Fon Master Ion


Ion is a very kind boy, and is also extremely naive. In fact, even if he knows that there is big consequences, he would help someone out. He's very loyal, perhaps too loyal. It doesn't take much for the boy to become loyal to you, and even if you turn on him, he will still help you in any way. Because of this, Ion gets taken advantage a lot, and can cause something bad to happen to himself.


Ion can use Daathic Artes, but would most likely go into a Coma depending on how much power he uses in the Digital World.




Ion's digimon is a Terriermon. It is very sarcastic, and tends to get annoyed quite easily. Nevertheless, he's loyal to Ion, and will make sure the kid doesn't get into any trouble.

Pre-Roleplay History

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Not a main character, but is with the group for many parts of the story. He plays a major role as Fon Master, top ranking in the Order of Lorelei. He is one of the only ones that can use Daathic Artes, along with reading Yulia's Score. However, he is not an original. He is a replica, created because the original Fon Master was near death. There were no decendants to take the original's place, so someone names Mohs used Fomicry to create a new Fon Master. Ion was the seventh and final one, and was contained the skills that were closest to the original. Thus, he was chosen to be the one Fon Master, when the original passed away. After he was born, he recieved a Fon Master Guardian, Anise Tatlin, to watch over him. He is worried about the state of the world, and it's obsession with the score. He think that it's one out of many possibilities. He get's very exhausted after using a Daathic Arte, Reading a Score, or Opening a Sephiroth.

One to two years later, after he was born, there was going to be a war between Malkuth and Kimlasca, two lands on the planet of Aldrant. He was locked away from Mohs so he doesn't interfertealing te, only to escaped with the help of Jade the Necromancer and his Guardian, Anise. He were to be the neutral ambassador and to give a royal letter to the King of Kimlasca, signed by the Emperor of Malkuth. During his traveling though, he stopped by the Grocer's Village, Engeve, so Jade can speak with the person in charge of the town. While their visit, Ion finds out that Cheagles have been stealing from the village's storeroom. Knowing that it was the wrong thing to do, he left and went to The Cheagle Woods, so he can find out why the Cheagles were stealing the food.

When he reached the Cheagle Woods, he was attacked by wolves. Without having any protection, he was forced to use a Daathic Arte. There he met Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants. Once he used the Daathic Arte, he fell over and was helped by Tear and Luke. After some discussion, all three of them looked to find why the Cheagles were stealing food. Ion and the other two learned it was because a Cheagle burned down the Liger's hope, and moved down to feed on them. After learning the extent of the information, Ion suggested that they would try to associate with the Ligers, and ask them to leave the Cheagle Woods. With agreement, Ion, Luke, Tear, and a new member of the group, Mieu, all journeyed to where the Liger's nest was. There they tried to associate with the Ligers, only to end up having to kill the Liger's Queen.

With the help of Jade, they defeated the Liger's Queen. They adventured back to the Cheagle Elder and told him the news. After they have accomplished that, The group that Ion was in adventured back to the beggining, meeting up with Anise. There they arrested Luke and Tear for crossing the Malkuth/Kimlasca illigally. Once they have board the Tarturos, Jade told them what they had to do. Ion then told them the objection of what they were doing, and Jade asked Tear and Luke for help.

Once it was established that Luke and Tear would help Ion, Ion was kidnapped by the God Generals, Arietta, Legretta, and Largo. They brought him to a Sephiroth (which can only be opened by the Fon master) and told him to open it. He was quickly was saved by Luke, Tear, Jade, and a blonde named Guy. After he told Jade that he did use Daathic Artes on the ship for protection, the group rested until the next day. They then went to St. Binah to meet up with Anise, only to find out that the God Generals were searching for them, and Anise went to Kaizoor instead. Ion and the group traveled over Fubras River, finding Arietta along the way. Before she was about to battle them, she got his with Miasma. Jade was about to kill the female, but Ion told him to leave her alive. Once Jade agreed, the group traveled to Kaitzoor, where they met with Anise.

After meeting up with Anise, they traveled to the Kaitzoor Port, where Arietta attacked the ship and stole the mechanic. Van Grants, one who was supposed to be controling the God Generals, told them they he will take care of Arietta, and that they head back to Kaitzoor. Ion told the group that they should go, since Arietta asked for both him and Luke. They end up going to Choral Castle, where Arietta was being captured. When they reach the castle and are at the roof, Arietta kidnaps Luke, and almost kidnaps Ion. Anise helped Ion out, and Ion was almost going to tell Arietta that he wasn't who she thought he actually was. It was interrupted by Anise, and they set off to find Luke. Once they found him (and also receieved a fon disc), they went back up to the top and faced Arietta. Once defeating her, Ion told Jade to not kill her again, and to just bring her to Daath for a punishment. Van took her away to do so, and they finally board a ship to do to Chesedonia.

