Hills

D'Ango Forest and Dokako Jungle spring to mind.

Yo Are Grounded

Ryo Akiyama of all people attempts this on Aveline after her first search party goes horribly wrong. It works about as well as it does on him (that is to say, not at all).

Goddamned Bats

What characters not pushed by their muns into the main event must deal with in boss events. Goddamned Spiders, Rioters, Gizmon…

Goggles Do Nothing

Frequently lampshaded by Masaru, who later has goggles sent to him as an anonymous birthday present from Ryo. Played straight by Aveline, who also gives goggles to her best friend and boyfriend, explaining what they mean to her. Subverted by Jarrod, who gives Team W.I.T.C.H. (at the time), working goggles!

Gondor Calls for Aid

Not being a member of DATS, Aveline often resorts to this, but is so good at it that she turns down half of the volunteers down.

Good People Have Good Sex

Don't get me started.

Gratuitous Japanese

Only as far as honorifics, and not used by all characters.


Half Human Hybrids

The Bio-Hybrids, and Anei.

Happily Married

Two generations of Daimons.

Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today

Ash Ward.

Heel Face Turn

Nerissa, Venom.

Hero Insurance

Occasionally played with.

Heroes Want Redheads

Yosaru, Kouryo, Rukato. Spider-Man/Mary Jane

Heroic BSOD

After Yoshino was turned into a Bio-Hybrid, Masaru had to be punched out of this several times.

Heroic Sacrifice

Sabine after she cut her own arm off to save her life as well as Horatio's own when Gluttony was eating it. A few minutes later, she used the last of her strength to throw a deadly explosive to kill Gluttony, while her own arm was still bleeding.

Hey, It's That Voice!

Several characters share voice actors. Especially comes up with Kevin and Caleb.

High Altitude Battle

Given the amount of digimon who can fly, aerial battles happen often, but the Black Pearl vs. the Dreadwing was pretty damn awesome.

High School Sweethearts

Yosaru, not to mention every Brainbreaker except Hikaru's parents, apparently.

Honorary Uncle

Happens rather often with the Brainbreakers.


Not used by everyone.

Hot Scientist

Greg and Sabine. Yes, they know it.

Hot Skitty On Wailord Action

Bastardized by chat into Hot Tailmon on Whamon Action and then made canon.

Hot Shounen Mom

Sayuri and Masami need a MILF showdown.

Hotter and Sexier

Ash Ketchum (a perpetual ten in-series) and Yuka Noguchi (a baby in the series), Koushirou and Ryo (last seen in canon aged fourteen)…

How Did That Get In There

Played completely straight several times during the truth virus.


I Did What I Had to Do


I Have No Son

Played heartbreakingly straight by a Bio Hybrid Masami.

I Have Your Wife

Kurata had Masaru's fiance, Jeremy had Ryo's boyfriend.

I Just Knew

How Jenny knew her partner (a bomb at the time) was a girl.

I Just Want to be Normal

Kyon, Ashton Ward, even Ashton Anchors.

I Know You Are In There Somewhere Fight

Used to great effect with several Bio-Hybrids as well as with Koushirou.

I Want My Beloved to be Happy

Frequently. Ryoko on Hay Lin, Sasami on Nerissa, Osamu on Ryo…

I Want Them Alive

Kurata did.

If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her

Both Rumiko and Ryo deliver this to Takato re: Ruki, and Ryo almost pulls the parental variety on Katsuro before backing off on account of his being ten. This is also kind of common with Ashton Anchors, Taichi Yagami, and Haru Glory, concerning Haru's pretty obvious almost-relationship with Ashton and Taichi's younger sister, Hikari.

Ill Girl


Improbable Piloting Skills

Completely subverted by Sharpay, who, when forced to act on her role as pirate lord, kicks back and lets her crew handle everything because she has no idea.

Improvised Weapon

Particularly in the Archnemon fight - Daisuke's soccer ball and Hikari's pole.

In and Out of Character

Not to be confused. Ever.

