Future Brainbreakers

The Future Brainbreakers are a group of humans and Digimon unique to the RPG canon.


Out of Character

The term "Brainbreaker" originated with the arrival of Suzune Kujyou. At the time, there was a small plot with Sasami Masaki Jurai having a one-sided crush with Kazune Kujyou. Suzune's mun, Taco opted to have Sasami meet Suzune to, effectively, break her brain. Other children, including Aveline Izumi, Katsuro Fujieda, and Asch and Adelle fon Fabre, have appeared and their arrivals usually leave at least one character being broken by their arrival.

RPG Canon

Aveline Izumi proposed the name on the spot when prompted by Adelle fon Fabre while the two were first plotting the group.


The Future Brainbreakers exist somewhat as a support network for Tamers from their families' futures.

The group's first real adventure was when Aveline gathered the Brainbreakers to find the missing Adelle, who had been kidnapped by her uncle, Van. In the process, they ran into the missing Masami Izumi and the psychotic Jeremy Banes. Rescued by Koushirou, Ryo and Batman (secretly the Brainbreaker Terry McGinnis), the kids escaped there with only Aveline breaking her arm.

Soon after this, the Brainbreakers went through a number of changes including the disappearance and reappearance of Yuka Noguchi, who came back three years older and a beginning to grow list of Brainbreaker Tamers.

Many of the Brainbreakers were involved in the Kuratageddon incident, though Aveline was stuck in "Data Freeze" mode during that time.

When Doctor Doom attacked the Silver Dragon in his attempt to get the Heart of Kandrakar, many of the Brainbreaker Tamers there were involved in the attack, with Hitomi Takaishi becoming one of the chosen Guardians for Sasami's team.

Most recently, when Koushirou went missing, Aveline paired up with the other Brainbreakers, along with the New Guardians, to find the missing Chosen, but to no avail.


  • Technically, Terry McGinnis can be considered more of a "brainconfuser" than "brainbreaker", if only for his alternate identity as the future Batman, as he, when he first showed up, confused people because "he wasn't THAT Batman". He officially gained Brainbreaker status after confronting the Tim Drake Robin.
  • Many of the Brainbreakers has had a strange event that has completely baffled everyone: from births (Aveline through Ryo and Kou, Anei between Wizardmon and Hikari, Karin as a creation through Washu and Nerissa) to alternate takes on another event (the events that lead to Adelle, Asch and Rhea's births never happened in Zach's timeline)

This plot is still on-going.

The Future Brainbreakers
Formed Late May 2008
IC Origin D-Comm
Headquarters Clubhouse on the TARDIS floor, the Silver Dragon apartments, Tetha
Damita and Betamon
Jenny and Donna
Tiamat and Yuki Agumon
Tora Akiyama and Pico Devimon
Yori Akiyama Izumi and Palmon
Sayu Daimon and Palmon
Adelle fon Fabre and Piyomon
Asch fon Fabre and Hawkmon
Rhea Susanne fon Fabre and Tsukaimon
Chitose Fujibayashi and DORUmon
Katsuro Fujieda and V-mon
Zacharias Gardios-Fende and Kudamon
Manami Hayase and Gabumon
Aveline Izumi and Otamamon
Karin Jurai-Lin and DORUmon
Nathan Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and Pawn Chessmon Black
Shiori Kurata and Bearmon
Tatsuo Matsuda and DORUmon
Terry McGinnis and Tsukaimon
Nadie Morrington and Kudamon
Hikaru Motomiya and Monodramon
Yuka Noguchi and Tsukaimon
Laura O'Neill-Winters and Commandramon
Relena Norstein and V-mon
Hitomi Takaishi and Hawkmon
Jacob Wilder and Wormmon
Anei Yagami and Pawmon
Charlie O'Neill and Hagurumon
Devlin Levin and Black Agumon
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