Eon is a Chronian from the movie Ben 10: Race Against Time.


Eon is ruthless and driven, and between his obsession and power, he is damn near unstoppable. He commands respect and complete obedience from anyone who serves him, even when his cruelty does not merit respect (example: killing one of his own servants, then telling the others not to save him). He also has a mocking edge, a bit of a god complex, and some melodramatic tendencies.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Ben 10: Race Against Time

The story begins on the planet Chronia, whose people mastered time and the elements. Expert warriors, they became like gods, except they eventually destroyed themselves, locking themselves in time.

So, in an attempt to save his people, a half-dead Eon traveled to Earth two hundred years ago, seeking to help his race escape their prison in time. However, to do that, he needed to open a rift with a device called the Hands of Armageddon, which would allow their battleships to reintegrate into the timeline and invade the Earth. Needless to say, the locals weren't pleased. A small band of local Plumbers (an intergalactic law enforcement agency) imprisoned him in secret in a lab they built to test alien technology, keeping him a secret from the rest of the agency even after the Earth branch disbanded. The Hands of Armageddon were locked in an underground facility, on top of which was built the town of Bellwood. Over the years, the Plumbers worked to try and destroy the Hands, but it deflected everything they threw at it, creating several disasters in the process: the Grand Canyon, the Great Chicago Fire, and the Great Quake of '89. Eventually, they apparently returned it to Bellwood.

Then one day, Eon escaped, destroying parts of the lab and aging his jailer, Constantine Jacobs, to live mummification. Weakened and degenerating with every jump in time, Eon knew he was incapable of activating the Hands on his own. Only a young Chronian at his peak would have the power necessary. Fortunately, it wasn't very hard to clone himself—not long before Eon's escape, a young human boy found a device called the Omnitrix, which could sample DNA from various alien species and overwrite his own, granting him all of their powers. Eon's backup plan was and always had been to find the boy with the Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson, first attacking randomly to assess his abilities before faking his death, allowing him to plot while Ben let his guard down.

Unfortunately, the Tennysons realized that Eon had escaped and wasn't as dead as he'd seemed in the battle with Heatblast. Realizing the danger Ben was in, the Bellwood Plumbers began keeping a watch on him around the clock, refusing to let him out of their sight. With time running out, Eon grew more and more desperate, actually daring to attack Ben at school in his civilian identity. However, Ben refused to be an easy target, fighting back as Diamondhead and forcing him to retreat. But after all these humiliations and the danger his family and community was facing, Ben decided enough was enough and tried to set a trap, using himself as bait.

It worked too well. Even with Grandpa Max and Gwen there trying to convince him to go back into hiding, Eon's forces captured them and took them to the Hands of Armageddon. There, Eon taunted Ben with the secrets of the Omnitrix, that its time limit was designed specifically so that the alien personalities wouldn't overwhelm the user with each transformation. He then revealed how he had traveled through time over and over, searching for Ben, something the boy had never suspected, never been told by his grandfather and the rest of his protectors. Finally, he revealed the worst truth of all: Ben was destined to become him. Adding his DNA to the Omnitrix's database, he overrode the failsafes and forced Ben to transform. He then left to allow Eon-Ben to finish his work, as the two of them could not coexist in the same world at the same time.

Ben-Eon managed to activate the Hands, but he was stopped by Grandpa Max and reverted by Gwen, after which, everyone managed to deactivate the Hands. Furious, Eon attacked one final time just as Ben and the others were about to leave. As Ben transformed into Wildmutt, Eon planned to continue fighting until the time limit ran out, to start all over again. But before that could happen, Wildmutt viciously attacked him, sending him flying into the Hands, destroying the device and apparently killing him.

Activity in the Digital World

Keeping a low profile

When Eon arrived in the Digital World and discovered Ben Tennyson was there and older and wiser than when they last fought, he knew he had to be careful with his plans for revenge. Many of his powers had been either weakened or stripped from him entirely by the Digital World. And there were too many unknown factors that he couldn't just attack. Instead, he had Kotemon spy on Ben and take note of his friends.

On Halloween, he made his first move. Snatching Gwen 10 from Candmon Jack, he had Kotemon (in his Adult form of Clockmon) hold her hostage in an abandoned power plant in Tetha. Team Alien Force defeated Clockmon, but the point was never to win; merely to observe. Afterward, Eon contacted the hostiles of the Digital World and forged an alliance with the Lord of Terror and Beast Wars Megatron. He continued to be wary, warning them when Max Tennyson arrived that he was not to be taken lightly.

When Robotnik contacted the villains for an alliance, Eon was hesitant to join. Still, he knew he could not afford to turn down any assistance, so he agreed to a part-time association, similar to his arrangement with LOT and Megatron.