In the Name of the Moon

The Daimons will never forgive you, and who the hell do you think the Dai-Gurren Brigade are?

In Working Order

The pirate ships' cores.

Inn Security

The Silver Dragon Apartments and the Hinata Inn, rooming available free of charge, is CONSTANTLY attacked. Gizmon, Dr. Doom, invading god-like beings, Digimon falling from the sky…

Incurable Cough of Death

When Sabine is exposed to the red water. (That's saying if we'll ever get a Mugear)

The Internet is for Porn

An excuse offered by Neon for Ryo answering "what did I miss" with "porn" and then by Raine Hart and Relena for the Seven Deadly Sins virus hitting several people with Lust.

Interspecies Romance

Most dating digimon, Archnemon's attraction to Ashton Anchors, Lillithmon and her pets, Kyon and Lotusmon, Kat and Sorcermon and Wizardmon's complicated relationship, Adelle and her partner, Plantman's partner has a crush on him, Kariya's Pico Devimon's attraction to Yashiro, Yoshino's Lalamon previously had a crush on her partner, Milleryo… In a rare example that doesn't involve digimon, Doctoryo. Hitomi/Sasami could even fit in here (human/alien-goddess)

It Is Always Spring

When was the last time the weather was mentioned?

It Only Works Once

Aveline's method of finding Ryo.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Ryo, on skinny dipping for Canada Day.

It's All My Fault


It's For A Book

Ryo's life as a magnet for weirdness has him writing off 'rhetorical' questions as being "for the great Canadian novel" he's supposedly writing. Those who aid him in his stupid questions are rewarded with the promise of the novel being dedicated to them.

It's Personal

Kurata continues to go after the Daimons; Vadermon continues to go after Koushirou.

It Has Been an Honor

Nanoha, knowing she was weak.


Jack Attack

Jesus Christ, Shaun.

Japanese Sibling Terminology

Molly, from a dub canon, picks this up from the Tamers!Tamers and never lets go. The same goes for Hay Lin, from an American cartoon based off of an Italian comic (and her nationality being Chinese), calls Sasami 'Sasami-imouto'. The Vocaloid siblings are also prone to this.

Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Wisemon's various Eternal Nirvanas done this for many characters. Comic!Will did this to Comic!Matt in order to solve the problems with his nightmares and come to understand what he would do to her and her friends.


Ki Attacks

Digisoul is being increasingly used for this. Domon Kasshu is VERY guilty of this!

Kid From the Future

The Future Brainbreakers, although Suzune was technically the first to really fit.

The Kid With the Remote Control

Many, many Tamers, particularly the Pokemon trainers.




Language of Love

Averted by the digital world's automatic Babelfish.

Laser Guided Amnesia

Kurata had this down to a fine art.

Last Name Basis

Satsuma, Yushima, Kurata, Kutner, Asakura, the RvB cast, Armstrong, Doom, Ms. Asaji by the Tamers crew.

Law of Cartographical Elegance

Averted by the lack of map.

Law of Chromatic Superiority

Kouki's black Mechanorimon shell with flames. IT GOES FASTER.

Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort

Explains some more shounentarded characters' lack of attention to defense.

Law of Disproportionate Response

Kyon, after having his partner attempt to wake him up with a kiss from anyone for money, being a pirate, watching his captain get killed, bringing him back from the dead, and travelling with giant transforming robots, is broken by the sudden appearance of the D-Reader. Ash Ward, fairly unperturbed by being reverted ten years younger, the Area Leader getting deleted, a riot in his home town, and an invasion, is finally broken by suddenly acquiring a hat during the Disney virus.

Law of Inverse Fertility

Yoshino and Masaru's unexpected pregnancy.

Law of Inverse Recoil

Averted by Olette's hatred of the Psycho Blaster for its recoil.

Lets Get Dangerous

Numerous, especially in the case of the New Guardians.

Leave Me Alone

Oh, god.

Leet Lingo

Used occasionally as a joke. Led to Aveline's now infamous "afk, bbl".

