Fairymon - Ivan

Fairymon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Dive universe. For its partner, see Ivan Hammet.

Evolution Line
Puttomon Fairymon Thunderbirmon Wingdramon Chaos Dukemon
Angel Dust Brezza Petalo Thunderstorm Thunder Sonic Breath Judecca Prison
Tornado Gamba Spark Wing Explode Sonic Lance Falling Lance
Doppio Perforare Wing Blast

Ivan Summons…

This particular Fairymon is the Jupiter summons of Golden Sun:

In other words, Fairymon represents the multiple Djinn, or elemental spirits of wind as their combined presence on the physical plane. As such, Ivan is a little handicapped in her evolution in that he must not only achieve an emotional connection with her, but he must also unleash enough Djinn to summon that spirit normally, both lessening the power of his Psynergy and his physical strength. Upon evolution, the power of Ivan's Jupiter Psynergy spikes, then falls back to normal levels with a half-life of ten minutes. (Puttomon takes up one Djinni, requiring two more to be unleashed before she can evolve to Fairymon. Thunderbirmon requires five Djinn, Wingdramon uses seven, and Chaos Dukemon requires all nine.)


Fairymon's personality is determined by the last Djinni Ivan unleashed before her evolution.


Ivan's first Djinni. Childish and constantly eager to help. Physically attacks with the elemenal power of wind when unleashed.


Devil's advocate, a foil to Squall. Boosts Ivan and his allies' resistance to the elements when unleashed.


Loud and bossy, enjoys fighting even when it's unfair. Physically attacks with the elemental power of wind with a chance of stunning them with lightning when unleashed.


Something of big sister to the rest of the group. Restores one person's Psynergy or magic by a third when unleashed.


Also enjoys fighting but prefers a physical fight, thinks using Psynergy or other special abilities is unfair. Temporarily seals the use of Psynergy or other magic when unleashed.


Gentle and kind, something of a nurturer. Heals one person 40% when unleashed.


Incredibly timid, doesn't like seeing other people fighting. Temporarily renders one person invisible and intangible when unleashed.


A militant pacifist: Doesn't like seeing other people fighting, but more aggressive in doing something about it. Causes an impromptu break in the battle when unleashed.

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