Gotsumon - Kittan

Gotsumon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Kittan Bachika.

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Evolution Line
Gotsumon Starmon SuperStarmon Justimon
Angry Rock Meteor Squall Halley Squall Justice Kick
Abarenbou Hypnotism Galactica Eyes Trinity Arm
Hardest Punch Star Upper Super Star Soaker Accel Arm
Earth Shaker Ring Laser N/A Critical Arm
N/A Mind Scan N/A Blitz Arm


Gotsumon is Kittan's worst nightmare. He acts exactly like Kamina, which drives Kittan completely nuts. Gotsumon talks loudly, acts brashly, and thinks last. That's not to say there aren't time when he does think first, but he's more likely to jump in with absolutely no plan whatsoever.

Gotsumon, funnily enough, looks down on Kittan for being a "wimp." Since Kittan tends to hesitate at things that could get him hurt (i.e., telling Yoko how he felt), Gotsumon is always ready to yell at Kittan for acting with his head, not his spirit (which, to him, is the worst thing Kittan has done so far).


*Funny thing is, Gotsumon has no idea who Kamina is, besides hearing Kittan express relief he didn't have to worry about him taking Yoko from Kittan.
*Kittan tends to kick Gotsumon (usually with the sole of his foot, to avoid hurting himself) when Gotsumon says something that's completely tactless.

Partner Kittan Bachika
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