Falcomon - Phantom

Falcomon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Phantom.

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Evolution Line
Falcomon Peckmon Karatenmon Ravemon
Scratch Smash Spiral Claw Ballistic Feathers Spiral Raven Claw
Shuririnken Thousand Beak Feather Sonic Blast Wing
Uchitake Drop Kunai Feathers Enlightenment Ame no Ohabari
Ninga Blade N/A Crow Swords N/A


With a rather friendly attitude, Falcomon is Phantom’s partner and companion, during the time spent in the Digital World, worrying about him at inappropriate times (refer to the time when he panicked about Phantom appearing dead when he was actually asleep). He talks a lot and enjoys Phantom’s company, even if the ninja doesn’t talk so much back. The Digimon will frequently chatter away and manage to stay on track at the same time.

At other times, Falcomon is loyal and is willing to help out others, even strangers he doesn’t know.


  • Falcomon has a tendacy to use ‘Whoo’ as an expression whilst talking.
  • He still has yet to show his professional side, in combat, alongside his partner.
Partner Phantom
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