Fight Club

Fight Club is a group of Tamers or RPers unique to the RPG canon.

RPG Canon

Inspired by the movie inspired by the book, Fight Club is a group of Tamers who had some unfortunate sexual encounter (or close enough) that they never wish to speak of ever again.

  1. You don't talk about Fight Club.
  2. You don't talk about Fight Club.

Thanks to Sam, Max, Jason, and Grif, the official headquarters of Fight Club is located on the roof of the Silver Dragon apartment complex.


Matt Olsen and Caleb

Alas, their encounter was pre-Dive. But it involved the two of them glamouring as their girlfriends and finding themselves weirdly attracted to each other. They spent the next few months coming up with the idea of Fight Club to plausibly deny it.

Hay Lin

Hay Lin was inducted into Fight Club after a particularly risque game of Twister with Caleb Polymorphed into Irma while they were both under the effects of the Love Virus Part Deux.

Ashton Ward and Ryo R. Akiyama

Under the influence of the Lust Seal, Ryo made a valiant attempt at making out with Ashton, who lost it and hit him. As Ryo had no idea what had brought on his sudden kiss, Ash decided to cover this incident with Fight Club. Ryo hurriedly agreed.

Koushirou Izumi

After his first time having sex with Ryo was accidentally audioposted onto the D-Comms, Caleb welcomed the two to Fight Club. Little did Koushirou know that Ryo was already in Fight Club.

Touma H. Norstein

Tora Akiyama's arrival, her story, and Ryo's subsequent paranoia that he too was HIV positive sent Koushirou and Ryo to the doctor for checkups. Unfortunately, the poor doctor on duty at the time was Touma, and his brain was so broken by the experience of having to check people he knew for STDs that Ryo decided they'd pretend it never happened.


Neemon decided to recruit any woman to make a man out of Kyon on his birthday, and Lotusmon of Flower Paradise volunteered. Neemon didn't expect her to actually do it though. Kyon denies the incident.

Will Vandom

During a bout of bad luck, Will accidentally fell into the hot springs. The boys' side. While Matt was naked. He was speechless about his second Fight Club encounter (this time with his girlfriend to boot), and she was completely embarrassed. Hay Lin inducted her with the official Fight Club for Dummies pamphlet.

Yuka Noguchi and Asuna Kagurazaka

Yuka recruited Asuna to train Takeru, but then she decided she wanted to battle her too. The girls' clothing exploded during the fight, and when they were knocked out, Asuna's Candmon decided to be an ass and put their unconscious bodies in a compromising position. Takeru was on hand to defuse Ash Ketchum's freakout about what he thought happened to his girlfriend.

Irma Lair and Kira Ford

And on the same day as Will and Matt and Yuka and Asuna, Fight Club was invoked once more. Bad luck shrank Kira's clothes in the wash, and her shirt ripped, forcing her to wear a towel while looking for some clothes that fit. While musing over the weirdness of the Unexpected Naked Time happening all that day, Irma accidentally crashed into Kira. Then she wound up in Hay Lin's room, and Hay Lin tried her hardest not to freak her out.

Terra and Tim Drake

While actively trying to avoid the Unexpected Naked Time running rampant around the Silver Dragon that day, Terra decided to lock herself in her room for a while and wait for the chaos to end. But first, she needed to grab some food before turning her apartment into a bunker. Unfortunately, Tim (Ichigo's roommate) was taking a shower and X didn't think to close the door. The inevitable happened.

The Doctor

A few days later, the Doctor came out of the TARDIS bathroom after a shower only to have Ryo trip and fall on him. Embarrassed and confused about why Koushirou got so angry at him when he happened upon the scene (Ryo was not aware that he'd been flirting with the Doctor throughout his stay in the TARDIS), Ryo invoked Fight Club. Again. (Ryo later ended up sleeping with the Doctor when the latter was affected by the Lust version of the Seven Deadly Sins virus.)

Grif and Bokomon

While Ryoko and an amnesic Hay Lin were in the middle of an intimate encounter, Grif and his Bokomon accidentally passed by, the noise freaking the two out enough to consider this a Fight Club moment.

Matt Olsen (comics) and Sakura

Other-Matt was pretty much a Fight Club incident waiting to happen, considering he was easily pwned by women and he had a bad habit of falling into the hot springs. So when Will's angry burst of Quintessence knocked out the power in the apartments, it wasn't too much of a surprise that he saw Sakura in the baths. She took it a lot better than her partner did, as Piyomon promptly set him on fire, so she jumped on him into the water to put out the flames, which Kurogane saw and decided it was time to give the Princess The Talk. Matt and Sakura went on a date later, so apparently in this case, all's well that ends well.

Ryoko Hakubi

During Hay Lin's bout with amnesia, she acted on her feelings towards Ryoko at the two had an intimate moment. When word broke out about it, Ryoko bolted after things were blow out of proportion (Tatum, Sasami and Will all thought Ryoko had raped Hay Lin in some way…). When Sasami and Team W.I.T.C.H went to drag Ryoko back, finding her utterly drunk and riding on the back of Joe Convoy (a.k.a the Beast Wars-era Megatron), the group began to repair their friendship. When she told everyone she was back (and gave Tatum and Will the chance to slug her for what she did), Caleb took that opportunity to introduce her into Fight Club… even though she already had a Fight Club moment months earlier.

Tenchi Masaki

After introducing himself to the rest of the Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn residents, he stumbled upon a post from Yzma, asking about potions. Once she decided to go after his 'samples', Tenchi ran off… into the Girls' Hot Springs… A few moments later, Irma pulverized and froze Tenchi into the wall, causing Max to laugh at him… and nearly get Tenchi in hot water with Irma's boyfriend, the Silver Dragon-based Robin!

Ben's Coronamon and Gwen 10

During the Seven Sins Virus, Matt and Other Matt had a fight that accidentally threw Coronamon over into the girls' hot springs…while a Wrathed Gwen 10 was bathing. Coronamon suddenly understood the "No sign of sexual trauma!" joke.

Hikaru Shidou

After Other-Matt decided to sleep in after suffering nightmares about his world's Kandrakar (hiding a recently added retcon to his character), Hikaru was asked to wake him up. Instead, she was greeted with a naked d'Arcmon (who had evolved when he and a number of other went to rescue Sasami from Metal Sonic) splayed over Matt.



Two words: Giant Woodmon.

This plot is still on-going.

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