Erbear is a member at Digital Dive and has been since it started. She plays a handful of characters and her favorite season of Digimon is the first two (which can technically be counted as one). Her major fandom however is Kingdom Hearts and more specifically Organization XIII.

She has been roleplaying on livejournal for nearly two years now. Her first RP comm was a Danny Phantom RP where she played the title character as well as the genie ghost Desiree. Soon she fell out of the Danny Phantom fandom (arguably it was shortly after Ember, Desiree's girlfriend, left the RP) and set her sights on other RPs. It was around the same time that she joined a comm known as Second Chance, a multi-fandom RP, her first character there being Sora. Many other characters were picked up there but this RP also eventually died. Now Erbear is currently a very active member in an RP her friend Junabi started called Centerverse, another multifandom RP. Here she started with Axel and picked up various characters from there including Luxord, Namine, Riza Hawkeye, Tidus, Haruka Tenoh, Toph Bei-Fong and most recently has applied for Belle.

Aside from roleplaying Erbear enjoys writing drabbles/fanfiction, mostly for the Kingdom Hearts fandom again but there are some times where she will branch off into Heroes or Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom…and don't even get her started on the crossovers she LOVES writing.

As of November 30 she turned 20, a thought that scares her when she really thinks about it. She also attends college and is an English major (What do you do with a B.A. in English?)

Erbear's characters include:

Main Journal samurai_usagi
Writing Journal [ Hitsuzen Heroes
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Email moc.oohay|31ekacoreA#moc.oohay|31ekacoreA
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