Elyon Brown

Elyon Brown is a human being from the comic and television series *W.I.T.C.H.*


A cheerful, intelligent young woman trying to be a good leader to her people and who wishes to do right by them, especially after the almost decade and a half that they had spent dominated by Phobos' rule. As a ruler Elyon is kind and benevolent, practically the polar opposite of her older brother.

Elyon is also a young woman struggling to find her identity. Finding out she had, in essence, been adopted was a great shock to her. However, living a nondescript life on Earth was no preparation for being the ruler of Meridian. The adjustment to living in Meridian was difficult, and Elyon gets annoyed with people who expect her to make the transtion smoothly and with no mistakes. Sometimes there are moments when Elyon wishes that she could return to her simple life on Earth before she found out that she was a princess, but she keeps these to herself because she doesn't want to let her
people down.

While King Zaden and Queen Weira were her biological parents, to Elyon her real parents are Alborn and Miriadel, the two Meridianites who posed as her human parents Thomas and Eleanor Brown. They were the ones who raised her, who she knew as her mother and father. Even after their deception about Meridian was revealed Elyon still felt a certain amount of loyalty towards them to the point where Phobos had to lie to her about their fate so that she wouldn't be upset.

Elyon retains a close friendship with the Guardians, particularly Cornelia who has been her best friend since kindergarten, and through them keeps an alliance with Kandrakar and Earth. She has plans to train Cornelia's younger sister Lillian, the Heart of Earth, in the mastery of her powers once Lillian gets older.

Pre-Roleplay History

Birth of Light and Meridian's Downfall

Note: This page contains spoilers for the cartoon series W.I.T.C.H., as well as Shaun Garin's Element-verse.

Fourteen years ago, a baby girl was born to Queen Weira and King Zaden of the world of Meridian. She was named Elyon and named heir to the throne of Meridian.

This did not sit well with Phobos, who was Elyon's older brother. He wanted control of Meridian for himself but he would need Elyon's powers to do it. When Elyon was still an infant Phobos took control of Meridian and disposed of his parents before trying to take his sister's power.

Fortunately Elyon was rescued by a Meridianite named Galgheita who smuggled her out of the castle. She gave the baby princess to two Meridiantes who had been loyal to the king and queen, Alborn and Miriadel. Alborn and Miriadel took Elyon with them across the Veil to Earth.

Life on Earth

Elyon grew up on Earth in the town of Heatherfield, raised as a normal girl by her parents Thomas and Eleanor Brown (the human guises of Alborn and Miriadel). Her best friend was Cornelia Hale, the future Guardian of Earth, and she was good friends with the other future Guardians as well as another fellow student named Alchemy.

Hail to the Princess

Her life changed when a man named Cedric opened up a book shop in Heatherfield, and she developed a crush on him. She started hanging around his bookstore a lot, and soon took a job there. After gaining Elyon's trust, as well as weakening her trust in Cornelia and the others, Cedric revealed Elyon's true identity to her and offered to take her to Meridian. When Cornelia, Will and the others tried to tell Elyon of Cedric's true nature she unleashed her power for the first time against them. She then went with Cedric to Meridian, where she was reunited with her older brother.

Under the watchful gazes of Phobos and Cedric, Elyon learned how to harness her powers. Although she seemed unaware of the real situation in Meridian, in truth a seed of doubt (actually memories from a retconned version of the universe) kept Elyon from trusting her brother and his servants completely. She was more willing to listen to the Guardians the next time they attempted to rescue her, but refused to leave Meridian as she felt she had a duty to the people of that world, to protect them from Phobos. When Phobos accelerated his plans to drain her of her powers, Elyon contacted the Guardians and told them to begin their invasion a day ahead of schedule. Phobos and Cedric were caught completely unawares, defeated and imprisoned in the palace dungeon.

The Queen Takes Her Throne

After Phobos and Cedric were defeated, Elyon was officially coronated as Queen of Meridian. During the celebration she was approached by Trill, a kitchen worker and member of the Resistance, who gave the young Queen a gift - a jewel that had belonged to Elyon's mother, Weira.

