Gaomon - Tatsuki
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Evolution Line
Botamon Wanyamon Gaomon Gaogamon MachGaogamon MirageGaogamon
Acid Bubbles Smile Fang Double Backhand Spiral Blow Howling Cannon Full Moon Blaster
N/A Gao Rush Dash Double Claw Winning Knuckle Double Crescent Mirage
N/A Rolling Upper N/A Gaoga Tornado Gale Claw


This beast Digimon was thought to be a subspecies of the claw-bearing Gazimon line. She is good at hit-and-run type of attacks because her agile movement keeps her alert at all times. She seems to protect her claws with the boxing gloves on his hands until the claws are fully grown.


*Unlike most Gaomon, her fur is pink and thus makes her source of ridicule.

Partner Tatsuki Arisawa
Journal 2ndbestinjapan
Role-Player SethAvalon
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