Once they reached Chesedonia they got the Fon Disc Analyzed. They meet up with Sync, who attempted to steal the disc. He succeeded, but they still had the files. They boarded another ship to Baticul, and during the trip, faced off with Dist. They then reached Baticul, and with Luke's help, was able to get an audience with the King. After giving him the letter to the king, he was then kidnapped by the God Generals once again. He was brought to the Zao Ruins, in order to open the Sephioth there. Luke and the group rescued him once more, and they went to Chesedonia so get to the other side.

While in Chesedonia, they go to talk to people of the Malkuth consul. While they were there, someone attempted to us the Daathic Seal on Guy to control him. After resisting, Ion looked out the window, knowing who it probably was. The problem was that only Fon Masters can use Daathic Artes, meaning that the user has something to do with what he is. They then go on a ship to Kaizoor Naval Port, then heading to Dao Pass in order to reach Akzeriuth.

While they're in Dao Pass, Ion almost passes out of exhaustion, so the group rests for a little bit. Afterwards, they reached the end, meeting Legretta the Quick. After a battle with her, they go to Akzeriuth, where they entered a mine to help the men that have passed out. Ion opened a Sephiroth there, and then was knocked out while Luke unknowingly helped Van destory the town. They end up in the Qliphoth, where Ion explains to the group about the Sephiroth Trees and the Qliphoth. They end up in Yulia City, where Asch joins them and rising one last Sephiroth Tree, came back to the Upper Lands.

There, they go to Belkend, where they learn that Jade made Fomicry (replication of objects and human beings.) This surprises Ion, not know that he would ever learn that Jade was the one who developed the theory. Afterwards, they go to Ortion Cavern, where Ion stayed behind in the Tarturos. When the group come back, an Earthquake happens, and Ion explains that it was because of the Sephiroth Tree. After the explination they go to Daath, learning that War it starting. Wanting to stop the War, Ion attempts to do something about, only to be caught by Mohs and placed in the Oracle Headquarters, along with Natalia.

Once they were both saved, Ion went with the group to Keterburg, and then started to go to Grand Chokmah. However, due to the war, they had go through Theor Forest. They waited for Jade to go through, but they ended up going into thr forest themselves. At the very end of the forest, Sync and Largo attacked, and used Guy as a puppet and had him attack Luke. Sync and Largo then fled because of Oracle Knights. Once they reach Grand Chokmah as pretty much prisioners, Ion told Luke that the only reason Guy would attack him is if he hated him. He then says that he can take the seal off, so most of the group other than Luke and Tear go to the Inn. Ion then takes the Daathic Seal off, feeling a little faint afterwards.

After hearing Guy's story, they went and spoke with the Emperor of Malkuth. They then go to St. Binah, where they face Dist. They then go to Sheridan so they can get the Albiore. Once they achieved in getting it, they went down to Yulia City to explain the current situation, as St. Binah ended up falling.

Ion told the group that when he was first kidnapped, the God Generals brought him to Shurrey Hills. The group travels there, and then after they worked with the Passage Ring there, went to Kaitzoor, Engeve, and Cassadonia. When they reached Cassadonia, Ion chooses to go back to Daath, instead of helping with the group with trying to stop the war. After telling Anise that she should stay with the group, Ion leaves with Mohs back to Daath.

While in the Library in Daath, the group meets up with him to ask him something. They asked him about the Sephiroth and if it was in the score. Ion told them that he has not read the closed score yet, which was the reason why he want back to Daath. He then bring them to the Chapel, and read the closed score to them. Afterwards, he continues to stay in Daath, instead of going with the group. Soon enough, he asked Asch to help with the group, since he learns what happened with the group and what was going on with the war and everything. He also gave Asch a book to give to the group, which explains how to save the Outer Lands.

After the war is settled, Ion is asked where the Passage Seals are so they can take measurements. Ion told them about the Absorption Gate, and the Radiation gate, but can't be used to take measurements due to the Planet Storm. He then told them that Dist the Reaper stole the Albiore's Flightdisc, and also told them that there was a Sephiroth in Tataroo Valley, and will accompany them again.

