FAQ Squad

The FAQ Squad is a group of Tamers unique to the RPG canon.

RPG Canon

As the most knowledgeable on the digital world, Koushirou was the first to inform people of what the digital world was and what they were doing there. Ryo began welcoming newcomers to the digital world along with providing an explanation. Upon his refusal of Koushirou's "you're the welcome, I'm the FAQ" argument, this became something of a competition between the two of them.

However, during Koushirou's stay in hospital after being bitten by a Dokugumon, Ryo was not taking D-Comm messages and Koushirou was handicapped, so Washu gave the FAQ a go and found it rather enjoyable, and for a time they were the original FAQ trio. Unfortunately all three of the trio were involved in the attacks on Arachnemon, so Protoman took up the slack. Wallace also found himself in the digital world during this time, and soon began supplying FAQ and welcoming himself. Rock Volnutt joined the FAQ squad after welcoming Luke fon Fabre to the digital world and being reprimanded by Ryo for not explaining anything.

Current leader in scores is Wallace, followed by Ryo.


The rules are simple. You must reply to a person's comm post before anyone else with an explanation of the digital world, the current situation, and/or any answers to common questions posed by the person. Simple welcomes are not accepted. Replies to people who have been to the Digital World, or do not want an explanation, are not counted.

This plot would still be on-going, if we actually had anything in mind for this.

FAQ Squad
Formed January 2008
IC Origin D-Comm
Ryo R. Akiyama
Koushirou Izumi
Blues Light
Trip Regis
Wallace R. Sullivan
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