Filia Ul Copt

Filia Ul Copt is a Golden Dragon from the anime series The Slayers TRY.


A little high strung and always in some form of panic, Filia relies on tea and letting her emotions do the talking. Incredibly cute, she’s not too good at taking human form, so her tail often appears. Despite this, she’s fiercely loyal to her friends, and steadfast in her beliefs even in the face of shaking, as seen through all of TRY.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Slayers TRY

Slayers TRY

Filia was born to the Golden Dragon Race as a priestess and grew up in Golden Dragon society for the majority of her life. Only recently did she encounter Lina Inverse on the behest of her sister Luna Inverse, the Knight of Cephied to fulfill a prophecy.

Testing Lina, Gourry and Zelgadis initially, she also gained the assistance of Amelia who was trying to launch an expedition to the Outer World. After several mishaps that involved food and the Sword of Light, they finally arrived at the Temple of the Fire Dragon King.

There, Filia was asked if she believed that Lina and the others were the chosen ones and she said she agreed with the idea. Taking the side of Lina when everyone seemed against them, she promptly assisted Lina and company in the Outer World through several adventures that lead them to the Center of the World, a place forbidden to mazoku and ryuzoku since the War of Cephied and Shabranigdo.

When Valgaav released Darkstar into their world, and they got separated, Filia sought out Lina and Zelgadis first, finding them on Carnival Island. However, her perceptions had been challenged as she had been fed all of the lies that the Golden Dragons had crafted for years to keep the peace in the world. Filia became depressed every so often, causing problems in the group harmony, almost to the last point when they finally faced off against the Golden Dragons and the Supreme Elder in the Ancient Dragon temple, the site of the former extermination of the Ancient Dragons, as well as the new Graveyard for nearly all of the Golden Dragon Race.

When Filia was kind to Jillas when he was suffering, she earned a life-long friend whom she protected throughout the end events when Darkstar was cut in half, and started a relentless march towards the Ancient Dragon Temple, only pausing to kill the Supreme Elder.

When Lina successfully fused holy and black magic together through Filia’s assistance and they Ruined half of Darkstar, Filia retrieved an egg, a baby Valgaav and accompanied Lina and Company back to the port town that they had first launched from. Bidding them farewell, Filia decided to open an Antique shop where she tends to Val in his Egg, and has Jillas and Gravos as workers there.

Activity in the Digital World


When Filia first arrived to the digital world, she discovered that Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis and Xellos (the last to her distaste), were in the Digital World. She then set out from Junk City in Dragon Form to try and find them. She then had several arguements with Xellos since then. Currently she managed to get to Goc Desert and is resting in Frontier Town. While waiting for Sam and Max to arrive, she accepted a dinner invitation from Captain Glider in Axoryi.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Filia is young for a dragon and not used to taking human form. As such, her tail pops out when she gets upset
  • She is very embarrassed by getting naked in front of people when she transforms
  • Xellos can set her off pretty easily
  • Normally very cheerful and outgoing, you can make her snap in an almost bi-polar manner.


  • Incredibly Strong and able to wield a mace
  • Able to cast White Magic such as Recovery, Ressurection and dispel magical barriers
  • Laser Breath
  • Able to shift back to her normal form of a cute Golden Dragon


  • D-Comm
  • Mace-sama
Filia Ul Copt
Series Canon The Slayers TRY
Journal antique_lover
Role-Player Shaun Garin
Age Less than 1000
Digimon Partner Ryuudamon
Affiliations The Slayers
D-Comm Colors Gold
D-Comm Symbol White Symbol of Cephied
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