Epic Typos

Alas, we are not perfect typists all the time.

We immortalize typos here not to mock, but out of love.

I Feel the Power

Katsuro's Paildramon: The spikes on his arms extended, and he attempted to get up close and powersonal with Vadermon and slash him with them, while screaming "ESGRIMA!"

Attack of the Taishirou

Taichi to Koushirou: Well, you coming on top me was a low point, but…

Nanoha Fails at Watching

Ken: Ceiling Nanoha is watching you…
Mags: Nanoha: *fails from ceiling, flails*

Who Really Plays Whom

The Taken Character List: RPer, infinityblade; character journal, raptorscribe

Ken Laughs

Ken: ;,ap
Ken: lmao even

Drunken Gabi

…Actually? There's too many typos to list.

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