Faith Lehane

// Faith Lehane is a human woman with supernatural gifts from the BtVS/Angel canon.//

Pre-Roleplay History

Faith arrived in Sunnydale during Buffy’s senior year, having been activated as the Slayer by Kendra's death. Coming from a traumatic and abusive background, Faith tries to fit in with Buffy and her friends, but becomes increasingly isolated and bitter as the season progresses. A major turning point for the character occurs in the later half of the year, while trying to show Buffy the fun side of slaying, Faith accidentally kills Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, a human being who she mistakes for a vampire. Feeling more alienated than ever, she betrays the Scooby Gang and allies herself with the villainous Mayor of Sunnydale, eventually forming a sincere father-daughter relationship with him. After Faith tries to murder Buffy's vampire lover Angel under the Mayor's orders, the two Slayers finally battle it out in the season finale, a confrontation which leaves Faith alive but comatose.

Almost a year later she awakens from her coma, seeking revenge on Buffy by switching their bodies using a mystical device left to her by the now-deceased Mayor. As Buffy is taken into custody by the Watchers' Council for crimes she did not commit, Faith discovers for the first time what is like to be surrounded by loving friends and family. After feeling obligated to rescue a church full of people from vampires, Faith battles Buffy once again, expressing extreme self-hatred before being returned to her own body.

Faith escapes to Los Angeles and is hired by Wolfram & Hart to assassinate Angel. Instead, Angel convinces her to face the consequences of her actions, and helps her on the path to redemption. Faith hands herself into the police and she is sentenced to a women's prison, where Angel later visits her.

Nearly three years later, Angel is reverted to the evil Angelus after having his soul removed. Faith is approached by her former Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who convinces her to break out of prison and help them. Wanting to help Angel the way he helped her, Faith injects herself with a mystical drug and feeds herself to Angelus in order to incapacitate him. She nearly dies from the drug, but during a psychic mind walk, Angel persuades her subconscious not to give up and that life is worth living.

Afterwards, a recovered Faith travels back to Sunnydale, where she plays a significant role in the battle against the First Evil. Faith reconciles with her fellow Slayer, although their relationship is tested when the Potential Slayers appoint Faith as their leader over Buffy. This decision later proves disastrous when Faith's plan leads them into a trap, leaving several girls dead. After a one-night-stand together, Faith begins a romantic relationship with school principal Robin Wood when they both survive the battle. Unfortunately that, like many other relationships she’s had, has fallen through.

Activity in the Digital World

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Faith is, above all other things, a survivor. A tough girl to the end, Faith calls things the way that she sees them, and doesn't try to hide anything behind a sugar coating. Still, she’s far more complex than she appears to be. Having spent two years in prison, Faith had a lot of time to examine her life and realize that she wants to change. She knows that she crossed the line, and that her anger management issues, lust for violence, thrill of the chase, and the seductive sensuality of power will always be there and will always have her walking a fine line. However, Faith now knows that crossing that line is a choice and that not crossing it is harder choice to make.

Faith has a lot of respect and envy of Buffy Summers. Since leaving prison, Faith has made special efforts to be a true slayer: protecting innocents and not simply doing things to please herself. To her surprise, she is discovering that the feelings that come from helping others, and knowing that it's the right thing, are nearly as intoxicating and satisfying as following through on her more dangerous urges. She is sincere in her protection of the weaker and the innocent.

Faith has an undying loyalty to Angel, knowing that he believed in her when no one else would, and in the end, he saved her from becoming a monster. She has come to terms with what she used to be now, and although she often feels awful for the things she has done, she tried not to let it stand in the way of finding her redemption.

Sex on the other hand, is still a game to Faith, as she will do it only when she finds the itch that needs to be scratched.


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*On the first time she slayed vampires, Faith was stark naked and in front of a bus full of Catholic Nuns.

Faith Lehane
Series Canon Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / Angel
Journal BostonianSlayer
Role-Player SethAvalon
Age 25
Digimon Partner Tsukaimon
Affiliations Watcher's Council
D-Comm Colors Purple and Black
D-Comm Symbol Tattoo on her left shoulder
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