Left for Dead


Life or Limb Decision

Sabine while Gluttony was eating her arm. She hacked it off.

Legion of Doom

Dr. Eggman's Syndicate and BW!Megatron's Alliance of Evil

Like Brother and Sister

This staved off Koumolly when the age virus aged up Molly to roughly Koushirou's virused age and hot.

Limited Wardrobe

Lampshaded when Takato and later Ryo (coerced by Sharpay, who specifically referenced this trope) went shopping.

Loads and Loads of Characters

It's over four hundred!

Loads and Loads of Roles

Raz. Just… Raz. We love you.

Local Hangout

Split in Tetha between Marine Angemon's Love Eatery and Burgemon's restaurant, definitely the cafeteria in Royal Base.


The CCS girls.

Love at First Punch


Love Chart

And how!

Love is in the Air

The Rabu Rabu Virus Parts Un and Deux and the Lust variety of the Seven Deadly Sins virus.

Love Hurts

And how!

Luca Brazzi Sleeps With The Fishes

Siarnaq sending Vent Giro's arm.

Luke You Are My Father

The Future Brainbreakers do this often.


Magic Skirt

Oh, c'mon! Between Team W.I.T.C.H and every other girl out there… subverted when Mikuru gets blow head over heels during the Dark Area invasion and has to hold down her skirt.

Magical Computer

The D-Comms and D-Readers.

Make Up Or Break Up

A bad incident between Caleb and Cornelia leads to this… they get back together.

Mama Bear

X and his several kids, both Ryo and Jen over the Tamers!Tamers, Ryo and the TARDIS crew, Tear, Sabine, Nanoha…

Massive Multiplayer Crossover

Huzzah multifandom!

Maternally Challenged

Ruki, despite her children being teenagers (one her age and the other a couple of years older), still qualifies.

Meaningful Name

Subverted by Tora in that Tora means "tiger", one of Ryo's nicknames for Koushirou.

Memetic Mutation

Not only do various 4chan and SNL jokes make their way into the game, but fandom catchphrases spread from fandom to fandom for no apparent reason. Doctor Who's Triple What and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann's "who the hell do you think I am" are particularly prone to this, and Doctor Who's "it's bigger on the inside" has had its day in the sun too.

Mind Rape

Kurata on Yoshino.

Modesty Bedsheet

Taichi really wishes this trope was played straight instead of averted.

The Mole

Anise, infiltrating DATS for Barbamon.


The Movie

Caryl made one for her media studies class, complete with Adaptation Decay.

More Than Mind Control

Both Kurata and the team of Vadermon and Jeremy's Nohemon pull this.

Musical Episode

The Disney virus.

Mysterious Protector

Batman over Adelle.

My Name is Inigo Montoya

Masaru does this a lot, but there's also "Hello Dad. (…) When a Child of Desire really, truly Desires something? STUFF HAPPENS."

My Sister is Off Limits

More often My Daughter is Off Limits but also applicable to Vent and Aile.



Often happens around homes, such as the Matsuda Bakery family (which in itself grew out of Team Gogglehead/Goggleface), the TARDIS crew, and to an extreme, the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn.

Names to Run Away From Really Fast

Subverted by Tora, meaning "tiger" - she does the running in her first fight in the digital world. Played straight by Milleniumon's nickname Maximilien (he's only conquered the digital world four times).

Nerds Are Sexy

Greg, Sabine.

Never Bring a Knife to a Swordfight

Played with: Taichi brings a club to a swordfight.

Never Say That Again

Wallace throws this at Ryo after a few too many times of the latter calling him Blondie.

No Hard Feelings

The Doctor, after a short written apology from Ryo for flirting with him. If you read a Double Entendre into this you get a bonus Funny Aneurysm!

No Name Given

The Reviewer.

Non Human Sidekick

Digimon partners.

Not Himself

The Doctor calls a brainwashed and acting Koushirou on this. EVERYONE calls the Kagamine twins on this after their first Life Flashback.