At Tataroo Valley, Ion opens the seal to the Sephiroth, suddenly exhausted. He tells them that he can go, so they do the Passage Ring in the Valley. Later on, they had to speak with the King and Mohs about who Natalia really was. Ion (along with Jade) told the king that being blood-relation didn't matter, and that they have spent seventeen-years together. Then the King agrees to go to Yulia City, to make a new truce. They also go to Grand Chokmah, and so the same thing there also.

Soon, they end up in Daath in order to find the Flight Stone. During that time, Tritheim told Ion that Mohs took a lot of the Oracle Knights while he was gone to Aramis Springs so they had to get the FlightStone back. After they get the flight stone, they go to Cassadonia, because Ion thinks that Astor should be included. They picked up Astor, and then headed to Yulia

During the meeting, Ion had to tell Guy to put away his sword, since it looked like he was going to have to kill everyone in the room. They then go to Sheridan to pick up the Tarturos, so they can go to the core to help the Planet Storm.

While in the Planet Storm, they meet up with Sync again. After fighting Sync, his mask flies off. Ion's face looked a lot like Syncs, and vise-verse. There, Ion said that Sync too must also be a Replica of the Fon Master. The group picked up on this, so Ion tells them that he is the seventh replica of the Fon Master. That the original was near death, and there was no decendant; so Mohs and Van used Fomicry. He also explained that it was the reason Arietta was dropped from Fon Master Guardian, and that he had the powers closest to the original Fon Master. He then tells Sync that they should escape together, since they were the same. Sync refused, and dropped himself over the bridge. Ion then cried for the first time, since it was like loosing a brother to him.

Later on, they went to go and find the rest of the Sephiroth. Ion almost collapses in each one, seeing as he doesn't have the strenght as the Original, only the power to perform the artes. One of them was in Daath, which Ion never suspected until now. There they find the Passage Ring, but also found a big tablet that looked like the score.

After finishing the rest of the seals, Ion told the group that he would stay in Keterburg while the group go to the Absorption Gate. After the Absorption Gate, Ion goes back to Daath, where he stays there for a month trying to establish the Order of Lorelei after what happened with the war and everything.

A month later Ion greets Luke again, saying that he has been doing well. He then gets a report from Tear, thanking her. Ion then has to go to a meeting, but decides to see Luke off before he goes. When they get to the entrance, he meets up with Guy, and was told that Dist broke out and helped out Mohs out of custody on the sip that was going to Grand Chokmah. After recieving the new, Anise asked to go with them, and Ion agreed.

A little bit later, Ion meets up with the group again. They told him that Anise went to go and find him, and Ion says that he hasn't seen her. Tear then feels pale, and Ion told her that she shouldn't be getting worst without the Miasma about. They go to Ion's room, where he tells them that there was a way to get rid of the Miasma. Before he was able to tell them what would happen though Anise rushed in; telling him that there is Miasma all over the place, and was dragged off by her so he can check it out. However, instead of being brought out to see the Miasma, he was brought to Mohs, who wanted him to reread the seventh score. The group catches up with them, but Anise stopped them, and let Ion and Mohs continue to Mt. Zaleho.

In the volcano, Ion gets led to the Seventh Fonstone that contained the last part of the score. He then started to read it, and was in the midst of it when the group arrived. Luke tried his best to stop him, but he continues to finish reading it. He then told that he read the score for Luke and that it was one possiblilty out of many. He then told Tear to come closer to him. Once she got closer, Ion removed the contaminated fonons from her, putting them into him. That way, when he dissapers, so will the contaminated fonons. Ion told Luke that it was his way for helping him, and Luke shook his head, saying that he has helped him many times and will continue helping him. His head then turns to Anise, who was mortified about what was happening. He told her that she was now released from Fon Master Guardian Position, and thanks her, calling her his Most Cherished.

His body then disappers, returning to the Seventh Fonim…



Activity in the Digital World


Fon Master Ion
Series Tales of the Abyss
Name Fon Master Ion
Alias Ion
Journal fon_master_ion
Role-Player DigiPeachFruit
Age 2 14
Digimon Partner Terriermon
Affiliations Anise Tatlin, Luke fon Fabre, Jade Curtiss, Guy Cecil, ETC.
Demon Seal None
Dating Anise Tatlin
D-Comm Colors White and Green
D-Comm Symbol Yulia Tunefork Symbol
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