Falcomon - Aeolus

Falcomon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Aeolus.

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Evolution Line
Puwamon Pinamon Falcomon Diatrymon HippoGryphomon Gryphomon
N/A Scratch Smash Mega Dash Impact Heat Wave Super Sonic Voice
N/A Falco Rush Destruction Roar Sonic Voice Moebius Bite


Falcomon is fanatically loyal to Aeolus, as he was shaped by the man's ideals from the moment he hatched. Thus, he has an intense desire to prove himself and to be worthy in Aeolus's eyes. He seems his own evolution as his personal destiny, and that one day he'll be able to fly alongside Aeolus as his equal. Right now, though, he can only glideā€¦ and what's more, his intelligence and abilities are not quite up to Aeolus's exacting standards.


  • Falcomon's evolution line - going from a bird digimon that can't fly to a digimon that can is meant to parallel what his role player intends for Falcomon's character development. Essentially, as he "learns" to fly, he'll grow as an individualā€¦ either in relation to Aeolus, or apart from him.
Partner Aeolus
Journal wind-of-vain
Role-Player Razorsaw
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