Not Quite Dead

Kurata. In a fun variation, Jenny, initially appearing in the digital world dead.

Not So Harmless

Doom after considerable mockery for picking on little girls.

Not Very Pretty Now Is He


Not What It Looks Like

Ryo falling on the Doctor was genuinely an accident.


Along with dive_npc, That Yuki Agumon, Electric Mayhem, and the regular crews of the Pirate Lords' ships.


Obfuscating Stupidity

Crash Man. Just. Crash Man.

Oblivious Guilt Slinging

Taichi indulges in this against Koushirou after the latter frees Kurata.

Odd Couple

Koushirou and Mackenzie.

Odd Friendship

Mackenzie and Ash Ward.



One Head Taller

Kouryo come to mind. Also applies to Dynamo and Leviathan.

One Side Of The Story

When the amnesic Hay Lin tells Tatum about her tryst with Ryoko, Tatum's outburst leads the others to think that Ryoko RAPED Hay Lin, leading Sasami to toss Ryoko out of the Dragon and Will to suffer an outburst the leads to the Dragon losing power.

One Thing Led To Another

Fade to black.


Painting the Fourth Wall

Siarnaq in particular uses this to great effect.

Palette Swap

Some digimon partners are recolored to match their Tamers.

Parents As People

Rumiko Makino.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Played both straight and literally by Sharpay, who is never seen doing anything around DATS (except getting maimed) or as a Pirate Lord.

Play By Post Games


Plot Relevant Age Up

Nanoha's timeskip to StrikerS.

Pokemon Speak

Some baby I digimon do this (Kouryo's partners devolved that far are particularly prone to it).

Post Dramatic Stress Disorder

The Izumi girls are particularly prone to this, with first Molly and then Aveline passing out after major fights. Greg's fairly convinced that Sabine actually has this condition given her freak out over finding the bloody scene of Mary Jane's untimely demise.

Portmanteau Couple Name

Even extending to the muns - Ashorsaw, Custom Taco, and GAR.

The Power of Frendship

Digisoul is the power of emotions.

Power Gives You Wings

Terry's Digisoul burst resembles a bat and Aelita's actually GIVES her wings!

Prodigal Family

The family Daimon.


Read the Freaking Manual

"You know there's a tent in the D-Reader, right?"

Real Life Writes the Plot

Reality Subtext in the form of the data freeze virus, lovingly used to great effect when a mun goes on vacation, Real Life Relative with Ari and Ryan being siblings and Ashorsaw, Custom Taco, and GAR, and Role Ending Misdemeanors of which we do not speak.

The Reason You Suck Speech

Mackenzie makes one to Ryo, with the reason being that Mackenzie gave up Koushirou for Ryo and now he "fucks it all up" by cheating on him.

Relationship Upgrade


Reverse Mole

Neo, infiltrating Kurata for DATS, and Koushirou, working for Barbamon for the greater good.

Reverse Polarity

Aveline suggests this as a way to reverse Kurata's mind control devices.

Running Gag

Taichi walking in on the aftermath of Jyou's sexual encounters, Osamu losing his glasses in fights involving the Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn, Ryo never starts a journal post with "sup" unless it's about something bad, ADR-01 rarely posts without a "your mom" or "your face" reply.


Secret Relationship

Satsuma/Rumiko, outed disastrously during the Seven Deadly Sins virus.

Sex As Rite of Passage

Kyon's Neemon inflicts this on Kyon by calling in Lotusmon.

Sex is Evil


Shaming the Mob

A nice end to the Tetha riots.

She is All Grown Up

Age virus. Age virus. Thank god this never actually went anywhere.

Shout Out

Touma screws the rules: He has money.

Shower of Angst

Sabine had one of these. And god, was it full of angst.

Skater Boy Syndrome

Mackenzie over Koushirou, to some extent, thanks to alternate timelines and Koushirou already being with Ryo when Mackenzie showed up.