For a while Elyon remained in Meridian, but an investigation into the disappearance of the Brown family led to Elyon and her adoptive parents coming back to Earth. Elyon decided to finish out the school year at Sheffield before returning to Meridian where her education would be continued under the guidance of a tutor. However attacks by Nerissa's Knights of Vengeance required that Elyon commute to Meridian almost daily in order to help the Guardians protect that realm.

A Captured Heart

At the end of the school year Elyon moved back to Meridian permanently. She became curious about her birth parents, mainly due to the jewel that Trill had given her at her coronation. Elyon went into the Meditation Chamber with Trill so that she could see Trill's memories of the former King and Queen of Meridian. What Elyon saw made her believe that her birth parents were horrible people who didn't love her at all. Upon emerging from the Chamber Elyon learned that her brother had escaped from the dungeon and was attacking the palace; she imprisoned him along with the Knights of Vengeance, and then angrily threw the jewel necklace at Trill.

Trill revealed her true nature as Nerissa, and explained that she had used the Jewel of the Crown to drain Elyon's powers from her. When Elyon had thrown the jewel at Trill, she had given her the powers of the Heart of Meridian. Elyon was then taken prisoner by Nerissa and sealed inside the jewel.

Element: Metal

Elyon remained a prisoner inside of the jewel for several weeks. It was during her imprisonment that she was also called to Echo, discovering her power of the Element of Metal as well as her connection to Flare. She harbored the White Aspect of Flare, but in the end gave it over to Caleb to counter the Black Aspect that he held. Following the journey, Elyon was returned to the jewel/Heart of Meridian.

Nerissa's Fall

In time Elyon was joined by Hay Lin's grandmother Yan Lin who was immune to Nerissa's magical influence, then later by the other former Guardians after they were absorbed into the Heart of Meridian.

Following Nerissa's defeat, Elyon was released from the Heart and retook her rightful place as ruler of Meridian. She gave the jewel containing Nerissa to Caleb for safe-keeping.

Activity in the Digital World


One day in late March, Elyon decided to fold from Meridian to Heatherfield to surprise her friends. However Yggdrasil had other ideas and detoured her into the Digital World. Elyon found herself in the D'Ango Forest where she met her partner Plotmon.

Reaching out through the D-Comm system she made contact with Hay Lin, Will Vandom, Matt Olsen and Caleb. Will and Hay Lin headed out to Tetha to rescue her and she moved into the Silver Dragon with them.

D is for Doomsday

On August 15th Victor von Doom attacked the Hinata Inn with the intent of stealing the Heart of Kandrakar. Elyon joined the battle early on as part of the air strike team against the Doombots, then joined Optimus Primal and the remainder of Team W.I.T.C.H. against Doom himself.

Unfortunately Elyon's combined Flare and Quintessence powers were no match against Doom. She could only watch helplessly as he brought down the Guardians, severely wounded Hay Lin and took the Heart of Kandrakar from Will.


Elyon was very shaken by Doom's attack on the Inn as well as worried about Hay Lin. She was also contemplating the future of her own powers/status as the Heart of Meridian and wondering if she should transfer her power into a talisman like the Heart of Kandrakar or the Sasami's Heart of Jurai. She spoke a little with Sasami and Xanatos who assured her that she would know what to do if and when the time came, and more importantly that they would strike back.

R is for Retribution (Tamers-style)

And strike back they did. Six days after Doom's attack on the Inn, Elyon accompanied an assembled task force to Doom's hideout. Her part was simple - read an incantation that Xanatos provided at precisely the right time. The spell unleashed a spate of lightening around Doom that kept him pinned long enough for the others to get their shots in. Together the strike team retrieved the Heart of Kandrakar and soundly beat Doom.

Elyon returned to the Inn with the rest of the team, triumphant. But the triumph didn't last when Hay Lin awoke with amnesia. Again Elyon was left to feel helpless as Hay Lin struggled to remember her life (although Doom's gloating over the journal system provided her an outlet for her anger).

While she waited for Hay Lin's mind to heal itself Elyon questioned Xanatos about the spell he had given her, noting that its power had held some similarities to Meridian's magic. She learned, to her surprise, that he had given her a spell of the Third Race, the Children of Oberon.

Elyon and the Seven Sins

When the Seven Sins virus hit the Digital World - hard - Elyon was one of those who remained unaffected. The virus seemed to hit the Dragon/Inn especially hard with a majority of its residents affected. Worst of all was the timing, as the Inn was hosting a holiday called "Brewfest" for the remainder of the month of September.

