Flamon - Sharpay

Flamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Sharpay Evans.

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Evolution Line
Flamon Agnimon Megalo Growmon X Ou Ryuumon
Baby Salamander Burning Salamander Atomic Megalo Blaster Eseiryuuoujin
Flame Tail Salamander Break Double Edge Σ Oukai
Flame Toss Fire Darts


Flamon aspires to become a powerful Digimon (he hopes to evolve into Agnimon), so Sharpay's constant whining and focus on the theatre don't sit well with him. However, he is polite and well-bred, making sure to introduce himself and occasionally apologize for his partner to everyone he meets. He cares deeply for Sharpay and would do anything for her, which means he is often torn between trying to help others and what would make her happy.


  • Flamon has difficulty hearing the differences between musical notes, but sometimes attempts to sing with his partner anyway.
  • He far prefers physical imitations to singing, and can do a more than decent impression of Sharpay.
Partner Sharpay Evans
Journal goldengirlshar
Role-Player Caryl
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