Small Annoying Creature

How some characters view their digimon partners.

Social Services Does Not Exist

How the TARDIS crew initially took in Anei.

Something They Would Never Say

Aveline, going to Ryo's rescue when he's been stabbed and beaten by his boyfriend in his locked room, notes that he only ever calls him Kou and only uses Koushirou in a Full Name Ultimatum.

Sorting Algorithm of Evil


It's all in the profile.

Spy Couple

The various couples in DATS, including but not limited to Yosaru, Tounami, and Yukash.

STD Immunity

Subverted by Ryo first insisting on using a condom with Koushirou and later, prompted by his Kid From the Future Tora coming from a world in which he gave Ruki AIDS, flailing over STDs in general. In a Continuity Nod, he also refers to this after sleeping with the Doctor, who's an alien, then later flippantly drops it in a conversation with Lillithmon.

Strangled By The Red String

Tim Drake/Robin and Irma - the two of them are paired up THREE WEEKS AFTER HER ARRIVAL and only mere days after DR. DOOM PUMMELED THE BEJEEZUS AFTER THE GUARDIANS. The same can be said for Sasami and Hitomi, who had no displayed no real feelings for each other until a virus struck Sasami and seemingly gave her those feelings. Slightly subverted in that they're both timeskipped and still have feelings for each other…

A Storm is Coming

Shaun's characters are particularly prone to this, with both Optimus Primal and Xanatos using the line. Played with when Ryo replies to Xanatos's usage with "the Oncoming Storm is already here" in reference to the Doctor.

Summon Everyman Hero

Despite a number of Tamers dropping in with super powers, there are many others who have no powers or used to have powers, including, but not limited to, Kyon, Hikaru Shidou, the future and Brave and the Bold Batmen, the Chosen Children and the alternate counterparts and 3/4s of the supporting cast of W.I.T.C.H., the CSI cast, the Vocaloid family…

Survival Mantra

Aveline's fanatical belief in goggles meaning courage.


The Talk

Sasami and later Hitomi get it. Giro tries to give it often.

Talking is a Free Action


Team Dad

Satsuma at Royal Base, Armstrong and Grissom at Neon.

Team Mom

Caryl was voted this OOCly, to her horror.

Technical Virgin

Koushirou for four months, and how. Rather impressive given his boyfriend has a Lust Seal.

Techno Babble

Aveline loves this.

Ten Minutes in the Closet

Seems to happen to Tales characters fairly often, though Eri also suggests this for Shiki and Neku. Adelle obliviously suggests this as a method for cheering up a depressed and lonely Ryo. Ashton and Claude also spend some quality time together in a closet due to Rena's brilliant suggestion to get them talking to each other again after a rather .. awkward virus-induced situation.

Ten Minute Retirement

Sabine after she had her freak out.

Tenchi Solution

Jyou, Jun, and Mimi…although to be fair, the girls came up with this solution, not Jyou himself. With an actual Tenchi around now… this name may take literal shape soon…

That Didn't Happen


The Tease

Greg to Sabine and Sabine to Greg.

There Are No Therapists

Punching people to their senses and/or running away are not therapy. Eventually subverted by Dr. Peckmon after Adelle's kidnapping and loss of her partner at the hands of her uncle, as well as Ivan mentioning grief counselling for Unit 2 following Nanoha's getting Put on a Bus. Dr. Peckmon is a neat double subversion in that though he's a great therapists, some of the people who need therapy the most can't go to him because they're afraid of digimon.

They Do


Thirteen Going On Thirty

Age virus.

This Is A Drill

… If I have to tell you, then you just showed up here.

This Is Reality

Ryo plays with this, pointing out to people under the impression that the digital world is like a TV show that it is, in fact, real life.


Played memetically straight with the occasional "this. is. TETHA!!" from the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn but also played with. Aveline comes to mind with "KNOWLEDGE. IS. POWER!"

This Is Unforgivable

Yoshino of all people picks this up from her husband.

Time Skip

Yuka, Nanoha, Rhea.