Things came to a head when Matt got into a fight with Other Matt, both of them under the influence of the virus, and Matt transferred his portion of the Heart of Earth to Other Matt. Matt's partner, Shagon, led an exodus of many other non-virused residents of the Dragon/Inn who were fed up with the chaos - Caleb among them.

Elyon was among the few who chose to stay and against her better judgement attempted to organize the remainder of the non-virused who had stayed behind. She soon found herself in the position of unofficial leader as she collaborated with Fillmore as well as attempted to explain Caleb's jumping ship to a virused Hay Lin. Elyon also found herself reflecting on her feelings for Hay Lin, or more specifically what Hay Lin's feelings towards her might be. It hadn't gone unnoticed that, while Hay Lin had flirted with many people under the virus' influence, Elyon herself had not been one of them. And she wasn't quite sure on how to react to that, whether it meant that Hay Lin honored their friendship that much or she just didn't find Elyon attractive.

She remained "in charge" through the virus' end and its aftermath, helping Fillmore deal with damage control and clean up. While taking a walk through Tetha to clear her head Elyon wound up running into a newly-arrived Darth Vader. She was surprised to see him, and even more surprised to learn that Xanatos of all people had provided Vader's medical care as well as invited him to lodge at the Inn.

Elyon also got a chance to hang out with Hay Lin, as well as straighten things out between the two of them. The pair headed to Axyori and trolled the carnival, as well as reminisced about their lives back in Heatherfield. Elyon comforted Hay Lin when the Guardian of Air grew anxious about Terra's lack of communication.

Guardians Re-United

Life proceeded as normally (as possible) after the Seven Sins virus ended. Cornelia appeared in the Digital World, much to Elyon's surprise and delight. On Halloween she celebrated her birthday, and a few days later attempted to console Hay Lin after Sasami's disappearance. Some days after that there was more reason to celebrate as not only did Sasami return, but Taranee also made her way to the Digital World completing the Guardian team.

Unfortunately the bad news continued to come, mainly in the form of the revelation that Terra had been abducted, brainwashed and turned into a Bio-Hybrid. Hay Lin did not react well, creating a violent windstorm on the roof of the Dragon and Dark Evolving Hawkmon. Elyon accompanied the rest of the Guardians to talk her down.

A New Heart

Not long after the Guardians were reunited Cornelia's sister Lillian and her familiar Napoleon made their entrance into the Digital World. Elyon was one of those who talked with Lillian on her first journal entry.

For a while Team W.I.T.C.H. was able to keep Lillian's identity and powers as the Heart of Earth a secret from the little girl, but all of that came to an end after an older version of Irma's brother Chris showed up in the Digital World and let the cat out of the bag. After the revelation Elyon offered to teach Lillian about what the Hearts were and how to control her powers.

S is for Stalker

In the middle of February 2009, beginning around Valentine's Day, Elyon started being harassed by an anonymous stalker over the comm system, who taunted her and sent her menacing gifts. The first of these gifts were a box of chocolates and a small doll dressed in a gown - an effigy of Elyon. Utterly creeped out, Elyon threw away the candy and gave the doll to Taranee to be burned. The next gift was a tear-shaped pendant, a replica of the one that Nerissa had used to steal away the powers of the Heart of Meridian. It was accompanied by another menacing note that referenced the Ides of March as well as March 12, the day that the Heart of Meridian could be taken by force. Fillmore convinced Elyon not to destroy the pendant and she gave it to him to give to Gil Grissom for forensic analysis.

While Elyon participated in the defense of the Inn during LOT's attempted invasion of Tetha, it proved only a brief distraction from her stalker. As March drew closer the harassment kept up, and began to be accompanied by sightings of Elyon's brother Phobos and his righthand snakeman, Cedric. To her disappointment Grissom's analysis of the pendant didn't turn up anything that could identify who the stalker was.

On the morning of March 12, Elyon was woken from an uneasy sleep by the sudden appearance of Phobos in her bedroom. Frightened (not to mention pissed off when he blew up part of the room), Elyon grabbed Plotmon and ran. She fled the Hinata Inn, pursued by her brother through the streets of Tetha and dodging more explosions until she found herself cornered in an alleyway.

