Floramon - Olette

Floramon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Olette.

Table of Contents
Evolution Line
Nyokimon Pyocomon Floramon Sunflowmon Lilymon
Seed Cracker Bubbles Allergy Shower Sunshine Beam Flower Cannon
Sweet Scent Cactus Tail Temptation
Smiley Binta Fairy Vine
Sunshine Gun Flower Necklace
Sunshine Explosion Flower Cutter
Sunshine Bazooka Vicious Vine
Sunburst Vine
Sun-Crescent Kick


Floramon has a sweet and gentle nature that is tempered by an evil streak. She is often mischievous and because she works well with others, this can spell doom for whoever she's teasing, such as teaming up with Pukamon to set up Olette and Ash.


  • Floramon is inspired by Aerith from Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts, explaining the "sweet but evil" personality. As such, her voice is Mandy Moore, Aerith from Kingdom Hearts I
Partner Olette
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Role-Player Akino
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