Their First Time

Yosaru, Kouryo.

Throw The Book At Them

Sabine's favorite method of how to deal with her cousin and anyone else who is just as annoying.

Tomboy and Girly Girl

Mackenzie and Sharpay.

Took A Level in Badass

Offscreened. The timeskip trio of girls - Yuka, Nanoha, and Rhea - all did.

Translator Microbes

Everyone in the digital world supposedly hears and reads everything in their native language as an effect of the digital world. Occasionally lampshaded by the odd character realizing they don't speak the language someone clearly of another culture probably is.

Transformation Sequence

Digivolution occasionally has background music added. As do large-scale Power Ranger morphs.

Trapped In Another World

The premise.

Triang Relations

Why The Chart exists.



Two Words: Obvious Trope

Ash Ward actually says this at one stage: "Two words, obvious trope: Baby digimon."


Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

What Dive is really all about.

Unflinching Walk

Nine-year-old Aveline Izumi of all people gets one of these combined with a Power Walk walking towards her brainwashed father Koushirou. Her partner, Greymon, is not amused.

Unlucky Childhood Friend

Osamu returns from the dead to find that Ryo is now several years older than him, moved on years ago, and is also now taken.

Unsound Effect

Spider-Man indulges in this while training with RJ.

Unspoken Plan Guarantee


Unstoppable Rage

Daemon's Wrathematicians Taichi and Kouichi take this to a very literal level.

Wacky Marriage Proposal

Both Tounami and Yosaru get engaged over the D-Comms. The boys then proceeded to tell each other they were doing it wrong.


We Help the Helpless


We Wait

Used when the heroes don't have enough information to go on, which is often.

We Will Meet Again

Kurata was fond of this.

Weapons Kitchen Sink

Daisuke's soccer ball, Hikari's pole, Mackenzie's hockey stick. With digisoul, the world is your oyster. Sam even THREW a kitchen sink during Kuratageddon!

Wedding Crashers

Subverted in that there was only one: Xellos, making Sora's cake a lie.

Welcome to My World

Used on occasion.

Well Intentioned Extremist

Shiori's justification for hating digimon, parroted from Kurata.

What Is Going On

Used liberally by n00bs to the digital world.

What Measure is a Non Human

Many characters who wouldn't kill a human have no problem reverting digimon.

What Would X Do

Rumiko's X is Ruki, Molly's are her older brothers.

Where Are They Now Epilogue

Aveline, Anei, and Hikaru hail from versions of one.

While Rome Burns

Vergil and Witchmon sip tea throughout the Tetha branch of Kuratageddon.

Whip it Good

Ryo teaches this skill to his boyfriend's mother Masami; Aveline, having picked up the basics from him in her timeline, passes it on to her best friend Adelle.

Who Would Want to Watch Us

Played with: Ryo, wondering why someone would want to play him in an RPG, decides that the only reason would be if they were a yaoi fangirl.

The Wiki Rule

Why, hello, there!

With Friends Like These

Mack and Ash Ward.

Wouldn't Hit A Girl

Despite this, Masaru does end up hitting Yoshino, and decides that Archnemon being a digimon is justification for him hitting her.

Written Roar

Spider-Man runs into some Grizzmon who indulge in this.


You Momma's A Trope

Axl responds to ADR-01 at one stage with "so's your mom" and "so's your face"; Ryo picks it up as a Running Gag. Masaru also indulges in this against some automatic spam from Jeremy on Koushirou's D-Comm. Adiane the Elegant also pulled a "your mom" in response to Boota's Axoyri shenanigans.

You All Meet In A Cell

With the digital world as the cell.

You Do NOT Want To Know

Often at the end of a virus.

You Need To Get Laid

Koushirou of all people throws this line at Mackenzie.

Younger Than They Look

The reploid OCs.

Your Door Was Open

Subverted. Ryo has Wisemon, Jenny, and a brainwashed Koushirou show up in the TARDIS - all three times when the door was locked.

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