Too late, Elyon found that she'd run right into a boobytrap, an inverted energy field that prevented her from escaping. She was even more surprised to learn the identity of the person who had orchestrated the whole plot, as well as had been stalking her for the past month: Miranda, the shape-shifting spider-girl that had posed as her best friend when Elyon was under her brother's thrall. Miranda then attempted to steal the power of the Heart of Meridian for herself—

—but was stopped by Caleb, who had just returned from a year-long timeskip. His intervention gave Elyon enough time to build up enough power to overload the energy field, as well as allowed Nefertimon to evolve to her Perfection form of Angewomon. Following Miranda's defeat, Elyon alerted DATS to her presence in the Digital World.

P is for Padawan

Frustrated at how easily Miranda had been able to deceive her and being made a victim, Elyon approached Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker about becoming his student. He accepted her request and she joined the group of Padawans already at the Inn, learning how to construct and use her own lightsaber. In between training sessions Elyon still found time to do things like celebrating Cornelia's birthday.

In late May, not long after the murder of Mary Jane Watson, Karin Jurai-Lin attempted to lead a rebellion of the younger Tamers out of frustration at always being made to stay on the sidelines. Elyon sympathized with the younger girl to an extent; back in Meridian her parents and the royal guards were so overprotective and so fearful of losing her again that sometimes Elyon felt like a prisoner in her own castle. When Hay Lin reacted badly to Karin's rebellion Elyon attempted to diffuse the situation by telling Hay Lin about her life in Meridian and pointing out that if she and Sasami didn't start showing Karin a little more trust and giving her a chance to prove herself, it would only be setting the stage for a bigger rebellion further down the line - one that might have a sadder outcome.

R is for Relationships

In early July Elyon's Jedi master had his brain broken by the arrival of his son Luke Skywalker. Elyon spoke to Luke over the comm, revealing that she was one of his father's students. Much to Elyon's surprise (and the delight of her inner fangirl) Luke said he was interested in seeing her technique. That same night Elyon was alerted by Hay Lin to Ahsoka Tano's change in attitude and decided to talk to her fellow Padawan.

The day after Luke's arrival Elyon went to Axyori with Hay Lin for a picnic lunch. Hay Lin helped the queen draw up a list of qualities that Elyon was looking for in a significant other. It wasn't until after they returned home that Elyon realized that nearly all of the things she had told Hay Lin described the Guardian of Air herself.

This plot is still on-going.


Back on Earth Elyon is at least as powerful as all five Guardians combined. However, thanks to Yggdrasil in the Digital World Elyon is not quite so powerful.

Heart of Meridian

In addition to being the ruler of Meridian Elyon is also its Heart. That means she is the center of all of Meridian's magical power. Elyon has control over all of the elements that the Guardians do, as well as reality warping, flight, telekinesis and folding between dimensions.

As with all world Hearts, the power of the Heart of Meridian must be transferred freely from one person to another, except for one day out of the year when it can be taken by force. For the Heart of Meridian, this day is March 12.


Obtained during her trip to Echo. Flare is best described as atomization. But, like the Heart Elyon's Flare ability has been hindered by her arrival in the Digital World, so she has to find other methods of using it.

Other Abilities

Jedi Training

Elyon is currently studying as a Padawan under the tutelage of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. So far she has built her own lightsaber and made it through half of the Trials to Knighthood.


  • Elyon's birthday is October 31, ironically the same day that the Heart of Earth can be taken from its holder.
  • For all intents and purposes Elyon has temporarily denounced her title as 'Queen' while in the Digital World. She has only made known the fact that she is royalty on a few occasions.




  • Shawujingmon's Xiang Yao Xang
  • Taomon's Magic Charms
  • Kongoumon's Bead Necklace

Other Items

  • Soul of Flare (received in Echo, accompanied Elyon into the Digital World)
  • royal jewels
  • drawing by Karin Jurai-Lin
  • Winter hat and scarf
  • lightsaber (bluish-green blade)
Elyon Brown
Series Canon W.I.T.C.H.
Journal lightofmeridian
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 13
Digimon Partner Plotmon
Affiliations Team W.I.T.C.H., Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn
D-Comm Colors Dark bluish-green and light bluish-green
D-Comm Symbol
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