First strike

On New Year's Day, Eon and Kotemon came across Darth Vader in the Silver Dragon's D'Ango vegetable garden and decided to fight him to test his strength. Both sides were about evenly matched, though Eon managed to get the upper hand through several dirty tricks. As the battle continued, Colette eventually appeared to defend Vader. Seeing the deep bond of friendship between them, Eon began alternating between threatening one or the other. It ended with Vader taking a blast meant for Colette, and Colette using her Sacrifice spell to fend Eon off. Overwhelmed, Eon and Clockmon retreated, but the damage was done. Vader was badly injured and Colette was catatonic.

United Alliance of Evil

Seeing promise in some of the villains, Megatron contacted Eon, Lord Zedd, Rika Karasuma, and Miranda for a new alliance, the United Alliance of Evil. He predicted backstabbing and overlapping egos in Robotnik's team, and so he proposed a true alliance—everyone shared the spoils of the Digital World and the blame for failure. Eon agreed to join, being wary of Robotnik and Kurata's ambition in kidnapping Yukidarumon and her foster son Ikuto Noguchi and ransoming them for Doom, who was still in DATS's custody. At the same time, he hoped he would find some kind of purpose, as he knew he had little planned beyond his revenge against the Tennyson family.

As Miranda began to prepare to steal the Heart of Meridian from Elyon Brown on March 12, Eon realized that there was a flaw in their plans: Captain Charlie O'Neill, who hailed from the Element universe (same world as Team W.I.T.C.H. and Ben) in 2026. There was no doubt that he would have known about the attack and would try to prevent it. So late night on the 11th, Eon attacked him in Tetha, killing Hagurumon and knocking out Charlie. He then tossed away Charlie's D-Comm and D-Reader and kidnapping him from the scene.

Of course, Miranda's plot to seize the Heart of Meridian failed with Caleb's timely return from his timeskip. This led the UAE to wonder just what they were going to do with their hostage. Finally, an ingenius plan struck them: they would let him go, but secretly wired so that he was an unwitting mole against the Hinata Inn Tamers. While Ben and Kevin were rescuing a brainwashed Susan Vandom from Zedd's fortress, Miranda managed the hostage trade, and the UAE successfully got their mole in without anyone the wiser.

As Robotnik sought to make his Syndicate a more permanent thing, Eon contacted Charmcaster, a villainness from a world similar to his. As she was a long-standing enemy of Gwen, Eon figured she would make a good addition to the UAE. While cautious, Charmcaster agreed to join.

Perfect opportunity

A revenge prank against Ben and Charlie turned them both into kids again with Negi Springfield's age candy. Thanks to the wiretapping via Charlie, Eon found out about it and couldn't pass up the opportunity to attack Ben while he was less of a threat as a ten-year-old. Locating Ben and Ransik on the outskirts of Tetha, he attacked, facing down Ransik and his BladeKuwagamon, Ben's Asuramon, and a horde of Cyclobots.

Though Eon managed to evolve his Clockmon to Mystimon, he was still outnumbered and outgunned. So he attacked Ben with an energy sphere and stole his weapons to fight off Ransik. However, the mutant was enraged by the attack on the boy and evolved his BladeKuwagamon to SkullSatamon. Mystimon found himself unable to keep up with SkullSatamon's surprisingly brilliant improvizational tactics and had to retreat. Eon fought Ransik until he was thrown off the edge of Tetha. But of course, they would never find a body, as he had taken the opportunity to escape using one of Megatron's Laserbeak drones. He then passed along scans of the stolen weapons to the rest of the UAE, along with notes on the attack.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Energy Manipulation - Chronian racial ability, without the drawbacks of time manipulation. Appearing in the form of purple energy spheres fired from his hands, or purple electricity.
  • Durability - Capable of withstanding dense crystals from Diamondhead throwing him into a wall and being electrocuted, among other attacks. Roughly equivalent to taking an Adult Digimon's attack without much damage.
  • Strength - Capable of breaking steel chains with his bare hands and little effort and throwing a ten-year-old Ben across the room. Roughly equivalent to a low to mid-strength Adult.



Stored items

Stolen from Ben Tennyson, with plenty of backup scans

  • Grotto Hammer DX (customized version of Grotto Hammer for Grifball)
  • Licht Sieger DX (customized for Grifball)
  • Sealsdramon's knife
  • Commandramon's M-16 Assassin

Other items

  • Walkman to contact Megatron's forces.
Series Canon Ben 10
Journal armageddonshand
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age Unknown
Digimon Partner Kotemon
Affiliations UAE
D-Comm Colors Black and purple
D-Comm Symbol Hands of Armageddon
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